Saturday, December 14, 2019

15 Impressive Psychological Tricks That Will Useful To Know

There are several hacks and tricks in the subject that people can benefit from, in applying to their own lives. These tricks are used vastly in general Psychology, but even a common man can apply them to his everyday life.

We are going to tell you some of the Useful Psychological Tricks That will Give You An Upper Hand When Dealing With People.

1. The Key To Confidence: 

Confidence attracts people. Whenever you walk into a room, assume that everyone already likes you. This will increase your confidence exponentially.

2. Make Someone Do What You Want To Do: 

Offer someone a choice instead of a command. For eg, instead of saying drink your milk to a kid, ask which mug he/she like to drink milk from. This gives the person a sense of control hence producing a higher chance of better outcome.

3. While Convincing Someone: 

Make sure in most cases that the person you are trying to convince is sitting and you are standing. This makes them believe you sooner. That is because everyone as a student accepted what their teacher said in the classroom while they were seated and the teacher was standing in front of them. Sub consciously, when you make this arrangement, they somehow assume that in a way you will be correct.

4. Find Out If Someone is Attracted To You: 

If someone is attracted to you, their eyes start blinking more than usual during a conversation with you.

5. When Asking Someone A Question: 

Get them to agree with you by simply nodding your head. The action makes them start to think that what you’re saying is true and they should nod “yes” too, since our behaviors are social.

6. If You Want To Know Something From Someone: 

Ask them a question and when they are done answering, keep silent and maintain eye contact. They will tell you some additional stuff, almost everything.

7. Kill Boredom: 

Whenever you are curious about something, write it down. This way, whenever you're bored, you’ll have an entire list if things to learn about.

8. Want To Sit Alone in Public Transportation?

If want to sit alone in public transportation. wear a face masks and keep coughing loudly when ever you see someone approaching near you. people will usually avoid sitting near you and you will have your privacy!

9. Leader Hack: 

If you want others to think of you as a leader, never act surprised to anything. That way people will assume that you already know a lot and are well versed in everything.

10. Franklin Effect: 

If you ask someone to do a small favor, cognitive dissonance will make them believe that because they did that favor, they therefore must like you!

11. Overcoming Procrastination: 

If you feel like procrastinating on something, tell yourself that you will do 5 minutes of the task. You will find yourself wanting to do more, because you overcome what is called procrastination anxiety.

12. Hard To Stay Awake? 

Drink two drinks: one hot and one cold. The combination stimulates the senses in your brain and you’ll stay awake.

13. Know When You’re Getting Tricked: 

If you think someone is giving you a fake number, read it back to them incorrectly. If they correct you, it’s legit.

14. Rock Paper Scissors: 

Become a champion at rock paper scissors by asking a question right before starting the game. Then right away begin into the “rock paper scissors” chant, they’ll almost always defensively throw scissors!

15. To be More Interesting, Ask Questions and Relate Your Experiences: 

People talk too much about themselves to try to be interesting to someone in a conversation. Ask people open-ended questions about themselves, let them talk, and then make a statement that relates your life to theirs "Wow, that's really interesting because x, y and z." If you ask too many questions without anything else people feel like they're being interviewed, if you only make statements or talk about yourself people feel like you're just waiting for chances to talk about yourself and relying on them for the conversation to move forward.

Do you know any useful psychological trick or hack that will make your life easier?

Friday, December 13, 2019

7 Visual Female Traits That Make Men Lose Their Mind

A study done at the University of California at San Diego, concluded that people were deemed as sexually appealing in group photos. The researchers said that taking photos as a group evens out one’s physical shortcomings.This is because seeing faces in a group makes them look like the group average. Humans tend to process faces in a group, so we unconsciously form an average of all the faces we see. When you are surrounded by attractive people, you increase your chances of looking attractive this is commonly called the “cheerleader effect.”

We are going to tell you 7 Visual Female Traits That Make Men Lose Their Mind.

1. Symmetry of the face

The symmetry of the face has a high importance in determining the attractiveness of women. It can even be calculated with the help of several tricks. Men pay attention to these criteria subconsciously because these facial features are a sign of good genes. Asymmetry, on the contrary, is associated with poor health, bad genes, and even abnormalities in the reproductive organs.

Even wild animals pay attention to symmetry. For example, female swallows prefer male swallows that have symmetric tails because it’s a sign of good genetics.

