15 Impressive Psychological Tricks That Will Be Useful To Know

15 Impressive Psychological Tricks That Will Be Useful To Know

There are several hacks and tricks in the subject that people can benefit from, in applying to their own lives. These tricks are used vastly in general Psychology, but even a common man can apply them to his everyday life.

We are going to tell you some of the Useful Psychological Tricks That will Give You An Upper Hand When Dealing With People.

1. The Key To Confidence: 

Confidence attracts people. Whenever you walk into a room, assume that everyone already likes you. This will increase your confidence exponentially.

2. Make Someone Do What You Want To Do: 

Offer someone a choice instead of a command. For eg, instead of saying drink your milk to a kid, ask which mug he/she like to drink milk from. This gives the person a sense of control hence producing a higher chance of better outcome.

3. While Convincing Someone: 

Make sure in most cases that the person you are trying to convince is sitting and you are standing. This makes them believe you sooner. That is because everyone as a student accepted what their teacher said in the classroom while they were seated and the teacher was standing in front of them. Sub consciously, when you make this arrangement, they somehow assume that in a way you will be correct.

4. Find Out If Someone is Attracted To You: 

If someone is attracted to you, their eyes start blinking more than usual during a conversation with you.

5. When Asking Someone A Question: 

Get them to agree with you by simply nodding your head. The action makes them start to think that what you’re saying is true and they should nod “yes” too, since our behaviors are social.

6. If You Want To Know Something From Someone: 

Ask them a question and when they are done answering, keep silent and maintain eye contact. They will tell you some additional stuff, almost everything.

7. Kill Boredom: 

Whenever you are curious about something, write it down. This way, whenever you're bored, you’ll have an entire list if things to learn about.

8. Want To Sit Alone in Public Transportation?

If want to sit alone in public transportation. wear a face masks and keep coughing loudly when ever you see someone approaching near you. people will usually avoid sitting near you and you will have your privacy!

9. Leader Hack: 

If you want others to think of you as a leader, never act surprised to anything. That way people will assume that you already know a lot and are well versed in everything.

10. Franklin Effect: 

If you ask someone to do a small favor, cognitive dissonance will make them believe that because they did that favor, they therefore must like you!

11. Overcoming Procrastination: 

If you feel like procrastinating on something, tell yourself that you will do 5 minutes of the task. You will find yourself wanting to do more, because you overcome what is called procrastination anxiety.

12. Hard To Stay Awake? 

Drink two drinks: one hot and one cold. The combination stimulates the senses in your brain and you’ll stay awake.

13. Know When You’re Getting Tricked: 

If you think someone is giving you a fake number, read it back to them incorrectly. If they correct you, it’s legit.

14. Rock Paper Scissors: 

Become a champion at rock paper scissors by asking a question right before starting the game. Then right away begin into the “rock paper scissors” chant, they’ll almost always defensively throw scissors!

15. To be More Interesting, Ask Questions and Relate Your Experiences: 

People talk too much about themselves to try to be interesting to someone in a conversation. Ask people open-ended questions about themselves, let them talk, and then make a statement that relates your life to theirs "Wow, that's really interesting because x, y and z." If you ask too many questions without anything else people feel like they're being interviewed, if you only make statements or talk about yourself people feel like you're just waiting for chances to talk about yourself and relying on them for the conversation to move forward.

Do you know any useful psychological trick or hack that will make your life easier?
15 Impressive Psychological Tricks That Will Be Useful To Know
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