Thursday, February 27, 2020

20 Shots That Are So Perfectly Timed, They Deserve an Award

We always pick up our phone or camera to capture moments from our everyday lives that we would like to keep forever. However, sometimes we don’t realize that some of the photos we take are so perfectly timed that we can’t believe our eyes or what we managed to capture at that moment.

We are sharing with you some accidentally timed shots that perfectly predict the disasters that follow.

1. Well, all girls love giants.

2. I captured this kangaroo smiling for the camera.

3. Another thieving seagull

4. This seagull got overly confident with his weight lifting and stealing skills.

5. These seniors are about to get pretty mad.

6. “Dogzilla”

7. And the helmet stands alone.

8. Doggy catching his ball

9. When fans try to grab the foul ball, but fail.

10. Water slide

11. Nooo, not the ice cream

12. “Apple picking with my family sometimes becomes violent.”

13. “The moment I lost my glasses... and all hope.”

14. This is a few seconds after thinking, “this bag is about to break.”

15. Right before the big jump and the huge mess

16. His expression shows his realization that his hammock broke.

17. At a carrying contest — she didn’t win...

18. This person almost carried the drinks to the table.

19. This.

20. Perfect timing and perfect reflexes

Which of these photos do you think is the most perfectly timed?