5 Advanced Ways to Become Emotionally Strong

5 Advanced Ways to Become Emotionally Strong

You can not become emotionally strong in a day. It is a process. It depends on your habits, surrounding and your behavior. Emotion is a part of human, the major difference between robots and humans is Emotion. And showing emotion is good sometimes but i feel it should be in control and with in the limit.

5 Advanced Ways to Become Emotionally Strong

Emotional stability comes from being mature. And most importantly comes from having the mental framework to be objective about one's own emotions while facing them. For example, someone might make you very angry, but you should have the mental framework to observe yourself getting angry, curtail any action that you might take in haste and isolate the cause from effect, study the situation and then be true to yourself without letting your emotions get to you. 

In order to make yourself emotionally stronger rather i say emotionally better you need to change few habits and realize something;
1. Change priorities towards people: Usually we over react or respond to some people because we will have so many expectation on few. When they reach we thrill when they don’t we get angry. So don’ t think much about others, people come and go in life. There are only few people throughout in your life they are Parents and Wife/Husband Children. Apart from that all others friends/relative are temporary some point of the time because of geographical location or time zones you will be out of contact with them.

2. Understand Importance: Before reacting or responding to something please think once whether it is worth to respond. Like some people in your close friends ignored for some party or get together there is no point in feeling bad about that. Just think that it is their wish, so you nothing to do with that. let them ignore you but you don’t change some point in their life they realize. Even if they don’t still it is immaterial to you.

3. Don’t adjust in everything: People think that they are getting adjusted to everything so they are good. but it is vice versa. When you don’t like it or you can not handle that please leave that why you have force yourself just in order to make others comfortable. Unnecessary it stores in background that, I adjusted a lot of times for that person now he/she not at all adjusting to make me comfortable. But its your mistake, did anyone forced you to adjust will people in life.

4. Nothing is permanent: I think some point in your life you realize that nothing is permanent, people or things. Today all your emotions your showing towards one person make not be in touch with after few days, just it is temporary. Even parents also some point of time you should leave them and move on. So only the thing or person will be there with through out and you need to satisfy him/she is YOU. so Live as per your comfort. Make sure that you are comfortable through out. Don’t think much of others.

5. Help the people whom you don’t know: If you are helping some one known person there more chance that you expect something in return wither respect/money/relation or something which makes you feel happy. So it is completely wrong because when you don’t get from them you feel really bad. Suppose you are helping some un known person then your expectation in return is Zero and it is KARMA. You will get some help from unknown in future and you will be very happy for that.
Be cool, be comfortable, be casual and Say NO.
Showing emotions to the person who deserves is worth but showing towards non-worthy person is your stupidity.

5 Advanced Ways to Become Emotionally Strong
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