Friday, September 18, 2020

Man Allegedly Takes Bus Ride With Suitcases Of Girlfriend's Body Parts, 'Wanted To Be With At Least Part of Her'

A man has admitted to dismembering his girlfriend's body and carrying the parts in suitcases on a Greyhound bus from Kentucky to his parent's house in Illinois.

Melvin Martin Jr., 30, was arrested on Tuesday after his family members discovered the body parts in his luggage about a week after he had arrived. 

Police said Martin admitted to killing his 31-year-old girlfriend in Louisville before dismembering her body.

The Jefferson County Coroner's Office today confirmed that Ladawndra Ellington, 31, of Louisville, Kentucky, was the victim of the brutal crime, local media reports.

Police say Melvin Martin Jnr, 30, killed and dismembered Ms Ellington before taking duffel bags containing her head, lower torso and organs, on a five-hour journey from the couple's home in Louisville to Markham in Illinois.

Her upper torso was later found in a park in Louisville.

LaDawndra Ellington has been identified as the victim of a brutal murder.

Melvin Martin Jnr, of Louisville, Kentucky, admitted killing and dismembering his girlfriend, police said.

The alleged killer is said to have traveled on a Greyhound bus carrying dismembered body parts.

Martin's mother reportedly made the grisly discovery after she and other family members noticed a "foul smell" coming from three heavy bags and opened one of them on Tuesday.

She called police immediately.

Ms Ellington was a "sweetheart", her former boss told The Sun.

One friend described Ms Ellington as a "one of the most beautiful souls" she had ever met.

In a recording of the 911 call, obtained by CBS Chicago, Martin's mother can be heard saying: "I picked him up ’cause he was coming home. He was having a hard time, but he took this suitcase in my garage.

"I just took him to library and I said, let me see what’s in this suitcase," she continued.

"And it looks like there's a body in there."

Martin was arrested at the library in Markham and charged as a fugitive fleeing prosecution. Police said he wasn't initially cooperative, but eventually gave a full statement to police.

“He indicated that, as grotesque as it might sound, that he still wanted to be with her, at least part of her,” Markham police Chief Terry White said during a news conference on Wednesday.

Martin's relatives became suspicious when they noticed he was guarding his suitcases which had remained unpacked for several days, police said. He also asked them to buy clothes for him, despite arriving with multiple pieces of luggage.

Ms Ellington's remains were located in two different states.

The suitcases were in the family's home for several day.

The victim is believed to have been killed during a domestic dispute at the couple's home about one month ago, according to police.

She was formerly employed as a team member and cashier at Louisville Airport but had not worked there since 2018.

Tinsley Family Concessions Vice President George Tinsley II - her employer during her stint at the airport - told The Sun that Ms Ellington was "a sweetheart".

"She was a very special team member of ours," he said.

"If the world is ever going to know anything about her... she was an inspiration.

"She blossomed in front of my eyes, in front of the team's eyes.

"In a time where finding great team members is hard to do, she stood out and developed into one of the best team members we can hope for.

"It's extremely tragic what has happened. I couldn't speak for hours when I found out."

According to her Facebook page, Ms Ellington had previously studied paralegal studies at Louisville University and worked as a reservation manager at a car hire company.

Ms Ellington was a former student of Louisville University, according to her Facebook page.

One friend described her as "one of the most beautiful souls I have EVER met".

" LaDawndra Ellington was one of the kindest, most caring, wise-beyond-her-years people I know," Katie Laird wrote on Facebook.

"She used to lift me up any time I needed it, and if we ever started to drift apart, we quickly found eachother again.

"She always taught me how to fold my notes, and if you ever needed ANYTHING, she had it in her purse and would give it to you in a heartbeat.

"Her nails were always painted, her hair always fixed, and her lipgloss was ALWAYS popping.

"She lit up a room with her huge smile, and could clown on you in a true southern gal way.

"She was the mama hen, and the one who brought people together. It makes me physically sick to think she’s no longer on this Earth." 

