Sunday, February 9, 2020

20 People Who Got a Cat and Now Need at Least a Minute of Peace and Quiet

“If there’s a cat in your house, it’s already dominated you.” Every pet owner who has to share their house with this fluffy, purring, stubborn, and unpredictable animal can relate to this quote. Internet users decided to post pictures and stories about their lives with their favorite cats and they will definitely not leave you indifferent.
We couldn’t ignore these cats who are masters at setting new boundaries with their families every day.

1. “My cats have reached an impasse. 2 stubborn donkeys both want to walk through that door. I wonder who will give up first.”

2. “We’ve been together for 12 years and he still fears for my life every time I take a bath.”

3. “He aggressively makes sure we’re not getting anything done. He also bites at the first sign of removal from his designated spot.”

4. “His brother was already in the laundry basket, but that didn’t stop him.”

5. “He jumped into the laundry hamper and then he complained because he couldn’t get out.”

6. “I often do outpatient therapy meetings in clients’ homes. So I had this one family a long time ago and I usually wore my long hair in a ponytail, but would have to stuff it up in a hat when I visited them, because their cat would jump on my head.”

7. “My cat always got mad when I was taking a bath because he was afraid that I might drown. So I solved his problem: I put a chair near the bathtub and now he’s the guard.”

8. “Our cat doesn’t want to accept the fact that he’s not our baby.”

9. “He doesn’t want to play with a toy if I’m holding it. He wants to hold it himself. He also likes to play with those laser lights, but they won’t work for him so he breaks them.”

10. “Every time I get the ladder out, my cat wants to play king of the hill.”

11. That uncomfortable moment when you see your girlfriend and your cat sleeping together, but you’re no longer sure that she has enough oxygen to breathe.

12. “I was trying to get a funny picture of both of us yawning at the same time, but my cat stuck his paw in my open mouth. Thanks, Chester!”

13. It seemed like my cat was dying. He wasn’t drinking or eating. All he did was sleep and hide. So I took him to the vet today and the vet said: “The cat is healthy. It just looks like he’s depressed because he got into a fight and lost.”

14. My cat sits in front of the TV every day and it’s started to get pretty annoying.

15. “We have to use tape to keep the cabinet closed and not let her get to the treats!”

16. “My cat took out a piece of my miniblinds and brought it to me.”

17. “He is sitting right on top of a box of cupcakes.”

18. “She shut down my whole computer by just sitting on it.”

19. “We tried to celebrate his adoption anniversary. He wasn’t in the mood.”

20. “He takes away all the stuff that gets more attention than him.”

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