15 Smart Social Life Hacks That Actually Work

15 Smart Social Life Hacks That Actually Work

In the course of your life, you will meet different kinds of people. With some, you are going to get along. With others, not so much. It usually depends on personality, psychology, and behavior.

1. Host parties. Invite everybody you know. Whether or not anybody knows you particularly well, you will seem popular. Furthermore, everybody likes having something to do on weekends, whether or not they actually end up going.

2. Do favors for others. Most people have conscience and feelings of remorse and embarrassment, so use it for your benefit. They will feel obligated to help you.

3. If you want to kiss a girl, but you are not sure whether she wants to, try touching her without making it look on purpose. For example, you sit next to each other, place your leg so it is touching hers slightly. If she removes the leg, she ain't interested, but if she seems at peace with you two slightly touching, 9/10 times, you can kiss her.

4. “When strong, avoid them. If of high morale, depress them. Seem humble to fill them with conceit. If at ease, exhaust them. If united, separate them. Attack their weaknesses. Emerge to their surprise.” Everyone has a weak spot, so use it.

5. Learn to not say “sorry” during conflict but acknowledge what you did wrong, and say “I won’t let it happen again.”

6. To succeed in this world, you must appear “authentic” to not scare off others and you must never make crass remarks because most individuals are hypersensitive and much prefer to exist in their own comfort zone bubbles. You must be exceptionally good at getting along with people and with fitting in like you always belonged in any group of people. Nobody will hire you or trust you as a leader if your social skills are repugnant — universities now offer “communications” as a Bachelor’s degree, hence we are on the verge of an epidemic.

7. Facts don’t care about feelings, yet most people function solely on emotions, so you have to adapt to people’s irrational mentalities and play on those strings.

8. If you have the money, be generous with it. Buy an appetizer for the table. Buy the pitcher of beer people can split. It’s a little bit of money, but it makes you seem like the nicest guy in the world.

9. You are responsible for your own happiness. Not your mother, father, significant other, your boss, etc.

10. Think someone is trying to manipulate you? You can only let a person manipulate you if you let it happen.

11. You owe no one an explanation. It doesn’t matter if its a friend, family member, or the significant other. It doesn't matter.

12. Stop paying attention to what everyone else is doing. A swimmer once said, if you ever look back during a race, you’ll end up losing.

13. Address people by their name if you want to gain their attention. It is something to be said about a person who says “bro, you won’t believe what happened” versus saying “David, you won’t believe what happened.” Which sounds better?

14. If your partner decides to cheat on you, it has nothing to do with you. He or she already made up their mind ages ago.

15. Complaining does nothing but cause more headache. You ever heard of someone getting a promotion via complaints? Probably not.

15 Smart Social Life Hacks That Actually Work
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