7 Highly Attractive Things Men Do - THIS is What Attracts Women to Men Fast

7 Highly Attractive Things Men Do - THIS is What Attracts Women to Men Fast

You see, girls notice minutest things and they fall for them easily. And because we’re considering the unusual physical attributes, most of them are momentary (in a moment kind of things) and expressions guys make. We’ll tell you Seven of them and your current crush will give you a pictorial representation.

1. Their wit.
Yes. Their sense of humor. The way they flirt with us(in casual way). The way they become cautious when around a girl, trying to impress her. Yes! though we give a delusion that we are irked about it, in actual, we do like it until its in limits.

2. Looking Up.

Like he was doing something on his phone, you call him and he looks up. Oh My God. This moment is so crazily attractive. The way their eyes work that thing is just so beautiful. We’ll show you the moment here:

3. The focused man.

Yeah, a man who is focused at his career and isn’t whining over his lost love or bad fate. And man who knows that career and dreams are his priority. And the same time, balances it with his personal life.

4. Hair flicks on forehead.

Yeah yeah, guys don’t that on purpose and might not even pay attention to it, but we do. And it looks so cute.

5. Crossing Hands.

They’re bored or they’re really not into the situation and casually fold hands and continue getting bored. Simple as that. But girls, what do they do? They drool over the godly pose the guy just did. And mind you, it really doesn’t matter whether or not the guy is tall or has long hands. It’s universal.

6. I-am-listening Face.

Okay, so everyone loves to be listened to. And I can personally tell you, this drives crazy. Because I speak a lot. Nonstop. And many times, people get disinterested, that’s natural and humane but it makes me sad. But when this guy has been listening to you for more than an hour and is still happy that I’m telling him things- it is a pure bliss. It feels as if you pause the moment and just marry him right away. Sadly, you just keep talking.

7. That Loud Laugh.

It mean yes that’s not a physical attribute exactly but the face guys get when laughing hysterically paired with the laugh itself is so damn attractive. Like boy, are you killing me? (Kinda like girls’ smiles do that to guys).

7 Highly Attractive Things Men Do - THIS is What Attracts Women to Men Fast
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