Saturday, November 28, 2020

Woman Fatally Stabbed 7-year-Old Girl To Death In A Park In Front Of Family

A woman believed to have schizophrenia stabbed a seven-year-old girl in the middle of the park in a random attack. The woman screamed “she tried to kill me” as she slashed the little girl’s throat. The horrific attack happened on Mother’s Day, a court heard this week.

30-year-old Eltiona Skana is accused of murdering Emily Jones with a craft knife as she played on her scooter at Queen’s Park in Bolton as her father, Mark Jones, and mother, Sarah Barnes, stood nearby, the Daily Mail reported.

Emily Jones, pictured, seven, was stabbed to death as she rode her scooter past a woman who was sat on a wooden bench at Queen's Park in Bolton, Greater Manchester, on March 22.

Police pictured in a cordoned-off area at Queen's Park in Bolton, Greater Manchester, on March 23, where the seven-year-old was stabbed to death the previous day.

Skana is originally from Albania but has been living in the UK since 2014. On the day of the attack, she purchased a pack of three knives from a shop in Bolton town centre. Just before the attack, witnesses reported a woman in the park looking ‘agitated’.

Michael Brady QC, prosecuting, told the court that young Emily was riding her scooter around the park as her mother was jogging.

“Emily’s path towards her mum took her past the defendant who, as Emily scooted by, grabbed her and in one movement slit her throat with the craft knife and then threw her to the ground. There had been no interaction between Emily and the defendant. The wound was unsurvivable and Emily died shortly after,” Brady told the court.

After the attack, Skana fled the scene and placed the knife in her backpack, where it was later recovered when she was arrested by police.

Witness Tony Canty was also in the park when he heard screaming and saw Skana ‘manhandling’ the young girl and pushing her to the ground. 

Canty and other witnesses chased Skana off and found that the young girl had been stabbed, then her parents realized what was happening.

Floral and cuddly toy tributes to the seven-year-old girl. Following her death, Emily's parents paid tribute to her, describing their only child as the 'light of our lives'

After running, Skana fell down and Mr. Canty was able to detain her until the police arrived.

Emily had suffered cardiac arrest and was airlifted to Salford Royal hospital, where she was pronounced dead shortly before 4 pm.

Mr. Brady said that a witness noticed the attacker before the incident occurred and thought that something wasn’t quite right about her.

“His attention was drawn to her because he what he described as he agitated demeanour. He noticed that she had a vacant look on her face and did not appear with it and did not seem to fit into her surroundings,” Brady told the court.

Emily Jones

After her arrest, Skana told a psychiatrist, ‘I know I’m a paranoid schizophrenic’ and she was detained under the Mental Health Act.

Skana was moved to the high-security hospital at Rampton where she told a psychiatrist, Dr Afghan, she had been ‘psychotic, hearing and seeing things’.

Skana said she was ‘perfectly normal’ before coming to the UK and claiming asylum in 2014.

Brady argued that Skana showed no remorse for the killing.

She reportedly once told a nurse at Rampton “It’s been three months, what do you want me to do cry all the time?’.

She later told the same nurse that the killing was ‘premeditated.’

“It was premediated, I waited in a park and picked my victim, I did what I did, then tried to run away, ” she said.

Skana pleaded guilty to manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Mom beheaded her son, 11, while he was still alive before chopping up and barbecuing his body

A mother and her partner beheaded her 11-year-old son while he was still alive before chopping up and barbecuing his body.

Rosana Candido, 27, and Kacyla Pessoa, 28, confessed to the horrific murder of Rhuan da Silva Castro near Brasilia in Brazil.

Rosana Candido, 27, and Kacyla Pessoa, 28, were handed a combined 129 years in jail for the murder of Candido's 11-year-old son.

Rhuan da Silva Castro was beheaded and dismembered on May 31.

Rhaun was attacked as he slept at the family home he shared with his mum and Pessoa and her eight-year-old daughter in Samambaia.

He was knifed a total of 11 times in the chest and eyes, mostly by Candido while Pessoa held him down.

Candido then beheaded the boy before the pair reportedly dismembered his body and skinned his face.

The pair tried to burn the boy's remains on a barbecue grill before abandoning the idea and packing the body parts into two rucksacks and a suitcase.

The police were contacted after two young boys saw Candido disposing of the suitcase near a nursery and opened it out of curiosity.

As it opened, Rhuan's head reportedly rolled out with a knife sticking out of it.


The couple were quickly arrested at their home, and Candido later confessed to police that she "felt hatred and no love for the child".

Reports suggest that she had regularly tortured her son physically and psychologically.

According to police officer Guilherme Melo, who coordinated the case: "Rosana said she is very vindictive and even compared herself to the God of justice in the Old Testament."

