25 Interesting Psychological Facts That You Didn't Know

25 Interesting Psychological Facts That You Didn't Know

Want to know some amazing Psychological facts? Okay!! Here we go-

These square measure some day to day life’s psychological facts that we tend to did not grasp or we tend to unheeded.


Over the years I've ran into a lot of psychological facts, but so far, these have been my absolute favorites:

1. Opposites don’t attract. You’re more likely to be attracted to someone who looks and thinks the same as you do.

2. This is partly because of nutrition, shared diets and eating habits, but much of the effect is a simple imitation of facial expressions.

3. People who frequently view TV crime shows consistently overestimate the frequency of crime in the real world.

4. When in a dilemma while choosing between two things, flip a coin for head and tail. What you wish while the coin is in air, is what you want to choose.

5. Dreams often reveal feelings that we've hidden or repressed, because dreams are a reflection of the unconscious mind, our emotional truth.

6. The cells in your body react to everything that your mind says. Negativity brings down your immune system.

7. If a girl asks you a question, it’s better to just give her the truth. Chances are she’s asking you as a result of she already is aware of the answer.

8. Smart people underestimate their intelligence, while less intelligent people will think they’re brilliant. Knowledge is knowing you know nothing.

9. When people in love stare into each other's eyes, their heartbeat syncs together.

10. Psychologically, we tend to ignore those who adore us and pay more attention to those who ignore us.

11. People with low self-esteem tend to persecute, bully, or humiliate others.

12. If you can’t stop your stream of thoughts at midnight, get up and write them down. Make a promise to your brain, you will think about it in the morning.

13. Memories triggered by scents are stronger than memories triggered by any other sense.

14. If you have a crush on someone, your brain will find difficulty to tell a lie to that person.

15. Depression is the direct result of overthinking. The mind tends to create problems that don’t even exist.

16. The people who try to keep everyone happy end up feeling the loneliest.

17. Being able to respond with sarcasm to a silly question is a sign of a healthy brain.

18. Convincing yourself you slept well tricks your brain into thinking you did.

19. By thinking one positive thought each morning, you will be able to psychologically trick your brain into being a happier person.

20. Research has found that good relationships play a more important role in longevity than exercise.

21. People who work as volunteers are significantly more satisfied with their lives than non-volunteers.

22. Smart people overly underestimate themselves, and ignorant people think they’re brilliant.

23. All memory is coloured with bits of life experiences. Memories get distorted over time and tend to contain false bits of information. The average human has a minimum of one false piece of memory.

24. That moment when you randomly feel depressed for no the particular reason may indicate that you’re actually missing someone.

25. Open-minded readers immediately share the post they agree with and find helpful.

                                                                                  Based on materials from 8Facts

25 Interesting Psychological Facts That You Didn't Know
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