Thursday, February 20, 2020

14 Overheard Stories From Internet Users Whose Life Is More Gripping Than Any Movie

Ever since the “And they were roommates” vine went viral, mankind has realized just how fun it can be to randomly overhear another person’s conversation. Even today, people love to share the unbelievable stuff they’ve come across just by accidentally eavesdropping.

After hearing some of these stories, we just had to share them with you.

1. “He had to use my friend’s house phone to call his mom and the last thing he said to her before hanging up was ’I’m a grown man, mom, I’ll skateboard home!’” © generaldisarray420 / Reddit

2. “I decided to do crunches in the morning. Got up at 6 am, lied down on the floor, woke up at 11.” ©

3. “He was supposed to meet with a guy for lunch for a networking opportunity and a guy approached him and says, ‘Are you Craig?’ and he goes, ‘Yeah!’ So they start chatting. Craig glances at his phone and sees that the guy he was supposed to meet rescheduled the meeting due to a conflict... So then he had no idea who he was talking to.” © emilylime27 / Reddit

4. “I was walking past a bar one night and a man was standing outside on the phone and I caught, “...Look man, I need to tell you about the monkey...” © KindaSithy / Reddit

5. “If you kill a snake, make sure it doesn’t see you, because if it does, your face will be frozen on its eyes. Other snakes will come by, see your face, and then bite you the next time they see you...” © tcurry1952 / Reddit

6. 2 older ladies in the pool: “You be a dolphin, and I’ll be the trainer.” To which she replied, “No, YOU be the dolphin. I don’t want to get my hair wet.” © brownishgirl / Reddit

7. “I noticed the clerk (a middle-aged Indian man) having an extremely heated discussion with another man (young wannabe gangster white kid)... As I walk into the store, I realize they’re talking about battle strategies used in the American Civil war. And here is the kicker, they both very clearly knew their stuff.” © Unsound_M / Reddit

8. “Shabby looking couple were having some sort of erratic discussion about something unrelated. He said, “Calm down, you sound crazy.” “Of course I sound crazy — you took all my medication!” © M14535955 / Reddit

9. "I was in class one day when I heard someone behind me say, 'Remember that time you kissed that old lady?' to one of her friends but they said it so loudly that most of the people in the class turned to look at them." © OnceInABlueMoon- / Reddit

10. "Girlfriend and I were lying in bed at night, it was probably around 11:30 PM, when we hear our neighbor scream: 'I love tomatoes!' and that was all that we heard." © Zazan_OW / Reddit

11. I just overheard something terrible, which was a man saying to a woman: "My buddy... I mean, my girlfriend... yikes, no, my WIFE." © rax king / Twitter

12. "Our neighbors were once talking really loudly so I put my ear up to the wall. I realized she was reading him Harry Potter pretty enthusiastically, and it made my heart melt." © dumbolddoor / Reddit

13. Tough guy construction worker: "I don't want to hear any bitching and moaning today, I just want to get the work done so I can go home. I hate working long nights. Last week I had to work 'till 7, that's too late, I had no time to spend with my puppy." © Sadie Wilde / Twitter

14. Dude 1: "Hey is this a towel or, uh, a bathroom rug?" Dude 2: "Man, I have no idea." Dude 1: "Mom would have known. I can't do this." Dude 2, nearly crying: "Why did we move out?!" Dude 1, rubbing a bathroom rug against his cheek: "Does this feel like a towel? Is this some sort of a towel?!" © RottenCactus / Reddit

What are some crazy things you've accidentally overheard from other people?