It was determined that the killing was motivated by Candido's dislike for her son's paternal family.

The couple previously lived in Rio Branco, around 1,400 miles away, but Rhaun's father reportedly told investigators that Candido had run away with the boy around five years ago.

Pessoa's daughter, who is thought to have witnessed Rhaun's killing, is also said to have been reported missing by other family around the same time.

She has since returned to Rio Branco to live with her father.

Candido and Pessoa were jailed for 65 and 64 years respectively for the savage murder.

Speaking after the sentencing, Rhaun's father, Maycon Douglas Lima de Castro, told local media: "It's still too little, but at least they will never leave the jail again."

Rhuan was reportedly stabbed 11 times in the chest and elsewhere.

His body was found in a suitcase by two young boys.

Rhaun's father said the pair's sentences were 'too little' but that 'at least they will never leave the jail again'

Thursday, November 26, 2020

Mom-of-two, 26, run down and killed by her ex-boyfriend

A glamor model and mom-of-two was run down and killed by her former cop ex-boyfriend in a "domestic incident," cops said.

James Heath Kitchens, 30, is accused of intentionally mowing down his former girlfriend Brittany Rhea Phillips, 26, in Mississippi on Saturday.

Brittany Rhea Phillips, 26, was mowed down in Mississippi on Saturday.

James Heath Kitchens, 30, allegedly ran her down, cops said.

Kitchens was arrested by local cops and charged with manslaughter following Phillips' death.

Phillips was plowed into as she walked on Riviera Road around 8pm in Oktibbeha County, Magnolia State Live reported.

She was rushed to hospital and pronounced dead OCH Regional Medical Center.

Law enforcement said her death resulted from a "domestic incident” but they didn't provide any more details.

WTVA reported that her ex Kitchens was a Tupelo police officer from January 2019 until May 2020.

Phillips is survived by her daughter, seven, and a 10-month-old son, according to a GoFundMe page.

Kitchens is reportedly the father of her baby boy.

Reports indicated that he was a cop until May 2020.

Law enforcement said her death resulted from a 'domestic incident' but didn't elaborate.

Kitchens is reportedly the youngest child's father.

As well being a glamor model, Phillips owned two businesses, the online boutique Couturhea and a shop called Beauty Perfected.

A photographer for Belmont Images Magazine reiterated police statements about a "domestic" incident on Facebook this week.

“I don’t know if any of you ever met Brittany Rhea Phillips, but she was taken from us last night in a domestic violence event at her home in Starkville,” he wrote on the Belmont Images Magazine page.

"She leaves behind a lot of fond memories of countless photoshoots over the years along with two young children.

"I met her back in 2011 when she was as skinny little 16 year old from Starkville.

"We could tell then just how good of a model she was going to be. She ultimately traveled the world doing what she loved to do. She will be missed."

Kitchens was arrested by local cops and charged with manslaughter following Phillips' death.

He's being held at Oktibbeha County Jail on a $25,000 bond.

Phillips (left) was reportedly plowed into as she walked on Riviera Road around 8pm in Oktibbeha County.

Phillips was rushed to hospital and pronounced dead OCH Regional Medical Center.

Phillips is survived by her daughter, seven, and a 10-month-old son.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Babysitter decapitated boy, 6, and left headless body in kitchen as mom gave birth

This is the moment a childminder was arrested after allegedly beheading a six-year-old with a kitchen knife in a drug-fuelled rage while the child's mom was giving birth in the hospital.

While the boy's mom, Elena, 36, was giving birth to her sixth child, her young son was left in the care of 47-year-old Sergey Podgornov at the family home in the city of Engels, Russia.

Sergey Podgornov is arrested at the scene in Engels, Russia.

Elena and her son, who has not been identified.

The house in Engels, Russia, where the brutal killing took place.

The six-year-old victim and his mother Elena, who was giving birth to her sixth child at the time of the killing.

The boy's stepdad, Mikhail Grushin, 33, found the headless body of the young child in the kitchen when he returned to the house.

Once detained by cops, Podgornov initially said he "did not remember" that he had severed the boy’s head, a police source said.

Footage taken at the crime scene shows the 47-year-old admitting he killed the child with a kitchen knife, but he does not explain why he had attacked the helpless boy.

Podgornov, who is facing 15 years in prison, was under the influence of "designer drugs" and booze at the time of the brutal killing, according to a Russian law enforcement source.

"I went out, sat on the porch and lit a cigarette," Podgornov told police.

"Then I came back, drank another glass of alcohol and I finally realized what I had done.

"I went out to wait for the police."

The dead boy's older sister, Arina Kuznetsova, said the victim, who has not been identified, was her mother’s fifth child.

Mikhail Grushin had left his step-son in the care of Podgornov.

