10 Habits To Build To Become Mentally Strong

10 Habits To Build To Become Mentally Strong

We have a list of 10 things that can help you become mentally strong. Strangely if you DON’T DO these things you will be mentally strong.

1. Don’t waste time feeling sorry for yourself: Self-pity keeps you focused on the problem and gets in the way of finding a solution or accepting the problem. Do not exaggerate the misfortune that you are going through. Hardship is inevitable; feeling sorry for yourself is a choice. The easiest way to avoid feeling sorry is to catch yourself when you feel that and be grateful for a couple of things.

2. Don’t be a victim: Playing the victim may get you attention and sympathy. Once you start to getting used to attention and sympathy, it is an addiction. You will continue to wallow there. Remember no one has power over the way you behave.

3. Don’t waste energy on things that you can’t control: Worrying and wishful thinking does not solve problems. They are drain on mental energy. Worry is simply a tax on mental energy on unearned misery. Find things that you can do and devote your mental energy to doing something.

4. Don’t go about trying to please everyone: The truth is you can’t. Trying to make everyone happy is a sure drain on mental energy. And if you can’t you will suffer from guilt. Live an authentic life in accordance to your values.

5. Don’t fear taking risk: Emotions cloud your judgement and comes in the way of your ability to take the risk. If something is uncertain or scary, cooly analyse the pros and cons or the trade-offs in taking the risk. Take a decision based on a combination of emotion and logic. Once committed to a decision, immediately embark on some specific action immediately. Do not procrastinate and don’t go back to analysis-paralysis mode.

6. Don’t dwell on the past: You can keep regretting the past or even romanticise about things that happened in the past. You may yearn for things that happened in the past. If you can learn from the past, that’s great. Write out the learning in a journal and then close the past. Try to make peace with the past. It may not come about instantly, but a constant endeavour to move away from the past will help.

7. Don’t be envious about other people’s success: If you have a clear understanding of your definition of success and what it means to you, you are unlikely to be envious. Your envy gets in the way from putting in efforts and reaching your goals. Further envy gives you a warped sense of trying to justify why others succeeded. It squanders mental energy.

8. Don’t think that the world owes you something: All of us have been dealt with an unfair hand. You may feel that you deserve better, but remember that it is your view. And the view doesn’t have any basis. Many a time we believe that just because one has put in effort, one should deserve success. It may be a fair expectation, but if you think you are entitled to success and rewards then you will be disappointed.

9. Don’t link failure to self-worth: Not trying at all or giving up after the first attempt will prevent you from reaching your potential. Even when you feel embarrassed, rejected or ashamed, hold your head high and refuse to let lack of success define you as a person. Focus on improving your skills and be willing to try again after you fail.

10. Don’t expect immediate results: Changes in behaviour, habits take time. It involves constant attention and regular work. Expecting immediate results just leads to disappointment.

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We all go through difficult times and some of them can be debilitating. Being mentally strong gives you the resilience. Ask yourself regularly whether there are opportunities for growth.
Try to be a better person today than you were yesterday.
10 Habits To Build To Become Mentally Strong
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