2. Red color

In research done by Andrew Elliot and Daniela Niesta it was proven that a certain reaction of men to the color red can also be programmed biologically. This is evidenced by the fact that the same thing works in the animal world, where this color usually signals the readiness for mating.

In the preface to the study, Elliot and Niesta wrote, ’In many nonhuman primates, the color red enhances males’ attraction to females. In 5 experiments, the authors demonstrate a parallel effect in humans.’ The authors also found out that as a rule, men don’t even suspect that this color affects them. Also, the scientists were able to figure out that color red doesn’t affect a women’s perception of other women.

3. Long arms

This is one of the physical attributes that you either have or not. But it’s interesting to know that men find long arms more attractive than long model-like legs.

In research held by scientists from the University of New South Wales, a group of men watched videos of 96 women between the ages of 20 and 49. After watching the video, they were asked to grade the women that they saw. The results have shown that women with long arms were graded as more attractive every time. The size of their hips and waist also proved to be important, along with their weight and age. At the same time the length of their legs, that many women think is important, didn’t affect the grade significantly.

4. High-pitched voice

Research has shown that men prefer thin female voices because they are perceived as younger and more womanish and show a high level of estrogen. Moreover, a high-pitched voice also assumes a smaller body size, while a low voice is usually more associated with masculinity, which means that women like men who have this kind of a voice. When hearing it, they subconsciously imagine a big and strong man.

Scientists outlined that the timbre and tone of the sounds also make a difference in the animal world. Deep growls usually indicate a large animal, while thin and lighter tones, similar to the sounds insects make, indicate a small size and, therefore, helplessness. Perhaps that’s another reason why men prefer thin voices.

5. Long hair

According to research, men prefer women with long, thick, and shiny hair. Turns out, they subconsciously consider this an indicator of good health, vital energy, and even a sign of fertility.

Alan Miller and Satoshi Kanazawa wrote about it in their book ’Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters: From Dating, Shopping, and Praying to Going to War and Becoming a Billionaire.’ They say that one of the indicators of good health is physical attractiveness, while the other one is hair. Healthy women always have shiny hair while the hair of people in poor health is lackluster.

So it’s probably better to think twice before you decide to cut your hair short. But remember to just be yourself — if you feel better and more attractive with short hair, be brave enough to get a short hairdo and don’t rely on the opinion of the majority. There can always be exceptions to any rule.

6. A special smell

Most of us know about pheromones — ’chemical signals’ emitted by our bodies. But few of us would guess that they are subconsciously used by people in order to determine the most genetically compatible partner.

Studies have shown that pheromones reveal a variety of information about a person, including the one that relates to the health of their immune system. Therefore, men are able to determine women with the best immune system with the help of their smell. It works conversely to — women can determine the level of testosterone in a man according to pheromones. All these skills are needed to reproduce healthy offspring in the future.

7. The color of teeth

When trying to figure out the impact of a person’s smile on their attractiveness, scientists would change the condition and distance of teeth in photographs with the help of digital manipulations and then showed them to examinees: men were shown to women, and vice versa. As a result, it was figured out that the condition of women’s teeth plays a significant role for the representatives of the male gender. All because it gives an idea of its “residual reproductive value” regardless of age.

Fortunately, there are many methods to cure and whiten teeth but one shouldn’t use these excessively. Because the same research has also shown that naturally white teeth and a so-called Hollywood smile are perceived equally. Therefore, the main thing is to not let your teeth become yellow.

This article is Based on the research.

Thursday, December 12, 2019

9 Qualities You Need to Have to Call Yourself Mature

Maturity comes from life experiences. Somebody’s age does not signify his/her maturity. Think about it: just because someone has lived longer than you, does not mean they have done better things in their lives and learnt valuable lessons.

1. Compassion for oneself and others.

We get so busy in our own lives and problems that we forget to look at the bigger picture that is this beautiful life. Or sometimes we have the compassion for everyone around us but we just can't forget that one thing we did eons ago. Help yourself first so you can help those around you.

 2. Having control of your own emotions

Instead of getting angry easily at someone else over something that they do, a mature person would be quick to keep their emotions in check. Being mature means that you will be less likely to be overwhelmed by your own emotions and react in a destructive manner.

