Saturday, February 22, 2020

19 Photos of Animals That’ll Prove Mother Nature Has an Amazing Sense of Humor

Animals truly are the gift that keeps on giving. From a baby Yoda lookalike cat to a turtle riding an eel... They are always ready to pull off something so silly and goofy, that it’ll make you stop and wonder how they are so precious. If something like this hasn’t happened to you yet, we hope that this will change today!

We have 20 pictures of animals who are ready to make your day better and put a smile on your face!

1. Get a lion haircut, they said, it’ll make you look majestic, they said...

2. Before you hunt the squirrel, you must first become the squirrel.

3. Who does this dog look like to you?

4. This dog looks like a gentleman

5. A hairless guinea pig looks like a tiny hippo.

6. Have you ever wondered what a cat’s paw with no fur looks like?

7. If Baby Yoda was a cat

8. This is not a dog, it’s a mini Chewbacca!

9. Such a good boy, that nature gave him a second tail to wag.

10. This dog is dog-eared, literally.

11. This pup looks like it has no legs, midjump.

12. Wet owls look very, very stressed.

13. He looks like a human in a dog costume.

14. Cat has another set of eyes on her head

15. This caterpillar looks surprised.

16. This breed of pig looks like a sheep and acts like a dog.

17. They’re matching.

18. Cat Sheeran

19. This cow looks like it’s made from outer space.

What is the funniest thing your pet has done?