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The Historical Event That Science Has Not Been Able To Explain

In 1932 in Carbon County, Wyoming two men, Cecil Mayne and Frank Carr, were prospecting for gold when they blasted through some thick rock. When the dust cleared they were surprised to find a little room about four feet tall, by four feet wide and fifteen feet long. This is when they found the mummy of a little person.

DNA proves that the mummy is Native American. The scientific community only agrees with that one point, then they have different points of view on the mummy. Some scientist from the University of Wyoming say, that the mummy is the remains of an infant with anencephaly. The other side of the scientific community from Harvard say, that this was a sixty-five year old adult. The mummy has been missing for years so no additional testing can be done.
According to local Native American legend, there was a tribe of vicious miniature warriors that lived in the area. That may explain why the mummy had a full set of canines that were very pointed. They could have been filed to bite his enemy. Who knows? The scientists don’t.
Pedro the San Pedro Mystery Mummy

21 People Who Inherited Something Really Special From Their Parents

Children and their parents usually look alike. But it sometimes happens that people inherit special features and peculiarities.

We put together amazing photographic examples proving that these parents and children don't need to take a DNA test.

Small copy

This mother and her daughter both have a very unusual hair color.

As can behavior!

"My father and I at the same age"

 A mother and her daughter both have a rare anomaly: eyes of different colors.

"My father and I at the same age"

A father and his daughter at the same age

"Photos of my father and me at the same age with a 20-year difference"

It seems they are both waiting for a miracle.

They both have amazing blue eyes.

 Now we know from whom he inherited his love for sports.

Diverse face gestures of a father and his son

They even choose the same pose.

The dynasty loves to sleep.

 Identical tastes of 2 generations

Habits can also be inherited.

Family business

"My dad's index tip was cut off when he was 10; my index is shorter than my pinky."

"My brother-in-law got a thumb from each parent."

Family of Rapunzels

True men's chill-out time

Do you have any peculiarities that you inherited from your parents? Or maybe your children inherited one from you? Share your photos in the comments below.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Netflix Moves $100 Million in Deposits to Bolster Black Banks

The streaming giant will permanently shift a share of its cash to financial institutions that serve Black communities, allowing them to lend more.

Netflix said on Tuesday that it would move up to $100 million, or 2 percent of its cash holdings, to financial institutions that focus on Black communities. It is intended to address a longstanding problem that these communities face: a lack of capital for the banks and other lenders that service them.

Earlier in June, the streaming company’s chief executive, Reed Hastings, pledged $120 million to support scholarships at historically Black colleges and universities. The move on Tuesday by the company he runs aims to fight racial inequality not through charity but via a routine commercial aspect of its business. As the company’s considerable cash pile grows, so might its deposits.

Netflix will start with $35 million, split two ways: $25 million in financing for a new fund, the Black Economic Development Initiative, that will itself invest in Black financial institutions, and $10 million deposited with the Hope Credit Union. These institutions join the roughly 30 banks worldwide that Netflix uses to hold its cash.

The big banks where Netflix and other multinational companies keep their money are not able to operate “at the grassroots level these Black-led institutions can and do,” Netflix said in a statement. “So we wanted to redirect some of our cash specifically toward these communities, and hope to inspire other large companies to do the same with their cash deposits.”

The idea was hatched in April during discussions about improving diversity within Netflix’s leadership ranks, according to company executives and others involved in the process. Aaron Mitchell, a member of Netflix’s recruiting team, took the lead in developing the idea of bolstering Black-owned and -run banks.

After encouragement from Mr. Hastings and Spencer Neumann, Netflix’s chief financial officer, Mr. Mitchell — who joked in an interview that he had “no business” devising ways the company should manage its money — worked with Shannon Alwyn of the company’s treasury division to put the plan into action.

The project took on greater urgency the next month after the killing of George Floyd while in custody of Minneapolis police officers, which set off weeks of nationwide protests against systemic racism and police brutality.

Mr. Mitchell said he had drawn on the book “The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap,” by Mehrsa Baradaran, a law professor at the University of California, Irvine. Professor Baradaran argues that Black-focused lenders are undercapitalized, depriving these communities of economic opportunities.

“You need capital to build more capital,” she said in an interview.

Hope Credit Union, which is based in Jackson, Miss., reported just over $300 million in assets at the end of last year. The money from Netflix will have “a tremendous impact” in Black communities, Hope’s chief executive, Bill Bynum, said in an interview.

“Pound for pound, no entity has a bigger impact” than a community lender, he said, pointing to a greater ability to lend to small businesses and aspiring homeowners.

Lack of capital at banks serving rural and minority communities is a concern among regulators as well: The Federal Reserve’s chairman, Jerome H. Powell, deplored “financial deserts” in America at a forum hosted last year by Hope.

Mr. Bynum added, “Putting money where it matters is both good business and good for the economy.”

