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First Woolly Mammoth Trap Found in Mexico is Big Discovery

First Woolly Mammoth Trap Found in Mexico is Big Discovery

Researchers didn't think humans attacked woolly mammoths – until they uncovered a trap in Mexico

The first artificial traps for mammoths have been discovered in Tultepec, Mexico, said Luis Cordoba Barradas, one of the archaeological rescue direction of the National Institute of Anthropology and Mexico History. November 6, 2019

At least 14 skeletons of woolly mammoths have been discovered in Mexico in pits apparently built by human hunters to trap and kill the huge animals some 15,000 years ago, according to Mexico's National Institute of Anthropology and History.
The discovery "represents a watershed, a touchstone on what we imagined until now was the interaction of hunter-gatherer bands with these enormous herbivores," Pedro Francisco Sánchez Nava, national coordinator of archaeology at INAH, told reporters on Wednesday.
The skeletons were found in Tultepec, about 25 miles north of Mexico City, in clay that had once been at the bottom of Lake Xaltocan.
Archaeologist Luis Cordoba Barradas, of INAH's Directorate of Archaeological Rescue, said the discovery offers a more complex and complete concept of how mammoth hunts were carried out. Archaeologists suggested that the clay area had opened up as the lake receded during the era of mammoths, providing hunters with a site easier to dig up to create traps.More discoveries:Powerful earthquakes reveal mysterious 15-million-year-old fossil in California
Cordoba Barradas, who led the team, said the finding suggests that groups of between 20 and 30 hunters swept a herd of mammoths with torches and branches to divert some of the animals into the traps. Once there, they were killed and their carcasses cut up.
“There was little evidence before that hunters attacked mammoths. It was thought they frightened them into getting stuck in swamps and then waited for them to die,” he told reporters Wednesday. “This is evidence of direct attacks on mammoths. In Tultepec we can see there was the intention to hunt and make use of the mammoths.”
He said an important clue was the vertical cuts in the earth where the bones were found, indicating the pit had been dug by humans.

The bones of 14 mammoths that would have lived more than 14,000 years ago were found in what is believed to be the first trap humans used to hunt mammoths. Nov. 6, 2019

Archaeologists working in the Tultepec sites for 10 months found 824 bones, including eight skulls, five jaws,  100 vertebrae and 179 ribs.
Cordoba Barradas said one skull had what appeared to be a long term fracture, indicating that hunters may have battled that particular mammoth for years. He said the way the bones were ritually displayed indicated that the hunters "had to consider him brave, fierce, and showed him his respect in this way."
While the 14 mammoths found at the site are far less than the hundred-plus found at sites in northern and eastern Europe, the discovery qualifies Tultepec to be listed as a Mammoth Megasites.

Friday, November 8, 2019

5 Advanced Ways to Become Emotionally Strong

You can not become emotionally strong in a day. It is a process. It depends on your habits, surrounding and your behavior. Emotion is a part of human, the major difference between robots and humans is Emotion. And showing emotion is good sometimes but i feel it should be in control and with in the limit.

5 Advanced Ways to Become Emotionally Strong

Emotional stability comes from being mature. And most importantly comes from having the mental framework to be objective about one's own emotions while facing them. For example, someone might make you very angry, but you should have the mental framework to observe yourself getting angry, curtail any action that you might take in haste and isolate the cause from effect, study the situation and then be true to yourself without letting your emotions get to you. 

In order to make yourself emotionally stronger rather i say emotionally better you need to change few habits and realize something;
1. Change priorities towards people: Usually we over react or respond to some people because we will have so many expectation on few. When they reach we thrill when they don’t we get angry. So don’ t think much about others, people come and go in life. There are only few people throughout in your life they are Parents and Wife/Husband Children. Apart from that all others friends/relative are temporary some point of the time because of geographical location or time zones you will be out of contact with them.

2. Understand Importance: Before reacting or responding to something please think once whether it is worth to respond. Like some people in your close friends ignored for some party or get together there is no point in feeling bad about that. Just think that it is their wish, so you nothing to do with that. let them ignore you but you don’t change some point in their life they realize. Even if they don’t still it is immaterial to you.

