Sunday, February 23, 2020

18 Pictures Proving That Absurdity Is Always Somewhere Around the Corner

Sometimes our world is just like a puzzle — it can surprise you not only with scenic landscapes or incredible architecture, but also with absurd situations that you would immediately like to share with someone.
We found 18 weird situations that deserve their place in the encyclopedia of absurdity.

1. A man found a 4-meter-long snake in a supermarket fridge in Johannesburg, South Africa.

2. This sidewalk was meant for walking.

3. At first, everything looks fine. But if you look closer...

4. It’s just snow. No need to stop the contest.

5. A hurricane ruined the “houses.”

6. A football fan who was banned from a stadium for a year hired a crane.

7. Luxury, both inside and outside

8. When you want to stand out:

9. One curtain is enough.

10. As if nobody would see the difference.

11. Everything I knew about this world has been just ruined by this calculator.

12. Restrooms for headless people

13. When you do everything possible to solve the problem:

14. “I was trying to find Gate 10...”

15. The second time, something went wrong again.

16. At least it attracts attention.

17. You have to choose one crosswalk.

18. What a genius idea!

What absurd situations have you seen?