10 Pointless Things We Do Every Day

10 Pointless Things We Do Every Day

It feels like life is filled with contradictions. We all work hard and have our own little ways to try to solve our everyday problems, but sometimes we end up creating more problems than what we started with. We all need to take a closer look at ourselves and stop doing things that just aren’t accomplishing anything.

We are shedding a light on all the things we do that are really utterly pointless (and that we should hopefully stop doing).

1. Using a tote bag when shopping if you are already buying a lot of plastic items

2. Spending more time choosing a new television show to binge-watch, than actually watching one

3. Worrying about tests or applications after they’ve been submitted

4. Having a low-fat drink with pie and cookies

5. Closing your Facebook and then immediately clicking back in

6. Leaving the television on just for background noise

7. Leaving empty food containers in your cupboard and in the fridge

8. Checking the fridge to see if new food magically appears

9. Pressing the buttons on a dead remote control when it really just needs new batteries

10. Honking your horn while you are stuck in traffic

What are some other pointless things you do every day? Please share them with us in the comments
10 Pointless Things We Do Every Day
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