10 Psychological Facts That Can Show You the Naked Truth About Life

10 Psychological Facts That Can Show You the Naked Truth About Life

Human psychology is something we still don’t know a lot about. Scientists have barely even scratched the surface of it. But at this point, we already know of ways to improve our self-esteem by simply watching a soccer match, sparking our creativity, or increasing our chances of building a successful relationship.

1. It only takes 3 hours to convince a person they’ve committed a murder.

And violence is not even necessary to accomplish this, it all can happen in a friendly atmosphere of conversation that looks a lot like an interview.
Many people know that when remembering some events, we rewrite the memory of them every time. Research shows that if an interviewer knows some details of a person’s life, then during a conversation, by adding several fake ideas and using special techniques for rewriting memories, it is possible to convince someone that they are a murderer.

Most people who took part in this experiment were convinced that they had memories of stealing something, assaulting people in their teenage years, or that they had injuries that they actually never had.

2. In order to push yourself to make a change, ask yourself, “Will I do this?” 

If you want to motivate yourself to make some changes, like start a diet, stop smoking, or spend more time with your child, don’t give yourself an order like, “Now I run every morning, “I’m going to spend less time online.” Ask yourself a question, “Will I do this?” If you don’t feel any internal pressure and you can just discuss this problem with yourself, you might have the urge to act. According to a psychologist, Ibrahim Senay, by asking questions, you make your mind work on creating motivation.

3. An average school student of the 21st century has the same amount of anxiety as a patient in a mental institution at the beginning of the 1950s. 

Every decade, anxiety in children and adults is growing. And there are several reasons for that:

We don’t sense social constraints as much as we used to — we change our jobs very often, we rarely take part in any religious and other social organizations, we get married later, and we spend much more time alone;

We want a lot of things like wealth and a perfect relationship, but we have unrealistic ideas of what we should look like and how our partner should behave;

We receive too much bad news, especially about accidents and wars from the news, which makes us feel like the world is a dangerous place.

4. In order to be creative, you don’t need to have good ideas, you need to have a lot of ideas. 

Researchers found out that if people were paid for the number of suggested ideas and not for the quality, the results were better. But only in the case that they had little time to rest. And the recipe for being creative was the following: create as many ideas as you can, even the worst ones, after that, let yourself forget about them for a while and do something completely different for about 20 minutes. And after the break, return to the task.

5. If you want to find love, take a dog with you when you’re going on a date. 

If you show up for a date with a dog, your chances of success increase by a lot. People feel a lot more confident when they approach an attractive person who has a dog beside them.

A study conducted in Brittany, France, showed that girls are 3 times more inclined to give their phone numbers to men who have dogs. And in general, people walking with animals appear to be more trustworthy.

6. When your favorite team wins, your self-esteem improves. 

As it turns out, people like watching sports for a reason: it has a positive influence on their self-esteem. Every time your favorite team wins, your mood improves dramatically for about 2 days. And when a team loses, it doesn’t have any drastic impact.

And it is much better to watch sporting events with other people. In this case, the joy of winning increases, and if a team loses, it’s easier to deal with.

7. In order to memorize something, it’s better to draw than to write. 

Drawing is more effective for memorizing things than taking notes, visualization, or looking at pictures. And you don’t have to be talented: even primitive pictures can help you memorize things much better.

This is especially useful for elderly people: this way, they can maintain a good memory.

8. Keeping a diary can improve your physical health. 

People who have eating disorders or who suffer from depression can benefit a lot from making everyday entries into personal diaries. Having a diary can make your immune system stronger, help you deal with stress, and even decrease the symptoms of asthma. And there is one more important advantage: you have a chance to think about your mistakes in order to avoid making them in the future and also discover the pleasure of remembering forgotten moments of the past.

And you don’t have to write a lot: it’s enough to write just a couple of sentences every day, preferably around the same time. These notes will help you express your feelings and analyze situations.

9. A 20-minute walk in the park will make you happier. 

Contact with nature makes us feel calm and gives us emotional comfort. People who spend at least 20 minutes per day in a park feel more satisfied with their lives. And it doesn’t matter what you do in the park: jog or just walk.

10. Some people may be afraid of happiness. 

The fear of being happy may be present in people who had some sort of personal tragedy during a time when they were happy. This is why they subconsciously expect something bad from happy moments and they do all they can to avoid them. These people may believe that they are introverts and they avoid going to parties and other pleasant events, but in fact, they are not scared of being other people, they’re just scared of the chance to feel happy.
10 Psychological Facts That Can Show You the Naked Truth About Life
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