Sunday, February 23, 2020

20 Hysterical Times Cats’ Settings Crashed

Our fluffy friends are prideful and independent creatures, but they sometimes really go crazy. In these cases, we should keep calm and never let them “infect” us with their madness.

We knows that these “glitches” happen to cats really often, and we’re sure you’ll believe us as soon as you see the consequences.

1. “This is Pixar. She seems to know when I’m down and does something silly to make me laugh.”

2. When you just want to get warm:

3. Catapulta!

4. “I came out of the bathroom in a shower cap and she didn’t know who I was.”

5. “I. Shall. Get. In.”

6. When you create a perfect plan for world domination but get caught:

7. “This is Makoli. He’s... different.”

8. “My cat figured out how the fridge works and now he always drinks cold, fresh water.”

9. “I have nowhere cozy to sleep so I’ll just waste the toilet paper.”

10. “OMG, what’s on my head?!”

11. He’s so independent that he doesn’t even need a box to sit in.

12. A secret dance school for cats

13. “Once I brought a box of catnip home. My cat jumped inside of it and sat there all day long. In the evening, I found him on the balcony like this.”

14. This cat can turn into a ballet dancer.

15. It’s time to build nests.

16. “Took my indoor cat outside today. I think the grass has broken him down.”

17. In his dreams, he’s a small stream at the foot of Mount Fuji.

18. You lost this fight.

19. The way we look when someone takes a pic of us without a warning:

20. “My silly but cute cat.”

Does your cat also have these "glitches’ from time to time?