What is experiential wisdom?

What is experiential wisdom?

In my piece of the universe, experiential wisdom is that gotten from a genuine interest in life, instead of just considering and talking about the hypothesis.

Be that as it may, I don't like experiential wisdom with "good judgment", in light of the fact that the last is frequently connected to all dependent on encounters with just a couple. The issue is that one individual's understanding and the translation isn't really intelligent of any other individual's existence.

Psychologists distinguish different kinds of insight: subjective, natural, intelligent, moral, and so on. This intelligence all cover and, my estimate is, they are to a great extent recognized for study purposes. I speculate that the term experiential wisdom is a method for saying that intelligence isn't completely or basically learned. It is straightforward wisdom that gets as a matter of fact, not really legitimately or quickly but rather throughout time.

To give an example. I've as of late needed to examine a grievance and review it in a report, something I haven't accomplished for around six years. On its essence, it's a basic enough activity at the same time, as somebody who likes to be useful, I feel a weight from both the creator of the protest and those against whom the grievance is made to deduce to support them. Six years back I figure I completed sensible employment at last however discovered it very debilitating inwardly. In the event that you'd asked me by then, 'What did you gain from the procedure?' I wouldn't have had a lot to state. Be that as it may, with another grievance to research I moved toward it with an altogether unique outlook. It came to me promptly that I should have been accountable for the procedure and clarify that 'weight' was inadmissible by characterizing the breaking points of my job. I took care of the essential meetings with more noteworthy certainty and was progressively powerful in my report composing. Despite the fact that the activity was tedious it didn't trouble me especially inwardly.

I believe that is a genuine case of experiential wisdom at work. I had another experience and did not deal with it especially well as an individual dimension. I wasn't aware of having gained much from it at the time. In any case, when looked with a comparable circumstance years after the fact I had the astuteness I expected to manage it. I have a favorable opinion of that astuteness left my past experience.
What is experiential wisdom?
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