Friday, February 21, 2020

16 Men Who’d Do Anything for the Pets They “Never Wanted”

As odd as it may sound, there’s something we need to accept: some people don’t really enjoy being around animals. Their relationship with anyone’s pet seems dry or non-existent.

We wants to help you make a decision by showing you proof that discredits the idea that some people can resist an animal’s charm.

1. Dad: “I don’t want a pet, so stop pestering me about it.” Also Dad: “Please go on vacation so I can hang out with my grandson again.”

2. “My dad reading the news with ’that dog’”

3. “From ’we don’t need a rat in the house’ to ’don’t forget his pillow, the cart is too cold for him.’”

4. “From ’it’s not a real dog’ to dancing together...”

5. “This is my ’what do you want a cat for, I’m allergic?!’ friend. Now he runs around barking like a dog when the cat is bullied by other cats in the garden. So she waits for him until she hears his car.”

6. “My dad who ’didn’t want a cat’ showing Lucas every item from his recent grocery trip because ’he wants to see what we’ve got.’”

7. “Who does he think I am? His father? I think so.”

8. “Just another dad surrounded by the pets he never wanted”

9. “From a dad who did not want a pet to a pet who does not want a dad...”

10. “No dogs allowed in bed. Exceptions were made.”

11. “’Why would you ever want a rodent in your house?’ My dad said almost 4 years ago when we got our chinchilla. Now he takes every chance he gets to watch TV with her.”

12. “I caught him hugging the giant dog he didn’t want. He was also singing the dog his own personal song.”

13. “My dad was really sad when my sister and I moved out but categorically refused to get a dog. My mom got one anyway. This is them now.”

14. “My dad had to catsit for me last week. He refuses to get another pet. The whole sunroom was converted into a cat playground when I came to pick him up.”

15. Dad: “No, I don’t want pets, who will take care of them when we’re on vacation?”

Also dad: *shares his salmon*

16. “He refused to stand up because ’she’d had a long day and needed the nap.’”

Do you know a man who refused to have a pet but now does and they’re inseparable?