3. Don’t adjust in everything: People think that they are getting adjusted to everything so they are good. but it is vice versa. When you don’t like it or you can not handle that please leave that why you have force yourself just in order to make others comfortable. Unnecessary it stores in background that, I adjusted a lot of times for that person now he/she not at all adjusting to make me comfortable. But its your mistake, did anyone forced you to adjust will people in life.

4. Nothing is permanent: I think some point in your life you realize that nothing is permanent, people or things. Today all your emotions your showing towards one person make not be in touch with after few days, just it is temporary. Even parents also some point of time you should leave them and move on. So only the thing or person will be there with through out and you need to satisfy him/she is YOU. so Live as per your comfort. Make sure that you are comfortable through out. Don’t think much of others.

5. Help the people whom you don’t know: If you are helping some one known person there more chance that you expect something in return wither respect/money/relation or something which makes you feel happy. So it is completely wrong because when you don’t get from them you feel really bad. Suppose you are helping some un known person then your expectation in return is Zero and it is KARMA. You will get some help from unknown in future and you will be very happy for that.
Be cool, be comfortable, be casual and Say NO.
Showing emotions to the person who deserves is worth but showing towards non-worthy person is your stupidity.

Thursday, November 7, 2019

9 Secrets to Being Super Successful

Success follows a pattern. That's why most successful people share some values and habits in common.
9 Secrets to Being Super Successful

Most times, what it takes to succeed is to know and do what successful people are doing.
What then is the secret of success:
1. Discover your why: Your life purpose is your why for being formed, birthed and existence. Discovering it will enable you make the most of the time and resources allocated to you on earth.

2. Pursue Excellence: When you pursue excellence in whatever you do, you’ll inturn attract success. Giving every task your best shot, makes success your daily experience.

3. Develop and maintain a success generating mindset: Everything flows from within. You cannot emerge a success in life when you're still carrying the mindset of a loser. You win from within. You also lose from within. Your life and its outcome is simply a reflection of what's inside you. To change the outcome displayed in a document or software, you change your input and its programming. This also applies to you.

4. Having regard for knowledge and wisdom: Most persons are struggling and perishing in life, career, business, etc, not because they are not busy doing something. But, because they lack the knowledge of how to do it profitably. It's men that have the know-how that make it big in life. Knowledge tells you what to do and probably how to do it, but wisdom tells you when, where and how to do it to maximize result. Embrace knowledge and wisdom and she will promote you and bring you to honour.

5. Being divinely aided: The journey to becoming successful in life becomes stress-free (yet with noticeable result) when you're divinely aided. Make allowance for the God of grace into your life and success will become an integral part of you.

6. Know and do what successful people do: Get to learn from books, tapes, etc, what successful people do (esp those you want to replicate their result). Consistently practice what you've learnt. Be deliberate and intentional about this.

7. Flock with successful people or like minded people: Flocking with people who are not ready for success while you’re aiming to become successful is foolishness in disguise. The kind of people you walk with determines where you're going to. He that walks with successful people will become more successful.

8. Be diligent in whatever your hand finds to do: Men who are diligent in their business are usually found at the top of their career, business and life. Diligence is the mark of champions.

9. Be consistent in what you do: The ability to keep working on something till it works is what seperate failures from successful people. Most persons give up on an idea or project after few attempt that proved abortive. Little did they know that their next push, hit or step is all they need to make it work. It's people that give up too early in life that end up becoming mediocres in life. Before giving up, call to mind why you started in the first place. CONSISTENCY IS THE MARK OF CHAMPIONS.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

9 Easy Daily Habits to Become More Smarter

The movie “Forrest Gump”. There was a great line in the movie —

“Stupid is as stupid does”

In case you don’t know, Gump’s line means you are what you do. In other words, it doesn’t matter how intelligent you think you are or are supposed to be, if you consistently do dumb things, you’re still Dumb.
A Professor lady loved a guy too much. She got married with that guy. But after Sometime that Guy left her in middle. She was mad in his love because that time she didn't know him very well. She took the decision blindly. This is immature decision. This is dumbness. This is madness.
Because she knew “how to love" but she didn't know “who to love"
Some People takes decision by asking someone else and then do regret after taking it, that's not cool.

