22 Amazing Psychological Facts About Human Behaviour

22 Amazing Psychological Facts About Human Behaviour

Human behaviour is dictated by age, genetics, behaviour- driven by thoughts and feelings- revealing individuals attitudes and values. Other influences include authority, social environment, persuasion, coercion, and ethics.


We are Curious about Human brain and Psychological Facts about Human behaviour. It is Just so amazing and so interesting- How people, think, act, react. There’s such a mystery about us.

The human brain is so complex and we haven’t understood it’s power, it functions completely.

We have the list of a few amazing and interesting psychological facts about human behavior.

1. If someone asks you a question they usually don't ask, chances are they already know the answer. Learn to speak the truth. It will save your relationship.

2. People with low self-esteem are likely to humiliate others. In one study, people who were told that the results of their IQ test were poor expressed more racial and religious prejudices, than those who reported higher results.

3. Attractive people are not always sincere. People tend to favor those who are charming but looks can be deceiving.

4. Many believe that they will get others’ respect by giving respect. The truth is that people don’t respect people, people respect strength and people respect power. In giving respect, if you come across as weak, then you don’t get anyone’s respect.

5. Someone is being attacked in public and instead of helping the person, the crowd is just watching. This is known as the bystander effect. You are less likely to help someone if there are other people around.

6. Most people sincerely believe that their negative opinions regarding others are true, and have no connection with them and their self-confidence. In fact, the humiliation of others helped them restore their own self-esteem.

7. Speaking in a deeper voice helps to establish dominance over the person you are talking to.

8. If you keep your goals hidden from others, you are more likely to succeed. As this enhances your motivation to succeed. People shouldn't know about your every move. That way they won't interfere between you and your goals.

9. Not all risks are the same. A person can fearlessly jump from a parachute, but at the same time be afraid of his boss. A person can be good at training tigers but at the same time get scared to death when talking to a beautiful woman.

10. The behavior of people is affected by bodily sensations and feelings. There is a powerful association between “heaviness” and such options as “importance” and “seriousness”.

11. A woman can solely argue with somebody she actually cares for. Arguing less occurs when she’s less interested.

12. When people are making a buying decision, the more complex the decision to be taken is, the more people tend to leave things as they are. If the store has too much choice for people to make and people cannot immediately find out which products are better, most likely they will leave without buying.

13. People are more inclined to commit immoral acts when no one is checking on them and they do not have to answer to anyone.

14. Asking for advice is a powerful way to influence others and warm them to you.

15. Lying needs additional mental effort than telling the reality. A person who is lying uses more muscles because he/she has to keep in mind the truth at the same time as the lie in order to hide the truth.

16. When a bunch of individuals laughs, people will instinctively look at the person they feel closest to in that group.

17. Behavior and habits affect morality. People who lie more often will soon sink into deeper immorality than they were before they started lying.

18. Sometimes, the only way to yearn for someone's attention is to stop giving them yours. Some people love the attention and when it stops, they'll navigate their attention back towards you. The cycle then repeats.

19. Attractive and honest appearance can easily be misleading. People tend to trust appearance more than sincerity.

20. Your brain loves intimacy, be it emotional or physical. Intimacy makes the brain feel re-assured that ‘I am important, people value me, love me.’

21. Anger increases the desire of covetousness in people. People who make more effort to acquire material possessions tend to be associated with angry faces

22. When people work under the illusion they’re are being watched, they perform better and also behave better.

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22 Amazing Psychological Facts About Human Behaviour
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