9 Easy Daily Habits to Become More Smarter

9 Easy Daily Habits to Become More Smarter

The movie “Forrest Gump”. There was a great line in the movie —

“Stupid is as stupid does”

In case you don’t know, Gump’s line means you are what you do. In other words, it doesn’t matter how intelligent you think you are or are supposed to be, if you consistently do dumb things, you’re still Dumb.
A Professor lady loved a guy too much. She got married with that guy. But after Sometime that Guy left her in middle. She was mad in his love because that time she didn't know him very well. She took the decision blindly. This is immature decision. This is dumbness. This is madness.
Because she knew “how to love" but she didn't know “who to love"
Some People takes decision by asking someone else and then do regret after taking it, that's not cool.

You are the smart if you takes your own decision by Yourself and doesn't regret after taking it.
Many times My father remains confuse in taking any decision then I help my father to take some tough decisions . Sometimes I fail and Sometimes I learn but I doesn't Regret. I observes that where I did mistake and what to do next so it will not happen again.
Every time when you take hard decision of your life and you knows “what will happen next” and “how to react then" makes you Smart.
- If you knows “how to love” then you are wise but if you knows “who to love" then you are Smart.

- If you knows “how to speak" then you are wise but if you knows “where to speak" then you are Smart.

- If you knows “which knowledge to apply” but if you know “where to apply” then you are Smart.

Your mistakes makes you wise but how you learn from them makes you “Smart"
Your tough situations makes you wise but how you handles those situations makes you “Smart”
Every misstep is an opportunity to learn a lesson, improve, and move forward.
If a 50 year old man doesn't able to know how to deal with a problem then he is not smart and if a 10 year old child can handle that problem wisely then he's Smart.
Smartness doesn't mean how old you are it means that how long you are struggling with your Problems.
"It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer".    - Albert Einstein
9 Easy Daily Habits to Become More Smarter

There is no medicine to make you Smart except your Positive attitude towards life.
Many People listed 10 or more things from google or anywhere for gaining appreciation but sadly they themselves don't follows those Points. If I will make a list of 10 or more things then you will only read this, we know. No one will implement those Points in their life. Exercising, reading ,Meditation these things doesn't make you Smart. but I will make a list of 9 that will help you.
- The main thing You need to do is to Change your Attitude towards Your life.

- You need to spend time with Yourself.

- You need to create the habit of Struggling with your Problems longer.

Your “Not giving up” attitude makes you Smart.
Your “I'm the best" attitude makes you Smart".
Your “I can do it” attitude makes you Smart.
Smart Attitude Produces Smart Actions and Right Actions Produces Smart Results.
A bad Attitude towards life is like a Flat tire. If you don't change it , you'll never go anywhere.
Taking a tough decision is your wiseness but when you knows that it is going to fail and you have the Power to convert this decision into the Greatest decision of your life is the Smartness and only one Person can do this is only “You".
Smartness can't define by your hairs, dimples, Sexy figure . It can be defined by taking a tough decision and make it the Smartest decision of your life.

9 Easy Daily Habits to Become More Smarter

Become a better listener - spend time listening to nature. Spend more time listening to those around you. Create the habit of speaking only when you have something positive and of value to contribute.

Write - most people don’t find writing to be a pleasurable experience, but I promise it’s a valuable exercise. Write about anything. Whether it’s about a discussion you recently had regarding climate change or a reflection of a fond memory you have from your younger years. The process of taking pen/pencil to paper has a significant impact on the brain and helps us to retain the information we document.

Invest more time with balcony friends - there are primarily two types of people in our lives: basement & balcony. Basement friends are the ones who we tend to have a lot of fun with, but may not make the best decisions together. With these friends, we take a few steps backwards or down. Conversely, there are also balcony friends in our lives. These are the people who inspire us to be our best selves. Our balcony friends may challenge us at times but at the end of the day they want what is best for us and do whatever they can to help us to elevate our game.

Read more - There is not much description needed here. Pick up that book you bought two years ago. Download Audible. Read the morning newspaper or a journal that piques your interest!

Take a class - We’re never too old for school. Whether it’s an improv class to help with public speaking or a business class at a local community college to deepen your understanding of accounting, sign up. Developing a growth-mindset is crucial as is lifelong education.

Seek novelty - Trying something new can be invigorating for the brain. Recently I bought a camera and have decided to get into photography. Now, by no means am I wildly talented or knowledgeable, but my skills are steadily improving. Additionally, it’s allowing me to learn something new that is completely independent from my education/work!

Sleep - When we sleep our brain cells expand and in-turn, toxins are flushed out. When we are awake, this same process occurs but at a much slower rate. Therefore, it is essential that we prioritize sleep so that we can eliminate the waste and recharge our brains for improved memory/retention as well as overall functioning.

Play games - Whether it’s board games, video games or an intramural sport, it is very important we take the time to play everyday. Most games involve some level of strategy and problem solving, which are each invaluable as well as transferable skills in the real world.

Be mindful - This can be achieved through several actions: morning walks, meditation, running, weight training, praying, etc. Whatever works for you is wonderful. The most important part is that you DO it. Take the 15–30 minutes necessary to find yourself living in the present. This may not increase your IQ, but it will allow you to make better, more sensible decisions which will expose your true intelligence.
9 Easy Daily Habits to Become More Smarter
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