Tuesday, February 4, 2020

15 Dogs Who Tried to Be Good Boys All Year Round but It Didn’t Always Work

Every dog is traditionally believed to be a good one. Still, sometimes they can upset their owner or even get scolded. Would you be happy if your dog refused to fulfill its guardian functions, if it was tearing up your pillows, or if it just picked up unknown stuff on the street?

We are sure that despite all the bad things they do, every dog deserves a new ball and the characters of our compilation are no exception.

1. When you are tired of fighting his bad habits:

2. “I decided to check to see if my dog had any guard dog skills. I asked my friend to approach him. And my friend sent me this photo. It seems my dog has failed the test.”

3. “I hope he is at least a little bit ashamed of what he’s done.”

4. “The most ferocious beast I have ever seen.”

5. The sign warns about angry dogs, but they don’t seem all that angry.

6. The most comfortable place in the apartment

7. He obviously needs to be watered.

8. “I got a dog to guard the house but then...”

9. “I heard my older lab crying and came out to find his little brother blocking the stairs.”

10. It looks like someone is having a good New Year!

11. “He has just locked me out of my car.”

12. “I’m going to repeat the question: What do you have in your mouth?”

13. He stole his sister’s ball then sat on her head.

14. Taking a nap at work

15. Merry Christmas, hooman!

Has your pet ever behaved in an unexpected way?