Sunday, December 29, 2019

16 Stories That Restore Our Faith in Humanity and, Most Importantly, in Ourselves

When one has faith it mainly means one is relying on someone else for a reason or another. That is dependence. So in this case psychologically you depend on what others think and do. So how good is to be at someone else's hand? That always means exploitation.
We have got inspired by these stories from internet users. It is nice when people notice the good things and share these stories. And it is even better when people do something good themselves.
1. I work as a wedding administrator. Throughout my entire career, I have organized a lot of memorable wedding ceremonies. But my favorite ceremony that still makes me smile every time I remember it happened last year. A wealthy couple decided to invite children from orphanages to their wedding. 258 orphans were guests at the wedding: they danced, played, ate as much as they could, and were entertained by celebrities. The bride and the groom received the most sincere wishes and 258 beautiful cards made by the orphans. After the wedding, I cried.

2. I believe in honesty and my best friend, on the contrary, used to be very suspicious of people. We were walking around the suburbs of a big city and this girl just came up to us and asked us for money: she said she was from India, she was late for her plane, her taxi driver brought her to the wrong place, and she lost her phone and her credit card. I gave her some money for a taxi and a little bit more to make sure she was okay. She asked for my name, to add me on Facebook and left. My friend told me that I had just fallen for a fraud. The girl turned out to be honest. She was from a rich family, she returned the money to me, and invited me to visit her in her country. And she is ready to pay for everything. I’m going!

3. I was celebrating Christmas with my family and I was given an iPhone that I had wanted for a long time. Then my 90-year-old grandfather surprised me. He gave me a small black box. When I picked it up, I thought it was completely empty. My grandfather told me to open it carefully. I took the lid off and saw a bright tropical butterfly inside. My grandfather wished me a happy and light year, just like the butterfly, and hinting at the iPhone he reminded me that the most important things in life do not have a price. I will never forget that.

4. The computer class teacher from my school was a huge fan of her own subject, it was almost impossible to get a perfect grade in her class, and she kept harassing us during lessons. She predicted a terrible future for my classmate because she was unable to draw a house in Basic, and count correctly in different numeric bases. But in the middle of high school, my friend moved to the US with her family, where she realized that she wanted to be a programmer. The teacher inspired her. She entered college, graduated. Now she works for Apple.

5. I broke up with my boyfriend. I lived in his apartment and he made me leave without even giving me enough time to find a place to live. I was at work trying to be strong, but I just couldn’t stop the tears. All my colleagues, even the ones I thought I was friends with, just ignored me. My boss came in, asked me to step out of the office with him, and asked me what happened. He suggested that I live at his place temporarily. I took all my bags and went to his place, and his wife was there. He explained everything to her. She didn’t look happy and I was already bracing myself to have to sleep outside. But then she suddenly said, “What a terrible guy!” She grabbed my stuff, told me to go take a shower, and then made me some tea and wiped my tears away. It took me a week to find a new place to live, but these people restored my faith in humanity.

6. When my brother was 7 years old, I read Harry Potter to him. He did karate and was preparing for a performance, and he cried because he was scared. I made him a “lucky” potion using juice and lied to him that the book actually talked about a real potion, (just like butterbeer). A month ago, he started asking for the “potion” every day. I got kind of worried and told him about believing in himself, but he said it was for his friend. I made the last bottle and he stopped asking. And later, I met his friend, with his mother, who had just had a successful difficult surgery. Felix Felicis actually worked!

7. In my 29 years, I have been through a lot. My beloved husband was wrongly convicted for something. His mother made me and my daughter leave her apartment. Our child got into the hospital with a spinal fracture after a piece of ice fell from the roof and hit her. I lost a prestigious job because they cut down on the expenses. And this all happened within 3 months. But I didn’t give up. I rehabilitated my child in 2 years, now she runs and jumps and feels great. My husband was acquitted and given his job back. I found a good job. I made peace between my husband and his mother. Even when we are weak, we can do a lot if we really want to.

8. I live in a small town, work as a cashier in a food store, and I don’t have much of an education. Just one year ago, I looked like a typical girl from a rural area — wearing cheap clothes, with a little extra weight, pink lipstick, and yellow hair. And then in the store I worked for, we had a regular customer — a good-looking 40-year-old man with a charming voice, who was always in a good mood. He always said something nice to me, told me funny stories, and was generally very nice and kind. Once, he asked me in a very surprised manner, why I didn’t like myself very much. And after hearing his words, I felt as if something just clicked in my head. I gave up on junk food, the extra weight disappeared, and my skin became much better. I changed my hair color, I bought a nice dress, and started running in the mornings. I started saving money, went to college — I want to become a foreign language teacher. My boss saw the change in me and decided to give me a promotion. So all I needed was this one question from a guy I barely knew. It all changed my entire approach to life.

9. My first husband was fat, unattractive, he didn’t earn much, and he liked to drink alcohol, but he was charismatic, creative, and romantic. After the divorce, I decided to reconsider my approach and look for a cute guy and someone who earned at least as much as I do. And then, 7 years later, I found him: handsome, smart, with a great sense of humor, he values me, and provides for both of us. And there is no unexpected ending to this story. I just think that everyone deserves to be happy and to be treated well.

