8 Best Ways to Overcome Laziness

8 Best Ways to Overcome Laziness

Laziness/procrastination is normally related to the absence of a strategy. You have to line a daily routine, with long term goals. That’s key to overcome procrastination and to make every second count.

Do your most important task first.

Every day, when you look at what you have to do, make sure you do the most important task on your agenda first. Before you even think about opening your emails or logging into social media.

Even the night before, make sure you know which task requires your attention first up, so you don’t have to procrastinate on choosing.

Just get it out of the way. Then you can take a break, knowing that you have already done a huge amount of work or completed a task that you have been dreading, but was super important.

After that, you will be feeling more motivated to keep going with the rest of your day and probably get a lot more done than you expect!

Here are some Best Ways to Overcome Laziness.

1. Wake up early.

 - You’ll have more time to start new things. Maintain that habit and your productivity will increase as you never have seen before;

2. Remove distractions.

 - Stop everything that is pointless. Don’t live for social media. Experience real-life moments;

3. Set your goals.

- Define, write and place it during a place wherever you'll be able to see them every single day. Track your progress, evaluate, change strategy if necessary. Don’t give up. Give a break, but don’t quit;

4. Learn every single day.

- A new word, a book, a chapter, an article. A new online course. Don’t ever move to sleep while not learning one thing new. Totally new. The knowledge’s like compounding interest, in the end, you’ll be rich;

5. Have a daily exercise routine.

 - It will help you clear up your mind. And it will definitely help you to endure the everyday struggle. Also feels good to be in better physical shape;

6. Don’t waste time.

 - Even in your breaks, try to make something productive. Fun…and is also meaningful. Set deadlines but don’t be too hard on yourself;

7. Get out of your comfort zone.

 - Whether it is something difficult, or a long-lasting task: face your fears. Start today. Do one thing that excites you and at an equivalent time you have got no clue of however you’ll execute;

8. Quality comes from quantity.

 - Do it again. Practice. Be relentless and never give up. Nobody can knock you down unless you let them.

The hardest part is actually starting. Our reluctance to start is usually based on the unconscious correlation made between the task and our experience of it. We are basically negatively reinforcing the experience in our minds (the reinforcement is commonly made with negative emotion). When we make these negative associations between the task our potential experience of it, we are less likely to start. Think about what you are planning on doing and focus on the positive aspects of the action. Think about the outcome, the experience, and the self-betterment as a result of the action. Make the task feel fun or appear fun and your motivation can increase.
8 Best Ways to Overcome Laziness
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