21 Amazing Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life

21 Amazing Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life

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1. See someone on the street you don't want to talk to? Pretend to have a really serious phone call. Try to look angry/frustrated. When you reach the person, just wave or say a simple 'Hey'.

2. Wanna get whitening teeth? just use an inside of a banana peel and rub it slowly on the teeth and within some days you will be surprised with the result.

3. Trying to find your perfect partner? Just tell the police someone robbed you, and when they ask for a description just describe exactly the sort of person you find most attractive. They will get a bunch of them in the line up for you!

4. Worried about the battery drain of your phone? just remove the battery of the phone and clean the charging port by removing dust particles and fix the battery again. It will work wonder.

5. When receiving a call from someone that you don't want to talk to but must talk to, tell them at the beginning of the conversation that your phone battery is about to die. You are then free to hang up whenever you want without seeming rude.

6. If you get your phone wet, most damage plans won't cover a replacement. There are usually white stickers inside your phone that change color when wet that indicate water damage. Paint them over with white and take the phone back in person to get a new one.

7. If you have a flat tire, take a picture of it. Next time you want to skip an event or work, send the picture to the person you're skipping on and enjoy your free time.

8. If you're worried you're gonna throw up, your mouth usually fills with saliva a minute or two beforehand because the contents of your own stomach are harmful to your throat. It's a pretty good indication that you're gonna hurl.

9. To break the walnut easily, just keep it between the edge at the joint of the door and just close the door with a rapid pace and you are done.

10. Next time you leave a club or concert and your ears are ringing and you're having trouble hearing quieter noises, cover your ears with your palms with your fingers wrapped around the back of your head. Then use your first and middle fingers on each hand to sort of flick the back of your head a bunch of times. The ringing should mostly go away and your hearing will come back for a while.

11. If you are buying something online, register on the site, then add the item to your cart, then close the page. The next day you will most likely get an email that says you've forgotten something in your cart and it will include a promo code for a percent off.

12. When you do pullups, try to imagine yourself pulling your elbows down, not pulling your body up. It's a mental trick that can make them feel easier because it forces you to use the muscles in your back more.

13. To keep your clothes smelling clean, keep a bar of scented soap in the same compartment as your dirty laundry.

14. Want to know how to watch a movie with a huge group of friends, at the price of only two tickets? Two people buy tickets and enter the movie theatre. One person heads back outside with the two stubs and brings a third person in. The third person would then exit with both stubs and bring a fourth person in, and so on.

15. A very simple hack was going to Chipotle and charming that much older Hispanic lady. It made her feel VERY good and my god…that burrito was TWO meals!!

16. Auto insurance was terribly expensive for early 20 something men. I just bought a one-month policy, got the car inspected, then tagged. The policy would show an expiration 6 months out.

17. Free cable: When cable companies merely sent a single via analog, all that was necessary was to remove the signal scrambler in the cable utility box. Cable companies almost never audited the tags in the box comparing connections. I would get all channels not requiring a cable descrambler box.

18. Electricity about to be turned off due to non-payment. The simple strategy was to terminate the services voluntarily the day before shut off. Apartments are usually on a continuous service contract. The landlord would be informed that a new service provider is taking over. This worked perfectly in situations where I was in a financial fix.

19. Water about to be shut off. Solution: Park car over the water meter. This was not a permanent solution and eventually, the city will have a police officer out. It does very easily buy a week or two times to get a water account caught up.

20. Are you “sick” and you “unfortunately cannot attend work”? All you need now is to sound convincing. This is what to do: lie on your back while dangling your head over the edge of your bed, then call in sick for work. You'll sound congested and will get a free day to do what you want.

21. If you want a free book flip through it in the bookstore's Caffe until you find the magnetic sticker that activates the alarm, then pull it out.

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21 Amazing Life Hacks That Will Simplify Your Life
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