Saturday, February 15, 2020

20 People Who Had a Front-Row Seat to an Epic Fail

We hope that you have a great day every day. But, Unfortunately, it looks like the stars of the photos below couldn’t be helped by anyone.

Here are 20 people on their worst day.

1. Came home from my lunch to this:

2. The king of his castle

3. Ice cream will help you get over this bad day!

4. Playful mood?

5. Macbook and romance don’t mix.

6. Climbing over never looked so bad.

7. Was carrying this artwork to school when the pavement happened.

8. Snowy day, huh?

9. 40 in of pain

10. She won’t be winning any cooking competitions any time soon.

11. Best cheesecake ever.

12. No one will steal it...

13. Hello.

14. The whole new meaning of homeschooling

15. That’s a sign — no work today!

16. Started the day off poorly.

17. Oh...That wasn’t grass.

18. So my friends at work accidentally broke a pipeline and as a result, there’s now 30 tons of flour on the floor.

19. Asked to put every onion ring in a bill by itself. They don’t all cost the same.

20. Now he definitely needs more scissors.

Which of these people has your heart gone out to?