You are the smart if you takes your own decision by Yourself and doesn't regret after taking it.
Many times My father remains confuse in taking any decision then I help my father to take some tough decisions . Sometimes I fail and Sometimes I learn but I doesn't Regret. I observes that where I did mistake and what to do next so it will not happen again.
Every time when you take hard decision of your life and you knows “what will happen next” and “how to react then" makes you Smart.
- If you knows “how to love” then you are wise but if you knows “who to love" then you are Smart.

- If you knows “how to speak" then you are wise but if you knows “where to speak" then you are Smart.

- If you knows “which knowledge to apply” but if you know “where to apply” then you are Smart.

Your mistakes makes you wise but how you learn from them makes you “Smart"
Your tough situations makes you wise but how you handles those situations makes you “Smart”
Every misstep is an opportunity to learn a lesson, improve, and move forward.
If a 50 year old man doesn't able to know how to deal with a problem then he is not smart and if a 10 year old child can handle that problem wisely then he's Smart.
Smartness doesn't mean how old you are it means that how long you are struggling with your Problems.
"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer".    - Albert Einstein
9 Easy Daily Habits to Become More Smarter

There is no medicine to make you Smart except your Positive attitude towards life.
Many People listed 10 or more things from google or anywhere for gaining appreciation but sadly they themselves don't follows those Points. If I will make a list of 10 or more things then you will only read this, we know. No one will implement those Points in their life. Exercising, reading ,Meditation these things doesn't make you Smart. but I will make a list of 9 that will help you.
- The main thing You need to do is to Change your Attitude towards Your life.

- You need to spend time with Yourself.

- You need to create the habit of Struggling with your Problems longer.

Your “Not giving up” attitude makes you Smart.
Your “I'm the best" attitude makes you Smart".
Your “I can do it” attitude makes you Smart.
Smart Attitude Produces Smart Actions and Right Actions Produces Smart Results.
A bad Attitude towards life is like a Flat tire. If you don't change it , you'll never go anywhere.
Taking a tough decision is your wiseness but when you knows that it is going to fail and you have the Power to convert this decision into the Greatest decision of your life is the Smartness and only one Person can do this is only “You".
Smartness can't define by your hairs, dimples, Sexy figure . It can be defined by taking a tough decision and make it the Smartest decision of your life.

9 Easy Daily Habits to Become More Smarter

Become a better listener - spend time listening to nature. Spend more time listening to those around you. Create the habit of speaking only when you have something positive and of value to contribute.

Write - most people don’t find writing to be a pleasurable experience, but I promise it’s a valuable exercise. Write about anything. Whether it’s about a discussion you recently had regarding climate change or a reflection of a fond memory you have from your younger years. The process of taking pen/pencil to paper has a significant impact on the brain and helps us to retain the information we document.

Invest more time with balcony friends - there are primarily two types of people in our lives: basement & balcony. Basement friends are the ones who we tend to have a lot of fun with, but may not make the best decisions together. With these friends, we take a few steps backwards or down. Conversely, there are also balcony friends in our lives. These are the people who inspire us to be our best selves. Our balcony friends may challenge us at times but at the end of the day they want what is best for us and do whatever they can to help us to elevate our game.

Read more - There is not much description needed here. Pick up that book you bought two years ago. Download Audible. Read the morning newspaper or a journal that piques your interest!

Take a class - We’re never too old for school. Whether it’s an improv class to help with public speaking or a business class at a local community college to deepen your understanding of accounting, sign up. Developing a growth-mindset is crucial as is lifelong education.

Seek novelty - Trying something new can be invigorating for the brain. Recently I bought a camera and have decided to get into photography. Now, by no means am I wildly talented or knowledgeable, but my skills are steadily improving. Additionally, it’s allowing me to learn something new that is completely independent from my education/work!

Sleep - When we sleep our brain cells expand and in-turn, toxins are flushed out. When we are awake, this same process occurs but at a much slower rate. Therefore, it is essential that we prioritize sleep so that we can eliminate the waste and recharge our brains for improved memory/retention as well as overall functioning.

Play games - Whether it’s board games, video games or an intramural sport, it is very important we take the time to play everyday. Most games involve some level of strategy and problem solving, which are each invaluable as well as transferable skills in the real world.

