How to Deal with Depression: 3 Natural Ways to Beat Depression

How to Deal with Depression: 3 Natural Ways to Beat Depression

Depression could be a mental disturbance that affects your mood. It makes you feel extremely sad and in pain even in happy situations. This affects you to the extent that your mind gets filled with negative thoughts as if there is no scope to find happiness. 

It becomes tough to consider something positive, to try to something that you simply love, to concentrate, to create choices. You don’t even feel like eating or sleeping and feel exhausted all the time despite doing nothing. You end up feeling worthless, helpless and hopeless to the extent that you feel like there is nothing you can do about it. Life goes out of track.

Suppressing it is more of like forcefully restraining yourself from feeling depressed. Unfortunately the more you try to suppress or forcefully try to end it, it does not go away (Just the way trying to forcibly get rid of cold or fever does not work). Instead, depression drags you deeper into its dark, painful world.

The most effective way to get out of Depression is Psychotherapy which a Psychologist can provide. Psychologists have in-depth knowledge and training regarding the mechanism of Depression due to which they can help you to manage your mood, emotions, and behavior to get back to your day to day life. Depending on the severity of the Depression, a Psychiatrist may prescribe medication to manage your mood and emotions.

 However, Psychotherapy is recommended to completely cure depression, especially Cognitive Behavior Therapy which has been proven by research to be the most effective approach for the treatment of depression.

How to Deal with Depression: Universal Tips.

There are actually a lot of things you can do to deal with depression—some are easy, some not so much. While being depressed usually discourage you to do anything difficult, you can start by doing the easy stuff. I’m going to list some suggestions about dealing with depression.

Bear in mind that these are not strictly THE ways to do it, but it should work one way or another. You can tackle these suggestions one-by-one and step-by-step. No need to rush, but you just have to keep moving, and keep this in mind: this too shall pass.


  • Go watch some funny YouTube videos. Effortless, readily available, and while you’re not really doing anything, at least you can have fun with yourself for a while.
  • If you’re done laughing, go check more “educational” videos about the topic you might be interested in. Learning something new is one of the keys to self-healing.
  • Get up and walk around the house, neighborhood or park—you’d probably have some more energy.


  • You’re doing it now. Getting up and getting out of your house.
  • Go find some nice scenery around your neighborhood or any interesting objects. Go take some pictures. Who cares if they suck, just take them.
  • Preferably you can try to stay around to look for the sunset. Else you can just stare at the trees. Approach them and touch their trunks or something like that. Do something modern people don’t do often. Oh yeah, by the way, if you are afraid people might be watching, you can always try to look for places with fewer people.
  • Go home when you’re done.


  • Try to think about the reason why you’re depressed, or what caused it. If you have to list down possible causes and things, do it. If not then that’s totally okay too. Your mileage should vary.
  • Try to recognize the main feeling that led you to depression—is it abandonment? Loneliness? Underappreciation? Betrayal? Exhaustion? Exasperation? Something would surely come up.
  • When you’re done thinking about it, try to sleep. Just try. It shouldn’t be easy, but try to sleep.

My suggestions here are not exactly profound or anything like that, but I do find it worked very well for me personally. Be really mindful though, when you’re beginning to realize the reason or thing that caused you to your depression, you might discover that they could be things you overlooked, like your home environment, school environment, relationship tensions, lack of appreciation from people you care the most or any combination of those things.

It won’t be easy, but I believe that knowing and identifying your problem would teach you how to deal with it in a more comprehensive manner, and in turn, would kill the problem eventually.

Whoever you are, you may feel like you are of no need to the world or you have nothing to live for. But please remember, you are unique in your own way and you can be of great need to world one day. YES, YOU CAN. IF NOT TO THE WORLD, YOU CAN BE PROUD TO YOURSELF.

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Ways to deal with depression are many but none may be effective to you. Because treating people with depression requires a holistic background of the individual and individual's own way to deal with it.

Rather than saying to you to contact the therapy or psychiatrist. I am gonna provide with my own way.

Make friends: Friends are the shittiest people you want to get in your life but remember no matter how much they mock or tease you, they will always help you in the time of need. They will help you with it. Contact them.

Acknowledge your strength: What are your strengths? Are you good at gaming? Are you good at partying? Are you good at chess? Are you good at doing make-up? Do those things and discard all the things in the bin that you don't like or you think you have weaknesses in. If you focus on your strength, people will most likely ask you for help and acknowledge you. You also will have increased confidence in yourself.

Be engaged: I assume most of the people in this 21st century have to work day to day jobs. For the time being, why not take some extra work or stay overtime? This will help you focus on work and your manager may find you working hard and promote you. If you love watching movies, why not watch movies regularly? If you like reading articles why not get a little bit more knowledge from everybody? Just stay engaged in your mind and body.

I know this intervention will be a little hard for you. But as your anonymous friend who had many friends who were experiencing depression. I just wanted to express my feelings and advice to somebody.
How to Deal with Depression: 3 Natural Ways to Beat Depression
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