How to Deal with Jealousy: 4 Best Ways to Deal with Jealousy

How to Deal with Jealousy: 4 Best Ways to Deal with Jealousy

Jealousy is a virus and the antidote for its eradication is Disassociation.
It’s about walking away from the self-destruction associated with this emotion that will chokehold you until you’re devoid of any belief that you can do better, be better or have any value at all.

How to Deal with Jealousy:

Jealousy comprises of 2 ingredients, Fear and Inadequacy. The moment you decide to take the matter in your hands is the moment there’s no substance to feed your fears.
It’s never about the other person but ALWAYS about who you believe you are and what you believe you deserve. Until you change your belief system, you will consciously allow your fears to jeopardize every relationship, friendship and opportunity in your life.
But I believe jealousy is one of the most important ingredients of life.
Although it makes us miserable if not handled properly. If we think a bit deeper, we will understand, what does jealousy come for?
Jealousy comes to tell us, we are missing something which other owns. Now it's up to us, what action we take for the missing stuff and cure it.

4 ways usually we can deal with jealousy :

1. Stop Shaming the Emotion

Jealousy isn’t a nasty feeling, however persistently we tend to|once we|after we} expertise the feeling we begin shaming ourselves for it. This leads us not being honest with ourselves about what’s wrong, we let the jealousy become hate and start acting irrationally. The first step, “Ah I’m feeling jealous, that’s okay.”

2. Exaggerate

After you have accepted the fact that you are jealous. Exaggerate your fear, so if you are afraid your girlfriend is cheating on you, imagine that she’s cheating on you with a hundred guys. Push it to the point where it’s utterly ridiculous. Now suppose to yourself “How will any of this result from me?”

3. Accept Impermanence

Accept that no matter what, all your relationships are temporary. If you're jealous of a persons' success, know that no one's success (not even yours) will be permanent. If you are worried about a cheating partner, know that your relationship will end one day and there’s nothing you can do about it. So just accept that nothing is guaranteed and no one owes you forever.

4. Laugh at Yourself

After all of this just laugh. Laugh that you want nice things. Laugh that you just suppose your partner has found somebody higher. Laugh at your insecurity. Life isn’t that serious.

Now:  How to Deal with Jealousy? What causes Jealousy?

Jealousy is a Signpost.

Jealousy is a signpost for the things that you want most in life. You don’t want your girlfriend cheating on you, that is just natural, you wish her and yourself to be happy and that would really mess things up.
You don’t wish others having a lot of success in a locality that you simply apprehend you may achieve success in addition.
In short, jealousy lets you know what your desires are, deep, deep down.
This is good if you meditate on the reasons for being jealous and then do something about it. It’s not if you don’t meditate about it and let it consume you.

About Success Jealousy.

Most of the days we have a tendency to become jealous as a result of we have a tendency to avoid our life’s work. If you are busy working for the things that you want, you’ll feel happy about other people’s success as you are on your way. But if you are not working and you see someone more successful than you on what you want to do, you’ll be reminded about your lack of discipline and you’ll get mad. It’s not always ‘the other person’ the problem, most of the times, it’s you being mad at yourself for not working on what you want.

About Relationships Jealousy.

When you are in a relationship, the same applies. There is continually aiming to be somebody higher than you. But there is never going to be someone just the same as you. Exploit that!

I’m sure that you have your inclinations, your tastes and so many things that are ‘so’ you. As long as you're employed in developing the distinctive individual that you simply square measure, you shouldn’t be jealous of others.
Now, jealousy is a toxic-acid-feeling, but the way to let go of it is to accept that it can happen, honestly, yeah, it could. But that is not your problem. As long as you are focusing on you on loving and on being awesome, if he or she cheats on you, it’s her or his problem. Not yours.
Separate the tasks in the relationship. Your job, as said, is to be as good as you can be, honestly, you owe it to yourself. Everything else doesn’t matter.
The next time you feel jealous. Accept it and focus on being cool yourself.
How to Deal with Jealousy: 4 Best Ways to Deal with Jealousy
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