She was giving birth to her sixth baby when the boy was beheaded, the 15-year-old said.

Saratov region Children Rights Ombudsman Tatyana Zagorodnyaya said Elena remains in the maternity hospital.

Officials said they tried to speak to her about funeral arrangements for the boy, but they were not allowed to enter the ward due to coronavirus restrictions.

Elena, 36, was giving birth in hospital when her son was killed.

Podgornov was detained by cops at the family house.

Investigators search the family home in Engels, Russia.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Hero dog saves four patients from inferno at hospice after running into the building to raise the alarm

A hero dog saved four patients from an inferno at a Russian hospice after running into the building to raise the alarm, suffering terrible burns when it passed out due to carbon monoxide fumes.

The pregnant dog, named Matilda, is recovering from severe burns after she passed out due to carbon monoxide fumes during the fire in Russia's Leningrad region.

All four residents of the private hospice were safely pulled from the blaze after the fire service was called.

Matilda suffered severe burns after she saved four patients from an inferno at a Russian hospice.

Hero dog Matilda suffered severe burns after she saved four patients from an inferno at a Russian hospice in Leningrad by running into the building to raise the alarm.

Animal campaigners at Vasilek shelter in St Petersburg are fighting so save her after the savage burns.

All four residents of the private hospice were safely pulled from the blaze after the fire service was called but Matilda was not rescued until afterward.

But mongrel Matilda was only saved later by volunteers Elena Kalinina and Alexander Tsinkevich and she suffered grievous injuries.

The pregnant dog 'cried and trembled in pain, but heroically endured everything', a report said.

Now animal campaigners at Vasilek shelter in St Petersburg are fighting so save her after the savage burns.

'Matilda's face, neck, and abdomen were severely burned,' said the shelter in a statement.

'She was checked by a fertility specialist who looked at her for a very long time and carefully studied the puppies.

Matilda's face, neck and abdomen were severely burned but her puppies are alive and developing well.

A vet cleans the wounds on Matilda's face, which have seen much of her fur and nose burned off.

Matilda was saved after the hospice residents were pulled to safety by volunteers Elena Kalinina.

Matilda was saved after the hospice residents were pulled to safety by volunteers Alexander Tsinkevich

'They are all alive and developing well.

'Now it is impossible to understand the number of babies she is carrying, since she is a big dog.'

But Matilda - known as Motya - will not be able to feed her puppies since her nipples are badly burned.

After the fire, the hospice owner is not able to take care of the dog due to injury, say reports.

Baby killer who murdered girlfriend's one-year-old son found dead in prison

A child killer serving life in prison for murdering a one-year-old boy has died behind bars. Andrew Lloyd, 37, from Swansea, Wales, was jailed for life in 2005 after subjecting 13-month-old Aaron Gilbert to a four-week campaign of brutality.

Andrew Lloyd, from Swansea, Wales, murdered his girlfriend Rebecca Lewis's 13-month-old baby son Aaron Gilbert.

During his trial in 2005, it emerged he had subjected the youngster to a four-week catalogue of brutality.

Aaron Gilbert was murdered by his mum's boyfriend.

The Prison Service has now confirmed he has died whilst serving his term in prison aged 37, reports WalesOnline.

A spokeswoman said: "HMP Full Sutton prisoner Andrew Lloyd died in custody on November 19. The Prisons and Probation Ombudsman has been informed."

A Swansea Crown Court jury had found Lewis guilty of failing to protect her son from violent, drug-taking Lloyd at their home in the Townhill area of the city.

Lloyd viciously attacked the baby when he was alone with him on May 5, 2005.

Andrew Lloyd has died in prison whilst serving his 24-year sentence for the murder of 13-month-old baby Aaron Gilbert back in 2005.

He lost his temper and shook Aaron violently, causing his head to collide with a wall.

Lloyd killed 13-month Aaron Gilbert after subjecting him to a sustained, four-week catalogue of brutality.

Mum Lewis had left Aaron with Lloyd while she went shopping — even though she knew he had assaulted him during weeks of abuse.

After Aaron died in hospital the following day, a pathologist found a severe brain injury and almost 50 external injuries.

Lloyd, then 23, was sentenced in December 2006 at Swansea Crown Court with Aaron’s mother, then 21-year-old Lewis.

He was given a minimum of 24 years in prison, meaning he would have been 47 if he served his full term.

Lewis was jailed for seven years for familial homicide and attempting to pervert the course of justice in what was a legal landmark at the time. She was one of the first people in Wales and England to face the charge of familial homicide.

At the time, Swansea Crown Court heard that the relationship between Lewis and Lloyd began at the end of March 2005.

Little Aaron was the victim of a four-week catalogue of brutality.

After moving in with Lewis, Lloyd developed a hatred of baby Aaron.