 3. You’re able to accept yourself for who you are.

It is not easy to accept yourself as you are, especially when others keep telling you that you should change. But when you are mature, you embrace who you are and you are confident about yourself. You will feel comfortable with yourself instead of feeling inferior and wanting to please others by being someone you are not.

 4. Taking responsibility for yourself and your actions

People make choices every day and those choices come with consequences. Someone who is mature will take accountability for their actions. You are mature when you actively take care of yourself, your happiness, and the things that get in your way because of your choices.

5. Realizing how much you don’t know

A person cannot possibly know everything, but it takes maturity for someone to realize that there is a lot that they do not know. If you are mature, you will put aside your pride and be willing to learn, even from someone who is younger than you.

6. Being aware and considerate of others.

Having compassion is part of being mature. You will think of other people instead of always putting your interests first. Sacrificing for others comes first before pursuing your own desires. When other people are successful, you will celebrate rather than be jealous of them.

7. Being humble and modest.

If you are a mature person, you will not let any success go to your head. You will treat people fairly and respectfully no matter what. And you won’t feel the need to promote yourself above others.

8. Showing flexibility.

Things don’t always go as planned and to be mature, you will need to be able to adapt to situations and think on your feet. Being stubborn, rigid, sulking, and pointing fingers is only something that immature people do.

9. Knowing there is always room to grow and improve

Being mature means you will never be complacent and think that you’re already perfect or too old to grow. You’d believe that there is always room for improvement. Life is about learning and you can always strive to be a better version of yourself.

Bonus: 10. Being open-minded and not judgmental

You will be open to see things from new perspectives and understand what it’s like being in other people’s shoes. Rather than labeling people who are different from you, you will be willing to try to see where they’re coming from and bridge the gap between you and them.

Do you have any quality that makes you mature person?

by Oleg Guta

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

20 Masterpieces From Designers Who Know How to Make Us Go “Wow”

20 Masterpieces From Designers.

We are going to show you some of the amazing masterpieces from designers that will blow your mind.

1. This Charging drawer.

2. This fountain in Kanazawa, Japan, which is designed to show the time.

3. A lounge chair built into the dock.

4. Bike rack looks like a bike.

5. This restaurant sign that is half shadows.

6. This pen can act as a mobile holder.

7. Bottled water shaped like a dumbbell.

8. This Pepsi 35mm Film Camera. You advance the film with the ring on the left, you pop the tab to rewind the film.

9. This bench that looks like a book.

10. This salt and pepper shaker.

11. The bike rack at this dentist office looks like it's being squeezed out of a tube of toothpaste.

12. This cross walk signal button has signage for Blind people showing exactly how many lanes they have to cross and direction of traffic. Bonus points for making the signage modular which can be changed lego blocks style.

13. Swim Gear Fins Hand Webbed Flippers Training Glove for Swimming.

14. These Cement benches that look like fabric.

15. Cigarette shaped ashtray.


16. This perfume bottle from 1925 has eight ‘slices’ of perfume.


17. These solar panels outside of the local botanical gardens

18. These little holes on the stair rail of a library that indicate which floor you reached.


19. This pipe cleaner bottle is shaped like toilet bowl's canal.

20. A fridge magnet from the UN, I found at a friend’s place.


Which Design Do You Like? Would You Like To Use Any of These Kind of Design?

Monday, December 9, 2019

20 Genius People Who Are Way Too Smart to Have a Hard Life

Sometimes Smart People and their smartness can be useful for us. We are here to show you some of the smart people and their smartness on the internet that will amaze you.

1. Outstanding move.

2. Self Made Umbrella Holder for Bike

3. This literally just blew my find. Words can’t express how baffled I am. What am I experiencing right now. Confusion

4. This 14 year old is too smart.

5. “Now what, Sheherezade?”

6. The best thief protection device ever

7. With this approach, you don’t need 21 days to develop a habit.

8. Rear-view security.

9. This is both cute and evil.

10. Repair/reinforce cables to prevent breaking. Use vaping wire (or spring from pen) and shrink tubing.

11. The most elegant way to fight depression.

12. This is how you can replace a coin to get a shopping cart.

13. We’re not sure if this is a start up or a tv-series script...

14. Very Smart Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

15. We wish this worked with adults.

16. Refill your bottle from a shitty fountain.

17. Best life hack ever.

18. No microwave to heat up leftover pizza.

19. A genius life hack you should show to your girlfriend:

20. Hold your ketchup bottle like this when squeezing so the splatter doesn’t get on you, you use the lid as a mini shield.

