24 Surprising Psychological Facts About Personality

24 Surprising Psychological Facts About Personality

"Embrace your personality and make it better, it's futile to change your personality, your personality is who you are, if you feel your personality is negative then you haven’t evolved to be your best self."

We Just Found Some Surprising Psychological Facts About Personality.


1. Watching / listening to / observing some great human beings can keep even the most egoistic human beings humble.

2. 99.99% of the time, you will not be able to fool a ‘clever’ woman. In a couple of meetings, she will know you like the back of her hand.

3. It’s almost a certainty that a woman is not going to like you if you say ugly things about her own mother.

4. Your personality is formed by the time you reach 20. There’s little scope to change after that. Changes thereafter are brought by great/painful efforts.

5. No one will bother about you if you can’t get up on your own after falling. They will be ready to pick you in their arms if you can get up all alone thrice.

6. A woman who is terrified of a man is perhaps never going to love him.

7. Personality is related to ego. You don't want to change your personality since it compromises your ego.

8. There’s no better way to win the favor of someone than to praise him/her.

9. The mind always adopts relativity. You feel fat in front of slimmer people and feel thin in front of fatter. You feel richer among amidst poor people and feel poor in the company of a rich man. It’s our inherent tendency to compare. We need a reference to judge ourselves.

10. Your personality is an outcome of how the world around sees you, and it starts from childhood. Handsome kids are often more confident than those who are not so handsome. The latter gets low attention from individuals, and so they are a bit less confident.

11. Nearly 12% of the world’s populace has some kind of personality disorder. (narcissistic, anti-social, obsessive-compulsive, etc.

12. Many people don’t believe it but it’s a fact that music can rewire your thought process. Just trust it and give it some time to prove its worth. Music can become one big inspiration and a change-agent.

13. An ugly person with confidence is always more charming than a beautiful and hopeless person.

14. Generosity and empathy are qualities in our personality which the opposite gender finds most attractive.

15. Your ability to change things around is perhaps the biggest booster to your spirits.

16. An insecure childhood often makes an individual more aggressive when he/she grows up.

17. Loving children is a quality (in men) that no woman can ever hate. Be supremely kind and loving to children, and the woman would surely going to like you. On the flip side, you stand no chance if you misbehave with a child for once.

18. Men who have seen injustice against women in their childhood tend to grow more sympathetic about women.

19. If you mimic the way others express themselves in a subtle manner, they will be comfortable with you.

20. People trust you. They believe in whatever you show them. You show them you are a winner and they will believe in you. No one has time to explore your in-depth, and perhaps no one gives that much damn. People wish to love productive individuals, individuals wish to hold out with productive souls. You behave like one, and you’re pretty much on the money.

21. If eligible women are less in number, most men will try to become what eligible women want them to become.

22. Romantic people are those who connect with life primarily through feelings as opposed to logic. They experience life with greater intensity and are often more creative in expressing their love.

23. Many people who don’t smile don’t know that it’s the most remarkable tool to become successful. The bonus is that it comes for free. On average, a smiling person would have it way too easier than the unsmiling one.

24. If you are someone who has his or her own plans (while still fitting others into the schedule), they will hate you a little, but respect you for your independence.

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24 Surprising Psychological Facts About Personality
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