The jury heard how he had yelled at him, picked him up by his ears, thrown bottles at him, swung him by his ankles “like someone swinging a cat by its tail”, put a blanket over him as if to smother him, and blown cannabis smoke in his face.

There was also evidence that five days before Aaron died, Lloyd bit him hard on the cheek.

Aaron became so disfigured by being systematically and violently assaulted that a neighbor likened his appearance to that of the Elephant Man.

Sentencing Lloyd, the judge, Mr. Justice Langstaff said at the time: “You murdered Aaron after subjecting him to a sustained catalogue of brutality during the last four weeks of his life.

“I regard your conduct during those four weeks as being effectively inseparable from what you did on the day when you inflicted the fatal injury.”

In 2007, Lloyd’s case reached London's Appeal Court as he challenged his minimum jail tariff of 24 years.

His lawyers argued that the sentence took insufficient account of his youth and turbulent personal background.

But Lord Justice Gage said doctors had noted 50 separate injuries on Aaron’s body after his death in May 2005.

The injuries covered his small body “from head to foot”.

He said Lloyd had inflicted “significant and extreme abuse” and, but for his youth and background of turmoil, a 30-year tariff might have been imposed.

“This was a dreadful case,” he concluded at the time, rejecting Lloyd’s appeal.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Cheerleader 'killed in her bed by evil stalker after reporting him to cops'

A ‘BEAUTIFUL’ former cheerleader killed in her own bed by a suspected stalker had already reported him to cops while changing her phone number weekly, it is alleged.

Celeste Manno, 23, was brutally attacked in her sleep by an infatuated former colleague who had climbed in through her bedroom window, allege police.

Celeste Manno was found dead inside the house she shared with her mother in Melbourne, Australia.

Alleged killer Luay Sako, 35, has been arrested by cops and is in hospital under police guard.

6The boodstained fence next to tragic Celeste Manno's house in the Melbourne suburb of Mernda.

Chilling crime scene pictures showed blood dripping down a metal fence outside the suburban home where tragic Ms. Manno was found dead early on Monday morning in Melbourne, Australia.

Former colleague Luay Sako, 35, is suspected of killing the young woman at about 4.10am in the horror attack.

He remains in hospital under police guard ahead of questioning by homicide squad detectives, as it emerged a terrified Ms. Manno had already reported Sako to the police for stalking her.

Ms. Manno’s family claim Mr. Sako became obsessed and infatuated with the “bright, lively and intelligent” young woman after he was sacked from his call centre job more than a year ago.

Devastated brother Alessandro Manno, 19, told reporters in Australia his sister wasn’t close to Sako but walked him out the door when he was fired from global services firm Serco, where she worked as a team leader.

“Ever since that day he’s just been obsessed with her, harassing her on social media for months and months,” Mr. Manno told The Australian.

“At first she’d be nice to him and just say thank you, not interested, and then he kept getting obsessive, and so eventually she had to block him.”

"At one point she was having to apparently change her phone number almost weekly," a former colleague of Ms. Manno's told Daily Mail Australia.

"It was the procedure at the centre that if you lost your job, your manager would walk you out.

"She walked him out following the procedure and this is apparently what started the infatuation because she was kind when escorting him out of the building."

Mr. Manno alleged his sister - who had studied criminology and psychology at university - was eventually forced to contact police to file a restraining order against Sako after months of abuse starting in January.

Another of her brothers, Jayden Manno, described the alleged attack as a “harrowing, senseless, unfathomable evil act”.

“Everyone should have the right to live their lives in their homes, in their bedrooms, on the streets. No one should be scared, this evil should not exist,” he told local media.

“She was loved by everybody. There wasn’t a soul on this earth who could ever say a bad thing. She touched everyone, such an amazing person."

It is alleged that after the attack, Sako jumped a side fence to escape and drove himself to a police station, where he was arrested.

Ms. Manno’s father, Tony, said the system had let his daughter down and said “it’s got to be changed” because “too many scenarios have already happened”.

Heartbroken boyfriend Chris Ridsdale posted an emotional tribute to her on social media, as the couple had been due to celebrate Ms. Manno’s 24th birthday this week.

He posted a poignant picture of the couple happily smiling together, taken on Saturday ahead of the shocking attack.

“We talked and joked about how this would be the first picture of us together on her social media and she was so excited to share it with everyone,” he posted on Facebook.

“I was told, very clearly, that this was to be my new profile picture. Now it seems like the best thing I can do for her.

“To show everyone how much she meant to me and how beautiful she was.”

Boyfriend Chris Ridsdale posted an emotional tribute to Celeste Manno on Facebook.

Celeste Manno, 23, was described as "bright, lively and intelligent" in tributes.

Family and friends have been left reeling with shock at the brutal attack in Melbourne.