Monday, August 3, 2020

22 Powerful Photos That Prove Time Is Unbeatable

Today we take dozens of photos every day and don’t even appreciate them. Photographs are not only a way to save a memory but also a chance to see how fast the time goes by. When you try to recreate an old picture, you can see exactly what has changed.

We have chosen 22 pictures that show the speed of time.

1. “Since 2012, we have been taking the same photos.”

2. “My parents eloped 25 years ago and recreated their wedding photos to celebrate their anniversary”

3. “51 inches apart”

4. “1988–2018. The box didn’t change much but my father’s hair has gone silver.”

5. “Who told her to get this big?”

6. He turned into a giant in just a couple of years.

7. “My family just recreated our photo in front of the NYC skyline from 1999!”

8. “Since our wedding day in 2013, we have been taking photos every year.”

9. “6 weeks vs 6 months”

10. “My friend and I in 2004 and 2017”

11. “My parents have been married for 48 years today”

12. “She grew up on the SNES”

13. And the time difference is just 4 months!

14. “17 years ago today, I met my future wife. Here’s a picture of the night we met and us now.”

15. “He’s impersonating his 19-year-old self in Vietnam in 1966.”

16. “My friends and I in 1999 and 2016”

17. What a transformation!

18. “My dad reenacting a picture from 1963, in front of his childhood home in Ireland”

19. “We met in Sunday school, became high school sweethearts, and now after 13 years together we’re expecting our first child.”

20. “These brothers returned to Pripyat and found their car to recreate their old photo.”

21. “My great-grandmother and me in the same spot 89 years apart!”

22. So many years apart

Do you have before and after pictures like these? Share them in the comment section below.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

19 Women Revealed How Dramatically Appearance Can Change Over the Years

Some people prefer to hide their childhood and school photos, while others are ready to share their pictures from the past and are proud of how they’ve grown and matured.

We like the second approach more: if these people were bold enough to reveal their old photos, they certainly have a lot of self-confidence. So we decided to include these women and their transformations on our list.

1. “What did I have to do to turn into the girl on the right? I learned how to apply makeup and stopped going shopping with my mom. That’s all.”

© yevolos / twitter

2. “My transformation”

© VeronikaKolosov / twitter

3. Just have a look.

© juwdil / twitter

4. Stop eating so much every day? I didn’t know that was an option.

© Sleepwalking201 / twitter

5. “It’s me.”

© A__Shcherbakova / twitter

6. I just had to stop applying my makeup THIS way and grow out my bangs. It’s me at the age of 14 and 24.

© tanyanamee / twitter

7. “My secret is that I stopped going shopping with my mom.”

© vikingvikingvik / twitter

8. “It’s me at the age of 13 and 29. I don’t get it, why do we have to change?”

© sasha_ne_grey_ / twitter

9. Well, if you started it...

© karina_tish09 / twitter

10. This is me after I moved out of my parents’ house.

© ChicpeaPea / twitter

11. Something like this...

© alina5811 / twitter

12. It’s me at the age of 18 and 28. I probably lost about 22 Ibs.

© gorohovalove / twitter

13. I learned to look chic in my childhood.

© lomaaakina / twitter

14. 16 years old and 21 years old

© cold_roses_ / twitter

15. “I looked way cooler wearing my mom’s lipstick in the past than now.”

© maya_remidara / twitter

16. “I just replaced my cap with a hat.”

© KnoxSasha / twitter

17. What a difference 5 years can make!

© anffiiisa / twitter

18. I stopped using my curtains as a background for my photos.

© meow_myyr / twitter

19. I found out how I can have visible eyebrows on my face.

© KrisYolsh / twitter

Maybe the changes in your appearance have been even more striking? We suggest that the boldest of our readers share their photos in the comments.

9 Double Standards Women Often Face

Double standards are the eternal reason for human suffering. for instance, studies have proven that due to gender inequality within the financial market, men have more advantages over women. Time goes by, but it looks like prejudices stay stuck in many people’s heads.

We believe that one day, our society will outgrow stale stereotypes and people will become kinder. We hope that our honest illustrations will help you reconsider some things.


There are double standards in society when it comes to makeup. When people see a woman who wears makeup, they may perceive her as fake and even “cheap,” but if a woman doesn’t apply any makeup at all, she may be considered a wallflower who doesn’t want to attract men’s attention.


Women are still being told that their main duty is taking care of the family. But even housewives suffer from people who like to say spiteful things about them and judge, let alone women who put their careers first.


For some reason, it might be hard for some people to imagine that a fan of classical literature may not be a boring, timid person, but rather, the funniest woman at the company. And conversely, a hard-core party girl may not be a dumb bimbo, but rather, a straight-A student and the pride and joy of a prestigious university!


Today, so many people are willing to give unsolicited advice that everyone is at risk of being attacked. There will be no mercy — a woman who loves cooking will be advised to go to the beauty salon as soon as possible, while a woman who doesn’t have time to spend in the kitchen will be blamed for feeding her family with ready-made food.


Beauty ideals are rapidly changing, and society tries to impose them on all people who are at least a little bit different. A toned body, light eyes, and blonde hair — people may think that this girl is attractive no matter what she’s doing. But a girl who doesn’t fit into society’s beauty standards may be judged for doing the same things.


The appearance of a person often plays a key role in our attitude toward them. So a cute girl who has numerous cats at home may be seen as an ideal of kindness and sympathy for animals. But an older woman who takes care of these fluffy creatures may be strongly advised by society to get a husband instead of cats.


A curvy woman who decides to wear an outfit with a low-cut neckline may be seen as an example by many because wearing what you want without the fear of being judged is a sign of bravery. But the natural process of breastfeeding is still a taboo in society.


Who has ever faced the dilemma of whether to finally buy an elegant dress or save some money for a vacation? No matter what you decide, it’s impossible to avoid public disapproval. A woman who would decide to buy an expensive outfit to please herself is likely to be labeled as a spender. And a woman who would save some money to go on a beach vacation may be called a cheapskate.


Kindergarten teachers are ready to help families who can’t take care of their children full-time because of their employment. And sometimes, parents have to fully take responsibility for their child’s education. But “experts” in psychology will find something terribly wrong with each of these situations. In the first case, they might say that the mother just doesn’t want to take care of the child, and in the latter — that she doesn’t care about her child’s future.

What double standards have you faced? Tell us down below.