He and Professor Baradaran said there was more work to do to make a meaningful difference addressing racial economic inequality. The combined assets of Black-owned banks in the United States, Professor Baradaran said, amount to “a bad weekend for JPMorgan Chase revenue-wise.”

21 Photos That Show How Priceless It Is to Give Homeless Animals a New Life

Not everyone is ready to take on the huge responsibility of getting a pet. And if you’ve thought about getting a pet from a shelter but were too scared, this compilation is definitely for you. These photos clearly illustrate that anyone can make animals happy.

We are totally happy for these fluffy guys that found a new home and are inspired by the people that care about them.

1. A woman took a cat from the shelter and returned the next day. As it turned out, Mojo got into the shelter with his best friend, a 16-year-old cat named Max.

2. “I adopted Butter today and he is very excited to be in his new home.”

3. “The day I brought little Owen home vs 1 year later — he grew into quite the majestic cat.”

4. “Just picked her up and she fell asleep like this. On our way to her new home now!”

5. “3 years ago, we found this little guy under the porch and here’s what he looks like now!”

6. “Please meet our new foster girl, Miss Ella, named after Ella Fitzgerald.”

7. “We brought home Huxley and it didn’t take long for him to make himself at home!”

8. “Rescued this guy from a shelter. He was there for 8 months and no one wanted him. I believe he was waiting for my wife and I. Meet Hunter Bigol Pupperton McGillicuddy!”

9. “My dog Wynter went from living on the streets to relaxing in my backyard.”

10. “Went to the local shelter just to look...and left with this cutie. Meet Aya!”

11. This is what love and care can do.

12. “I work in remote areas as a geologist. I was leaving my camp this morning and heard meowing. I turned around and this little fella followed me, climbed onto me, and promptly fell asleep. I think I’ve been chosen. World, meet Spud. He’s asleep in my field lab now after enjoying wet food and water.”

13. “I found this cat and couldn’t find its mother so I guess I own a cat now.”

14. “Just 6 weeks of love and care and he is completely transformed! Found him half dead by the street on a rainy day.”

15. “So glad we adopted these twins. They’re inseparable.”

16. “She just showed up so we kept her around. Today it became official. She’s pretty happy about it.”

17. “Adopted my cat 6 months ago from a local rescue and I don’t think she had ever seen carpet before. She laid like this for about 30 minutes without moving.”

18. “Was told he was very shy yesterday when I adopted him...”

19. “Just moved into a new house and found a roommate.”

20. “So this little guy was literally running for his life in the street during school pick-up. I saved him and cloaked him in the security of my beard.”

21. “Brought this baby girl home from the shelter today and she hasn’t left my side since. Meet Clover.”

Have you ever rescued a pet from the street or a shelter? Do you have stories about amazing transformations?

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

26 Pics That Prove People Don't Age Like They Used to

There are many reasons why people look older in the past than we did when we were there age. For one, sunscreen has done wonders for the world's skin. Also, life was just harder back then, so people reflected that. But with that being said, damn these people do look really old for their age.

And if this is something you find interesting we have 26 more examples of the same here.

1940 My Grandad (17 Years Old In Photo) At The Dublin Races With His Mother, My Great Grandmother.

My 14 Year Old Grandfather Riding His New Bike In 1949 Dayton, Ohio

My Ukranian Grandmother In 1927 At 16 Years Old.

My Grandma. You May Not Believe But She Was 13 In This Photo.

My Paternal Grandfather Aged 16 Colourised

My Grandma Around 20 Years Old

My Grandmother At 16 Years Old In 1917

My Grandfather’s Ww2 Photograph, He Was 18 Years Old.

My Grandmother On Her Confirmation Day In 1941. She Is 14 Years Old In This Picture.

My Grandma (Mimi) Was An Airline Stewardess When She Was In Her Early 20’s

This Was My Grandad. He Was Australia’s Youngest Radio Announcer At 16 Back In 1934

1945, My 18 Year Old Grandmother Concetta.

My Grandmother, Age 16 (Mexico)

My Grandma At 16.

My Handsome Grandfather When He Was My Age (32).

A Photo Of My Great Grandmother, Lottie, With Her Hunting Buddies. She Had To Have Been In Her 20’s

She Was About 17 When This Photo Was Taken.

My Mum And Dads Wedding Here In The UK . Mum Was 20 Dad 21

My 16 Year Old Grandmother, 1922

My Grandparents Getting Married In Iceland In 1976 At 19

My Grandfather When He Joined The Navy In 1942. He Was Only 16 Years Old At The Time Of This Picture

My Grandmother At 24 In 1934, Dancing With My Grandfather.

This Is My Grandmother In 1954 With Her Then Beau. Her First Love. She Was 17 Years Old

My Grandmother In 1955 (She Was Around 13 Or 14)

My Mama, Rose In High School, 13

My Mother At 16 In 1949

Do you have any family photos that prove people used to get older faster in the past?