The man was visiting his family in Illinois when he was arrested.

Martin remains in custody but has yet to be charged in Kentucky. He waived his extradition during a court hearing in Chicago on Thursday morning.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

15 Historical Photos Show How Tempting Fashion of the Past Could Be

There’s an old saying that goes, “Fashion is fleeting, but style is eternal.” Just because an outfit has a few years on it, doesn’t mean it stopped looking good. Plenty of old trends have aged so well that you might wonder if it’d be a good idea to try them out yourself!

We at Happy Worthy Life love history and fashion, so we’re combining both of them for our list of some of the hottest fashions from the past.

1. Barefoot in the park never looked so good.

2. English supermodel, Sabrina, chose an interesting outfit to wear to a press conference.

3. These hot pants don’t leave much to the imagination.

4. Tell the Little Mermaid to eat her heart out!

5. All Josephine Baker needed was her smile.

6. Girls just wanna have fun.

7. Actress Elsa Martinelli is ready for a fashion show.

8. The comfort of a sweater and the convenience of a dress…

9. Bell-bottom jeans need to make a comeback.

10. Actress Kim Novak looks like a fairy princess in lavender.

11. Just because you crossed a stream doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. Just ask Sophia Loren!

12. It’s a shame modern swimsuits don’t have matching hats.

13. Every girl needs to unleash her inner-flapper every now and then.

14. Gold always keeps you sparkling.

15. Even a sweater can become the height of fashion.

What are some other historical photos fashion trends you wish would come back? Do you have any special photos of them you’d like to share? Please let us know in the comment.

17-Year-Old Girl Shot Pizza Delivery Man After Luring Him To An Abandoned House With Fake Order

The teenage girl's boyfriend Alberto Vanmeter, 19, was also shot dead and was found lying dead with a pizza box, two drinks and cash beside him in Lafayette, Indiana.

A 17-year-old girl shot dead a new father after luring him to an abandoned house with a fake pizza order, court documents show.

Jaelynn Billups tried to rob Joshua Ungersma while he was delivering the pizza but shot him when he asked someone to call police in Lafayette, Indiana, a witness claims.

Police found the 37-year-old dead on Monday, August 31 after there were reports of 'shots fired' at around 11.15pm.

They also found the body of Billups's boyfriend Alberto Vanmeter, 19, nearby with a Domino's pizza box, two drinks and cash laying on the ground beside him.

Mr Ungersma is believed to have shot Vanmeter in self-defence after the 19-year-old tried to rob him.

Billups allegedly shot the delivery man at point blank range.

Joshua Ungersma

The Lafayette Journal & Courier reports that Mr Ungersma was found with 'a .38 S&W revolver in his pocket with the rounds fired'.

He had a permit to carry the gun.

A coroner ruled that Mr Ungersma died of multiple gunshot wounds and Vanmeter died of a single gunshot wound.

Mr. Ungersma passed away from multiple gunshot wounds while the 19-year-old died of a single gunshot wound, a coroner determined

Billups was charged with killing Joshua Ungersma and is being held without bond.

In a second murder count, she was also charged with causing Mr Ungersma to kill Alberto Vanmeter.

She was also charged with conspiracy to commit armed robbery, armed robbery, theft, pointing a firearm, and carrying a handgun without a licence.

He worked a second job at the pizza shop.

She will go on trial in February 2021.

Mr Ungersma leaves behind his wife Jenny, stepson Logan Hindsley, and his six-month-old son Sebastian.

He had worked as a butcher at Payless Supermarket for the past 13 years and joined the Domino’s staff two years ago for extra cash to support his young family

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Couple 'kept boy, 12, in dungeon where he died weighing just three stone'

Investigators in Pennsylvania say tragic Maxwell Schollenberger was imprisoned in a locked room for years, and some of his three siblings told police they did not know he existed.