10. I made a mistake and sent my boss the wrong file: instead of a report, I sent him a part of the book I had started writing recently. When I noticed I made a mistake, I apologized and sent him what I was supposed to have sent in the first place. And one week later, my boss called me and said that he had organized a meeting for me with a publisher and that they would be happy to discuss the publishing of my book when I finish it. I just can’t believe this is happening to me.

11. At the age of 41, my friend suddenly wanted to get a medal and started running. He got one, then a second one, then a fifth, then a tenth, and got so addicted that now he doesn’t miss a single marathon, triathlon, or other competitions, including the charity events. He is so energetic and it is so contagious that every single person in our group started doing some sort of sport.

  • 12. Some time ago, I noticed an old man selling books in an underpass. He looked so sad that I couldn’t resist and decided to buy something from him. I started looking at the books and realized that I knew all of them, and that they were being sold by the author himself — our local writer. In his books, there are many poems about the culture and the history of our area. I loved the poems when I was a child. I remembered him, the man with kind eyes who came into the school library often and presented us with a copy of his book. I recited to him some of his poems, by heart, and he almost started crying. I asked him about what happened. It turned out that he was fired from his team because, as they said, they “needed a fresh new look.” And he wasn’t able to do anything aside from write. I called some people I knew to help him find a job at a good newspaper. Now, every time I see articles written by him, I feel extremely happy. We have to be more considerate of the people around us. Maybe, someone needs your help right now.

  • 13. I want to share a true miracle with you. I work at a huge oncological center. An old lady got transported to our facility: she had cancer, at a terminal stage. She came via ambulance and she was alone. She had no relatives. The doctor examined her, started to prepare her for hospice, and tried to tell her in a careful way that she didn’t have more than a month left to live. I was there during the conversation and I was shocked when this really weak lady almost started fighting the doctor yelling, “What is this nonsense?” We found out that this lady was 85 years old and she was raising 3 little children alone. Her son and her daughter-in-law died in a car crash many years ago and her granddaughter left her children with her and went to live in a different country. At that moment, a neighbor agreed to look after the children. Anyway, the lady told us she refused to die, she just couldn’t. We didn’t know what to do. But she stuck to her guns. She refused to go to hospice, she did exercises every morning, she organized some kind of a hobby club in the hospital, and she knew all the patients only like 2 days laterShe wasn’t going to die. So, the management decided to operate on the “hopeless” lady, and prescribe chemo. And what do you think happened? One week after the surgery, she was already running around the floors, singing songs, and taking care of other patients. She even read books to them! And one month later, she was discharged from the hospital. And we started crying when her great-grandchildren ran into the room and hugged her and kissed her and told her that they wrote a letter to Santa asking him for one thing — to return their beloved granny to them. And the granny just stood up, took her stuff, hugged every single one of us and told us that everything was in our power and we don’t have the right to give up no matter how impossible the situation looks. And it was the best Christmas gift I have ever gotten in my life.
  • 14. In my youth, I had bad habits. I often skipped school, and I barely entered college. A girl from a very decent family was my neighbor in the dormitory. Once, her parents came to our place and invited me to drink tea with them. Her father talked to me and said that I could become better. In fact, I really needed these words of support. After this 2-hour-long conversation, I was a completely different person. I stopped all my bad habits, I started to study well, I started to communicate with different people. Everyone thought it was a temporary phase. But if it hadn’t been for that day, I would be a completely different person now. That girl entered a different college abroad. We haven’t seen each other for a long time, but I’m forever grateful for that conversation and tea.

  • 15. I live near a railway station, usually there are a lot of homeless people and beggars. I don’t give money to anyone because I know that they will spend it on alcohol anyway. The other day, a guy came up to me and I was ready to refuse but he just asked me for food. He said he was hungry. I bought him a hot meal and a plastic spoon. He probably expected something like this but... On that day, one person became happy for a little while and it was me.

    16. I was 22 and she was 17 years old. I was a regular guy whose life was very calm before she appeared. She was a senior in high school, she wasn’t worried about her future, and didn’t care what would happen. But I managed to see more in her: I saw a kind, pure, child that had a difficult relationship with her mother and stepfather and chose a certain path. Once, I came to her place and saw the way her stepfather treated her, and her mother was ready to sacrifice her child for her relationship with this guy. This girl only heard negative words about herself and with her kind and soft character, it was really hard to deal with. We talked the whole night and I realized how much I had fallen in love with her. I promised myself that I would do anything just to save her. I prepared her for her exams, we chose a college together, and she opened herself up to me, and read her poems to me. After graduation, I took her from her parents’ house to my place even though I was treated poorly by her stepfather. She entered college and wrote poems at home instead of hanging out with weird people. She managed to form a great relationship with my mother, but we still hadn’t told each other that we loved each other. I decided not to press her with my feelings. Once, she woke up before me, made a tasty breakfast, and gave me a poem that was 5 pages long, where she explained that she loved me. I was so happy! We have been together for 3 years now and I have seen a difficult teenager turn into a great and caring girl.

    We hope that everything would be okay in your life.