Be mindful - This can be achieved through several actions: morning walks, meditation, running, weight training, praying, etc. Whatever works for you is wonderful. The most important part is that you DO it. Take the 15–30 minutes necessary to find yourself living in the present. This may not increase your IQ, but it will allow you to make better, more sensible decisions which will expose your true intelligence.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

21 Amazing Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life

Preview photo credit 5-minute crafts/youtube

1. See someone on the street you don't want to talk to? Pretend to have a really serious phone call. Try to look angry/frustrated. When you reach the person, just wave or say a simple 'Hey'.

2. Wanna get whitening teeth? just use a inside of a banana peel and rub it slowly on the teeth and within some days you will be surprised with the result.

3. Trying to find your perfect partner?Just tell the police someone robbed you,and when they ask for a description just describe exactly the sort of person you find most attractive.They will get a bunch of them in line up for you!

4. Worried about batter drain of your phone?, just remove the battery of the phone and clean the charging port by removing dust particles and fix the battery again. It will work wonder.

5. When receiving a call from someone that you don't want to talk to but must talk to,tell them at the beginning of the conversation that your phone battery is about to die.You are then free to hang up whenever you want without seeming rude.

6. If you get your phone wet, most damage plans won't cover a replacement. There are usually white stickers inside your phone that change colour when wet that indicate water damage. Paint them over with white and take the phone back in person to get a new one.

7. If you have a flat tire,take a picture of it.Next time you want to skip an event or work,send the picture the person you're skipping on and enjoy your free time.

8. If you're worried you're gonna throw up, your mouth usually fills with saliva a minute or two beforehand because the contents of your own stomach are harmful to your throat. It's a pretty good indication that you're gonna hurl.

9. To break the walnut easily, just keep it between the edge at the joint of door and just close the door with rapid pace and you are done.

10. Next time you leave a club or concert and your ears are ringing and you're having trouble hearing quieter noises, cover your ears with your palms with your fingers wrapped around the back of your head. Then use your first and middle fingers on each hand to sort of flick the back of your head a bunch of times. The ringing should mostly go away and your hearing will come back for a while.

11. If you are buying something online, register on the site, then add the item to your cart, then close the page. The next day you will most likely get an email that says you've forgot something in your cart and it will include a promo code for a percent off.

12. When you do pullups, try to imagine yourself pulling your elbows down, not pulling your body up. It's a mental trick that can make them feel easier, because it forces you to use the muscles in your back more.

13. To keep your clothes smelling clean, keep a bar of scented soap in the same compartment as your dirty laundry.

14. Want to know how to watch a movie with a huge group of friends, at the price of only two tickets? Two people buy the tickets and enter the movie theatre. One person heads back outside with the two stubs and bring a third person in. The third person would then exit with both stubs and bring a fourth person in, and so on.

15. A very simple hack was going to Chipotle and charming that much older hispanic lady. It made her feel VERY good and my god…that burrito was TWO meals!!

16. Auto insurance was terribly expensive for early 20 something men. I just bought a one month policy, got car inspected, then tagged. The policy would show an expiration 6 months out.

17. Free cable: When cable companies merely sent a single via analog, all that was necessary was remove the signal scrambler in the cable utility box. Cable companies almost never audited the tags in the box comparing connections. I would get all channels not requiring a cable descrambler box.

18. Electricity about to be turn off due to non payment. Simple strategy was to terminate the services voluntary the day before shut off. Apartments are usually on a continuous service contract. Landlord would be informed that a new service provider is taking over. This worked perfectly in situations where I was in a financial fix.

19. Water about to be shut off. Solution: Park car over the water meter. This was not a permanent solution and eventually the city will have a police officer out. It does very easily buy a week or two time to get water account caught up.

20. Are you “sick” and you “unfortunately cannot attend work”? All you need now is to sound convincing. This is what to do: lie on your back while dangling your head over the edge of your bed, then call in sick for work. You'll sound congested and will get a free day to do what you want.

21. If you want a free book flip through it in the bookstore's caffe until you find the magnetic sticker that activates the alarm, then pull it out.

Friday, October 18, 2019

7 Powerful Ways to Develop Mental Toughness

We live in world surrounded by almost 9 billions people and everyone is striving for their own purpose and battling own fight, no wonder how caring and helpful people seems they always have own things to obtain and afford, as saying goes there is nothing important than focusing and resolutions for own success , in part of the this process we humans are involved and along the way strange things can happens we meet some sort of adversity, bottlenecks ,stress, and negative occurrence however if we didn't mentally prepared we might see blur in our way,

Long story short just realize below points this will help us to enhance mental toughness.

