Saturday, November 23, 2019

18 Clever Life Hacks You'll Wish You Knew About Sooner

These Life hacks are so easy and effortless.

1. Add keychain to zipper head and loop over button on zippers when they're heavy or get stuck easily

2. If you can't get a stripped screw out, use a rubber band to get a better grip with your screwdriver.

3. Is your toothpaste tube getting low? Use a bobby pin to squeeze out every last bit.

4. If you want to watch Netflix in bed or while washing dishes, use a few Command hooks for a cheap and easy display.

5. Microwave not big enough for two bowls at once? Use a mug!

6. Want to cook two pizzas at once? Here's how to get both to fit.

 7. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to improvise a sprinkler, just stick a hose into a plastic bottle with some holes punched into it.

8. Annoyed that your Post-its always curl up? You've been pulling them off all wrong.

9. If you're drilling into drywall and making a mess, stick a Post-it underneath to collect the dust (instead of having to vacuum later).

10. You can top off the oil in your car without a funnel. Just use a screwdriver.

11. If your butter is too cold to spread, use a cheese grater.

12. freeze milk in ice cube forms so it won't spoil and quickly cool down your tea to drinking temperature.


13. Ice cream scooper can be used to drop eggs into boiling water, without splashing.


14. Heating up for winter


15. Low budget crossbars


16. McDad Hack: poke a hole in your kids milk bottle lid for a (virtually) spill free experience


17. How to drain pasta: i have been doing this wrong my entire life