Do you know any genius person around you? 

Preview photo credit Mr_DrinksOnMe / Twitter

Sunday, December 8, 2019

15 Psychological Tricks That Can Help You Read People Like Open Books

You have probably wondered how things would be if you could read other people's minds. Some people use their intuition for this, but if you are not so perceptive, there is only one choice left: learning to read people's body language.

1. Eye Contact

The eyes are the windows to the soul and also a great way to communicate. You can read all the feelings and emotions of a person in their eyes. Lovers look each other in the eye hoping to see the pupils become bigger. In fact, it's very easy to notice because pupils can be up to 4 times bigger compared to their normal state. By the way, if a person is angry, their eyes look like beads because the pupils get very small.

2. Presentation of the face

Generally, this gesture is used for attracting people of the opposite sex. When we put our chins on our hands, we present our faces as if we're trying to say, "This is me. You can enjoy as much as you want." Men should memorize this gesture to catch the moment and give a compliment at the right time.

3. Closing the Eyes

If a person is talking to you and closing his or her eyes, you should know that they are trying to hide from the outside world. An important thing to remember: it doesn't mean that the person is scared of you. On the contrary, they are trying to get rid of you because they might be tired of you. And if they close their eyes, you disappear!

4. Playing with a shoe

Crossed legs are one of the most attractive female positions. And if a woman is playing with her shoe, she is trying to draw your attention to her legs. This gesture indicates that a woman is calm and relaxed. This is a kind of green light for a man.

5. Fixing the tie

The meaning of this gesture depends on the situation. If a man does this near a good-looking woman, it probably means that he likes her. However, this gesture may also indicate that a person is not feeling comfortable. Maybe he lied or just wants to leave wherever he is right now.

6. Mounting a chair like a horse

A chair is not a horse, and even though its back remotely resembles a shield, it serves a different purpose. Many people are irritated by others sitting like this because they feel the aggression intuitively. This position is popular among dominant people. If you don't want to seem weak, remain standing while they are riding their horse.

7. Handshake with a palm facing the floor

If you are holding someone's hand from below, you want to tell them that you are ready to help.

8. Putting feet on the desk

Such a gesture may express a lot of things: bad manners, disrespect, trying to show who the boss is, or even that the person cares about their own health. Psychologists believe that if you feel comfortable in this position, you shouldn't rest like this anywhere but home.

9. Handshake with touch

People sometimes touch others with their free hands. They can touch the forearm, the elbow, or the back of the other person. Such an invasion of private space means that a person lacks communication. The closer the touch to the torso, the more the person needs company.

10. Rubbing hands

It is believed that the hands broadcast what the head is thinking. Rubbing their hands together generally means that a person has a positive feeling about something. They are hopeful. We do this when we are thinking about some benefits coming in the future.

11. Rubbing the chin

This is what people do when they are trying to make a decision. They might be looking down, up, to the side...or anywhere. They hardly even know what they are looking at because they are deep in thought.

12. Crossed arms

This is one of the most popular gestures. It is no wonder that many people feel very comfortable in this position — it helps them shut themselves off from other people. We often use this gesture when we are irritated by something. Crossed arms are a clear sign that a person is not feeling good about something.

13. Fixing the appearance

Do you agree that this position is more open? When a woman wants a man to like her, she tries to present herself in the best way possible. She straightens her back to highlight her breasts, and she can also cross her legs. Hands together and falling down are a signal of attention and huge interest in a person.

14. Biting the arms of their glasses

You see that a person is biting the arms of their glasses? Try to support them or cheer them up. They are definitely worried about something at a subconscious level. They are trying to feel safe like they were when their mom was breastfeeding them. By the way, a pencil, a pen, a cigarette, and even chewing gum in the mouth can indicate the same thing.

15. Covering the mouth with a hand

This is a great reminder that we all had a childhood. Do you remember covering your mouth when you didn't want to tell something? It happens in adult life too. A few fingers, a palm, or even a fist near the mouth helps us not to release the words we don't want to say. Sometimes this gesture is disguised by fake coughing.

Illustrated by Anna Syrovatkina