10 Attractive Things About Women Men Can’t Resist

10 Attractive Things About Women Men Can’t Resist

Like some others have said, attraction is not exactly the same as relationship choices.

Attraction is more about getting someone’s attention and making the guy want the woman on a biological level.

However, functionally, living in a society, pure physiological attraction is not the be all end all of relationships, nor is it purely physiological, nor is even physiological attraction wholly and exclusively based on sexual things. It’s just not. Not even for men.

1. Modesty

No one likes the person who is always blowing their own trumpet. The same goes for guys when they are talking with a woman they are potentially considering asking out.

Leaving something to mystery is very intriguing and will cause a guy to want to find out more about you if he is interested.

It’s great if a guy is still finding out fresh and interesting things about you, even after you’ve known each other for a few months.

This helps to keep things interesting, and he will also think that there is depth to your character. Not telling everything about yourself straight away also shows you are confident enough in yourself not to feel the need to tell him all the wonderful things about you.

2. Witty & sensible

Whatever women do they must do twice as good as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult! A witty woman is a treasure and being witty is an attractive feature. Being sensible enough to to have a good conversation is a great trait.

3. Attitude and kindness

Attitude is everything. A woman who treats others well irrespective of their position, wealth or any other incentives is truly awesome. Being kind is an exceptional quality. Mean girls go far in high school but kind women go far in life. Being kind is the best gift that you could give someone.

4. Ambitious and passionate

Unstoppable ambition in a woman is damn attractive. Being ambitious says a lot about you. It defines you both personally and professionally. Passion in energy. Having something that you are truly passionate about is a great quality.

5. Women who are more feminine

Modern Feminist have made feminine nature a thing of shame. Men and women are not same, we both are equally beautiful and beautifully different.

Men are attracted to women who unlike Modern Feminists respect the differences between both the genders, and don’t think that they are superior to men.

Masculine and Feminine are two polar opposite energies and spark of attraction can be there only when this polarity is maintained.

6. Kindness

Men are more attracted to people who are good to them. Most men have to fight or work for everything they get. Beauty is subjective. Show up one day and hand him a plate of cookies, and you’ll suddenly be a lot prettier to that guy. He will also be thinking about those cookies for years. It’s not a common thing.

7. Dignity

Call it conventional or old school or downright Conservative. But, there is nothing more beautiful than a well dressed woman. It's your life, its your choice. Totally give it to you. But, so is mine.

8. Style

Some men are not that good when it comes to following the latest fashion trends, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t care about the way a girl looks. Your style can be a decisive factor for introducing himself to you because every man has his opinion on how his dream girl should look. Some will not dare to approach a girl with bright hair while others are conversely repelled by clichés. This is why one should never adjust to other people’s tastes — you won’t be able to be equally liked by everyone.

9. Emotional intelligence

Knowing to behave according to the setting she's in. You cannot change everyone around you as per your requirements. But, you can definitely fake it for a while, dust it under the rug and avoid a scene.

10. Sense of Humor

When describing a perfect girl you will always find such a point as a sense of humor. The research only proves that girls who can make funny jokes and understand them as well seem to be more attractive. Those who don’t possess this set of qualities are not considered to be as lovable.

Do you know what attracts men to women?

Illustrated by Łukasz Gos.

based on materials from brightside.
10 Attractive Things About Women Men Can’t Resist
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