27 Masters of Problem Solving Who Deserve a Round of Applause

27 Masters of Problem Solving Who Deserve a Round of Applause

Everybody, sooner or later, has a problem that seems to be insurmountable and devastating. In fact, who has never had a problem? Who has never been overwhelmed, depressed, anguished or lost his sleep over a given situation? Nobody. There are no problems you can’t solve.

We were really dazzled with some of these creative geniuses and we’re pretty sure that there isn’t a problem these people can’t fix. Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the photos below.

1. A true friend can always help you.

2. “Well, at least I can sunbathe.”

3. When it’s hot and you don’t have a pool:

4. “Went moto-camping but forgot the tent pegs and poles, so we had to improvise.”

5. “We didn’t want to set up the second half of the tree. So we got creative.”

6. “My friend wasn’t able to reach the higher roofline, so he decided the Grinch needed to ‘steal’ the lights.”

7. When you only have 3 players and there’s a 4-player minimum, you improvise.

8. “My dog Philby has to take allergy meds every day, but he doesn’t need to know that.”

9. “I was not designed for this world.”

10. “My sister took advantage of my dog’s condition.”

11. Use the rain to your advantage.

12. “My orthodontist told me I’d have my braces on for Halloween. Thought I might as well take advantage of it...”

13. When you can’t have a real Christmas tree but you still want one:

14. When the teacher says you can bring one handwritten 3×5 notecard for the test:

15. When your heel broke but you have an extra pair of shoes at work:

16. Just keep in mind that if you pull the sword from shifter, you won’t become the new King of England... unfortunately.

17. How artists deal with scrapes:

18. An apple a day keeps the tent from flying away.

19. Moms really do have the answer for everything.

20. If it works, it isn’t stupid.

21. When you’re trying to reach your deadline at work:

22. No plate? No problem.

23. Lazy or brilliant parenting skills?

24. Art can be found in any form.

25. That’s one way to charge your phone.

26. The morning after you drunkenly visit a Taco Bell...

27. Fixed it... kinda.

Were you impressed with the ingenuity behind these problem-solving gems? Which of these solutions do you find to be the most remarkable?
27 Masters of Problem Solving Who Deserve a Round of Applause
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