7 Powerful Ways to Develop Mental Toughness

7 Powerful Ways to Develop Mental Toughness

We live in world surrounded by almost 9 billions people and everyone is striving for their own purpose and battling own fight, no wonder how caring and helpful people seems they always have own things to obtain and afford, as saying goes there is nothing important than focusing and resolutions for own success , in part of the this process we humans are involved and along the way strange things can happens we meet some sort of adversity, bottlenecks ,stress, and negative occurrence however if we didn't mentally prepared we might see blur in our way,


Long story short just realize below points this will help us to enhance mental toughness.

1. Know Yourself, Know Your Reason.

Cold shower, operating until late night, tilt with somebody or fight or face interview. Your mind feel discomfort and take bit of time to make mind to face it. Mind is structured to resist discomfort. But it will embrace if it is aware of why it should face it.

Self awareness about yourself is helpful. When you know yourself and your reasons to face the discomforts, you take the first step to mentally get prepared to face discomfort. So, have your honest reasons to face any discomfort or fear.

2. Forget what other people think.

Live life by your own rules. Quit seeking approval from others. It doesn’t matter what they think. If they have a problem with you or resent your success, that’s their problem to deal with, not yours. Learn the power of the word “no”. Stop expression affirmative to everything merely to please others. If you can’t do something or if it goes against your plans, goals, or believes you need to say no. Hold your ground and don’t budge. People will have to respect you or move on.

3. Suck it up and don’t complaint.

No one likes a whiner or complainer. Next time things don’t go your approach, keep your comments and trash-talk to yourself.

Because once you start, it can be hard to stop and becomes a negative downward spiral. One issue that folks do search for in others in humility, to take that route instead.The positive feelings will help you recover quickly and get back at it.

4. Start small.

To prepare yourself mentally tough, you need to collaborate multiple layers of toughness. That is you cannot face all your fears, discomforts all at once. You can take them one by one. Start small. Because a small amount of discomfort is tolerable to mind. This way is wide employed in physical exercise or coaching. Like if you are comfortable to do 10 push ups, then you may able to do even 12–13 push ups easily. The muscles pain would be tolerable for your mind. So face discomforts in small amounts and add it in increment.

5. Learn and Experience.

Listen others and their experiences, observe their thoughts and opinions. Mind believes in what other says. Your experience to face a situation gets better. Others experiences allow you to learn from them and mentally prepare to face similar situation. You can also read books as you gain some knowledge and your mind feels prepared and confident to face.

6. Meditate.

It makes your mind calmer and less stressed. It may not seem like a big thing but it really helps to improve mental toughness. Like iron is strong. But if it is in melting temperature (stressed), it becomes easier to break and shape it in any form. Keep your mind calm with meditations and mindfulness techniques. It help you to stay focused, confident and productive in whatever you do.

7. Visualize yourself as tough.

There is a stereotype believe that mentally robust suggests that no emotions. Being cold. It is false. Tough means prepared to face any situation with a control on your emotions. Mind is full of thoughts. Take control of your thoughts and visualize your success over any fear, discomfort. It boosts confidence and encourage you to face any problem from front.
Remember you cannot stop anything from happening. There are things in life you cannot control. But you can control and decide how you respond if things not go your way.

Most importantly always refuse to any negative emotion scumb to you sometime not always justice will prevails and you will win however learn to thirve in hostile world ultimately where your thought directs it will reflect your attitude and control the situations!
7 Powerful Ways to Develop Mental Toughness
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