1. Know Yourself, Know Your Reason.

Cold shower, operating until late night, tilt with somebody or fight or face interview. Your mind feel discomfort and take bit of time to make mind to face it. Mind is structured to resist discomfort. But it will embrace if it is aware of why it should face it.

Self awareness about yourself is helpful. When you know yourself and your reasons to face the discomforts, you take the first step to mentally get prepared to face discomfort. So, have your honest reasons to face any discomfort or fear.

2. Forget what other people think.

Live life by your own rules. Quit seeking approval from others. It doesn’t matter what they think. If they have a problem with you or resent your success, that’s their problem to deal with, not yours. Learn the power of the word “no”. Stop expression affirmative to everything merely to please others. If you can’t do something or if it goes against your plans, goals, or believes you need to say no. Hold your ground and don’t budge. People will have to respect you or move on.

3. Suck it up and don’t complaint.

No one likes a whiner or complainer. Next time things don’t go your approach, keep your comments and trash-talk to yourself.

Because once you start, it can be hard to stop and becomes a negative downward spiral. One issue that folks do search for in others in humility, to take that route instead.The positive feelings will help you recover quickly and get back at it.

4. Start small.

To prepare yourself mentally tough, you need to collaborate multiple layers of toughness. That is you cannot face all your fears, discomforts all at once. You can take them one by one. Start small. Because a small amount of discomfort is tolerable to mind. This way is wide employed in physical exercise or coaching. Like if you are comfortable to do 10 push ups, then you may able to do even 12–13 push ups easily. The muscles pain would be tolerable for your mind. So face discomforts in small amounts and add it in increment.

5. Learn and Experience.

Listen others and their experiences, observe their thoughts and opinions. Mind believes in what other says. Your experience to face a situation gets better. Others experiences allow you to learn from them and mentally prepare to face similar situation. You can also read books as you gain some knowledge and your mind feels prepared and confident to face.

6. Meditate.

It makes your mind calmer and less stressed. It may not seem like a big thing but it really helps to improve mental toughness. Like iron is strong. But if it is in melting temperature (stressed), it becomes easier to break and shape it in any form. Keep your mind calm with meditations and mindfulness techniques. It help you to stay focused, confident and productive in whatever you do.

7. Visualize yourself as tough.

There is a stereotype believe that mentally robust suggests that no emotions. Being cold. It is false. Tough means prepared to face any situation with a control on your emotions. Mind is full of thoughts. Take control of your thoughts and visualize your success over any fear, discomfort. It boosts confidence and encourage you to face any problem from front.
Remember you cannot stop anything from happening. There are things in life you cannot control. But you can control and decide how you respond if things not go your way.

Most importantly always refuse to any negative emotion scumb to you sometime not always justice will prevails and you will win however learn to thirve in hostile world ultimately where your thought directs it will reflect your attitude and control the situations!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

8 Best Ways to Overcome Laziness

Laziness/procrastination is normally related to the absence of a strategy. You have to line a daily routine, with long term goals. That’s key to overcome procrastination and to make every second count.

Do your most important task first.

Every day, when you look at what you have to do, make sure you do the most important task on your agenda first. Before you even think about opening your emails or logging into social media.

Even the night before, make sure you know which task requires your attention first up, so you don’t have to procrastinate on choosing.

Just get it out of the way. Then you can take a break, knowing that you have already done a huge amount of work or completed a task that you have been dreading, but was super important.

After that, you will be feeling more motivated to keep going with the rest of your day and probably get a lot more done than you expect!

Here are some Best Ways to Overcome Laziness.

