Sunday, February 2, 2020

Scientists have worked out the ten qualities that make us less attractive

Research painstakingly carried out by experts in various countries has shown that certain personal qualities make us less attractive to other people. We covers ten of those qualities here with the help of some illustrations. It’s worth remembering all of what you read below!

Scientists have worked out the ten qualities that make us less attractive.

1. Looking too proud

The aforementioned research also determined that overly proud women aren’t seen as attractive by men.

2. Not having a sense of humor

Psychologists at Ulster University reached the conclusion that, irrespective of a person’s gender, people who lack a sense of humor are not seen as attractive.

3. Smelling too similar

At the University of New Mexico, it was discovered that people who smell similar don’t attract each other, as this makes them subconsciously think they’re related.

4. Looking too happy

In 2011, researchers at the University of British Columbia established that women are put off by men who smile too much.

5. Stress

In 2013, the journal Biology Letters published data showing that women who have a high level of the stress hormone cortisol in their bodies are less attractive to men.

6. Contractive body language

Academics from four universities in the US have come to the conclusion that crossed arms, hunched shoulders, and other contractive body language turn people off.

7. Sleep deprivation

In 2010, scientists from Sweden proved that the less a person sleeps, the more unattractive they are to other people.

8. Laziness

Specialists at the Universities of Wisconsin and New York have proved that lazy people are seen as boring by other people.

9. Being mean

Research carried out in China in 2014 involved getting a group of volunteers to rate a series of photographs of people with neutral expressions, but with varying descriptions of their emotions written underneath. It was found that people who were described as ’mean’ were rated the least attractive.

10. Dishonesty

According to research, lying is seen as one of the most unattractive qualities people can have. And that goes for even the smallest little lie.

Illustrated by: Natalia Kulakova.

Based on materials from iflscience.