A dad and his partner have been arrested after a severely malnourished 12-year-old boy weighing just three stone was found dead in a "dungeon" having been beaten in their home.

Scott Schollenberger Jr, 42, has been charged with homicide following the death of his son Maxwell.

Maxwell Schollenberger's siblings were told to ignore him, and at least one even claimed not to know he was there, according to police.

The child, from Pennsylvania, was covered in faeces in the room where he was kept for years with blinds taped shut and shutters nailed closed.

Horrific new details shared by investigators reveal there were claw marks on the bed, which was the sole piece of furniture in the room.

Maxwell was so weak that he could not walk or even stand when he died.

Kimberly Mauer has been arrested following the boy's death.

Investigators said the door was locked from the outside so Maxwell could not escape, and Fox 43 reports that at least one of his three siblings said they didn't know he was there.

Dad Scott Schollenberger Jr, 42, and fiancée Kimberly Maurer, 35, face homicide charges after the horrific treatment came to light.

Lebanon County District Attorney Pier Hess Graf told reporters: "This tiny 12-year-old boy never knew the unconditional love from a family.

The couple have been charged with homicide after the 12-year-old's death.

“Max Schollenberger existed, I will not call this living. He existed in a state of perpetual suffering.”

Maxwell was only discovered after a neighbour called police after Maurer mentioned his death, Penn Live reports.

He never went to school or received any medical care before his death on May 26, Ms Graf said.

She stated: “By the time of his death he was in that room 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The DA told reporters that the couple had three other young children, stating: “Those children went to the doctor and those children went to school.

“Every other room (in the house) was normal.

“There was an abundance of food…and that food went to every other person in the household, except for Max Schollenberger.”

He was so malnourished that he could no longer digest food, and was too weak to walk or stand.

His death has been blamed on malnutrition and head trauma.

In an autopsy report, Doctor Michael W. Johnson wrote: “In my medical opinion, this 12-year-old child died as the result of blunt force head trauma complicating starvation/malnutrition."

Monday, September 14, 2020

22 Striking Photos That Prove Girls In The Last Century Were Pretty Badass

Women of the 20th century can be the perfect role models for many modern girls and we have a lot to learn from them. Whether they were riding motorcycles, enjoying sunny days on the beach, or just fooling around with their girlfriends, they never failed to seize the moment and show their reckless side and openness to the world. And this kind of attitude can help you get through hard times and find the silver lining in every situation. Plus, just imagine how badass our grandmothers probably looked during these times!

We got inspired by the strong, and sometimes rebellious, women of the past century and we’re fascinated to show you the beauty and the spirit of the old times through these photos.

1. Sorority sisters at the University of Texas, 1944

2. A young lady cleans the vehicle, the 1940s

3. Ladies walking around a penguin on the sea shore, California, 1937

4. Spaghetti-swooshing challenge, 1949

5. These ladies could make the female rendition of Easy Rider, 1976

6. A young lady does the limbo move, Los Angeles, around 1964

7. A lady challenging the standards

8. A young lady presenting next to a Booby Traps sign, the 1940s

9. Ladies angling on the extension, the 1940s

10. Stilt strolling on the sea shore, California, 1942

11. A young lady applying make-up in a club in Lagos, 1960s

12. Christmas party on Bondi Beach, Sydney, 1959

13. A lady draws a hosiery line on a model’s leg, New York, 1941

14. Bathers with bikes, the 1930s

15. Clara Bow with a bow and bolt

16. Youthful skateboarder doing stunts, the 1970s

17. Flying expressive dance, 1948

18. 2 little youngsters moving together in the road, 1954

19. 3 ladies in a VW Beetle, around 1960

20. Young ladies flaunting their legs, the 1940s

21. Blonde ladies having a nibble on the sea shore, 1945

22. Skirt blowing machine on Coney Island, the 1940s

Have you ever come across any similar old photos of your relatives? Or maybe you have photos that prove that girls nowadays also know how to have fun? Share your stories and pics with our community in the comments!