4 Fist Shapes That Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

4 Fist Shapes That Reveal a Lot About Your Personality

Did you know that the shape of your hands and fist can say a lot about personality types? Whether you have a strong personality or one of those more reserved personalities, our hands can actually tell us a lot about who we are as people. And believe it or not, the shape of your fist can also tell you things about people’s personality types.

1. Thumb on top

You're probably the most energetic person in the world. You're constantly seeking new knowledge and impressions, trying to embrace everything at once. Your schedule doesn't include lounging in front of a TV.
You're altruistic to the bone, a kind person who'll always help and reassure anyone. You do more than you say, and that, as well as your reliability and kindness, makes everyone respect and appreciate you. You inspire and energize everyone around you, easily becoming a respected leader.

2. Thumb inside

You're smart and loquacious, but you aren't too good at making new friends. Those around you may get the impression that you're taciturn and glum, yet upon knowing you better they find you're really soft and even quite vulnerable.
You have a gift for seeing the root of any problem and the ways to solve it. You're shrewd and sharp, your vision is often the most precise one, and your decisions are right.
Precision and thoughtfulness play to your advantage, although sometimes you demand too much of yourself and get too anxious. That's why you need someone to understand you without words.

3. Thumb to the side

Your motto is "everyone chooses the path of their own," and your path is usually the hard one. You're practical and earnest, standing fast and knowing your worth. Your backbone is titanium at the very least.
However, your fear of failure often prevents you from making bold decisions: it's the only thing that can shake your confidence. That's why you often need approval and praise.
Your friends value your sincerity, reliability, and sharpness. Those around you feel protected in your presence and are always happy to have your company. Remember, with the support of your close ones, you're capable of anything.

4. Thumb turned upward

You're modest yet knowledgeable and versatile. You have a quick mind that generates countless ideas that may seem impossible at first glance.
You adore discovering the world and, even better, have the means to do that. Still, you sometimes find it difficult to concentrate on something in particular because you want to know it all.
Everyone else thinks you're a walking encyclopedia and asks for your advice a lot. But inside, you're quite closed, carefully choosing your entourage and giving the most valuable advice only to the chosen.

Illustrated by Yekaterina Ragozina
4 Fist Shapes That Reveal a Lot About Your Personality
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