Wednesday, December 11, 2019

20 Masterpieces From Designers Who Know How to Make Us Go “Wow”

20 Masterpieces From Designers.

We are going to show you some of the amazing masterpieces from designers that will blow your mind.

1. This Charging drawer.

2. This fountain in Kanazawa, Japan, which is designed to show the time.

3. A lounge chair built into the dock.

4. Bike rack looks like a bike.

5. This restaurant sign that is half shadows.

6. This pen can act as a mobile holder.

7. Bottled water shaped like a dumbbell.

8. This Pepsi 35mm Film Camera. You advance the film with the ring on the left, you pop the tab to rewind the film.

9. This bench that looks like a book.

10. This salt and pepper shaker.

11. The bike rack at this dentist office looks like it's being squeezed out of a tube of toothpaste.

12. This cross walk signal button has signage for Blind people showing exactly how many lanes they have to cross and direction of traffic. Bonus points for making the signage modular which can be changed lego blocks style.

13. Swim Gear Fins Hand Webbed Flippers Training Glove for Swimming.

14. These Cement benches that look like fabric.

15. Cigarette shaped ashtray.


16. This perfume bottle from 1925 has eight ‘slices’ of perfume.


17. These solar panels outside of the local botanical gardens

18. These little holes on the stair rail of a library that indicate which floor you reached.


19. This pipe cleaner bottle is shaped like toilet bowl's canal.

20. A fridge magnet from the UN, I found at a friend’s place.


Which Design Do You Like? Would You Like To Use Any of These Kind of Design?