1. Wake up early.

 - You’ll have more time to start new things. Maintain that habit and your productivity will increase as you never have seen before;

2. Remove distractions.

 - Stop everything that is pointless. Don’t live for social media. Experience real-life moments;

3. Set your goals.

- Define, write and place it during a place wherever you'll be able to see them every single day. Track your progress, evaluate, change strategy if necessary. Don’t give up. Give a break, but don’t quit;

4. Learn every single day.

- A new word, a book, a chapter, an article. A new online course. Don’t ever move to sleep while not learning one thing new. Totally new. The knowledge’s like compounding interest, in the end, you’ll be rich;

5. Have a daily exercise routine.

 - It will help you clear up your mind. And it will definitely help you to endure the everyday struggle. Also feels good to be in better physical shape;

6. Don’t waste time.

 - Even in your breaks, try to make something productive. Fun…and is also meaningful. Set deadlines but don’t be too hard on yourself;

7. Get out of your comfort zone.

 - Whether it is something difficult, or a long-lasting task: face your fears. Start today. Do one thing that excites you and at an equivalent time you have got no clue of however you’ll execute;

8. Quality comes from quantity.

 - Do it again. Practice. Be relentless and never give up. Nobody can knock you down unless you let them.

The hardest part is actually starting. Our reluctance to start is usually based on the unconscious correlation made between the task and our experience of it. We are basically negatively reinforcing the experience in our minds (the reinforcement is commonly made with negative emotion). When we make these negative associations between the task our potential experience of it, we are less likely to start. Think about what you are planning on doing and focus on the positive aspects of the action. Think about the outcome, the experience, and the self-betterment as a result of the action. Make the task feel fun or appear fun and your motivation can increase.

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

24 Surprising Psychological Facts About Personality

"Embrace your personality and make it better, it's futile to change your personality, your personality is who you are, if you feel your personality is negative then you haven’t evolved to be your best self."

We Just Found Some Surprising Psychological Facts About Personality.

1. Watching / listening to / observing some great human beings can keep even the most egoistic human beings humble.

2. 99.99% of the time, you will not be able to fool a ‘clever’ woman. In a couple of meetings, she will know you like the back of her hand.

3. It’s almost a certainty that a woman is not going to like you if you say ugly things about her own mother.

4. Your personality is formed by the time you reach 20. There’s little scope to change after that. Changes thereafter are brought by great/painful efforts.

5. No one will bother about you if you can’t get up on your own after falling. They will be ready to pick you in their arms if you can get up all alone thrice.

6. A woman who is terrified of a man is perhaps never going to love him.

7. Personality is related to ego. You don't want to change your personality since it compromises your ego.

8. There’s no better way to win the favor of someone than to praise him/her.

9. The mind always adopts relativity. You feel fat in front of slimmer people and feel thin in front of fatter. You feel richer among amidst poor people and feel poor in the company of a rich man. It’s our inherent tendency to compare. We need a reference to judge ourselves.

10. Your personality is an outcome of how the world around sees you, and it starts from childhood. Handsome kids are often more confident than those who are not so handsome. The latter gets low attention from individuals, and so they are a bit less confident.

11. Nearly 12% of the world’s populace has some kind of personality disorder. (narcissistic, anti-social, obsessive-compulsive, etc.

12. Many people don’t believe it but it’s a fact that music can rewire your thought process. Just trust it and give it some time to prove its worth. Music can become one big inspiration and a change-agent.

13. An ugly person with confidence is always more charming than a beautiful and hopeless person.

14. Generosity and empathy are qualities in our personality which the opposite gender finds most attractive.

15. Your ability to change things around is perhaps the biggest booster to your spirits.

16. An insecure childhood often makes an individual more aggressive when he/she grows up.

17. Loving children is a quality (in men) that no woman can ever hate. Be supremely kind and loving to children, and the woman would surely going to like you. On the flip side, you stand no chance if you misbehave with a child for once.

18. Men who have seen injustice against women in their childhood tend to grow more sympathetic about women.

19. If you mimic the way others express themselves in a subtle manner, they will be comfortable with you.

20. People trust you. They believe in whatever you show them. You show them you are a winner and they will believe in you. No one has time to explore your in-depth, and perhaps no one gives that much damn. People wish to love productive individuals, individuals wish to hold out with productive souls. You behave like one, and you’re pretty much on the money.

21. If eligible women are less in number, most men will try to become what eligible women want them to become.

22. Romantic people are those who connect with life primarily through feelings as opposed to logic. They experience life with greater intensity and are often more creative in expressing their love.

23. Many people who don’t smile don’t know that it’s the most remarkable tool to become successful. The bonus is that it comes for free. On average, a smiling person would have it way too easier than the unsmiling one.

24. If you are someone who has his or her own plans (while still fitting others into the schedule), they will hate you a little, but respect you for your independence.

Based on materials from 8facts