Wednesday, March 18, 2020

14 Employees That Got Really Lucky With Their Bosses

It’s hard to impress anyone with stories about bad bosses — everyone has them! But we’re sure that there are a lot of very kind people in the world, so there have to be plenty of kind bosses. The people from our compilation were lucky enough to work for such people. They support their employees with money when they need it, can organize the most touching parties, and are okay with doing any work necessary.

We have found several real-life stories to prove that jobs can actually be pleasant and fun.
1. I want to tell you about a decent restaurant owner that I’m lucky enough to work for. David (this is his name) is not afraid of difficulties and hard work. I see his attitude toward his employees. If someone is late, he doesn’t scream or make them pay fines, he just asks them to be punctual. When the chef is loaded with work, he can come into the kitchen and help! He can wash the kitchen after the shift and give others enough time to prepare the ingredients for tomorrow. I’ve seen him wash the floors in the restaurant before the start of the day. He can also wash the restroom. This is his opinion: “It’s my restaurant. I want it to develop and be profitable to keep employees interested and motivated.” And nothing happens to him if he puts on some gloves and does some dirty work. In just 4 months, we’ve doubled the revenue and we’re really proud. All this is possible thanks to teamwork led by a person that cares. © Spartaque000 / pikabu

2. I was being interviewed for a programming job.
HR: “We have very strict dress code rules. Men have to wear suits and ties. We work from 9 am to 6 am and you can’t be late — if you are, you’ll be fined.”
I immediately thought, “Okay, I’m out of here.”
HR: “So, are you ready to talk to the team leader?”
My future boss comes in dressed in a sweater and sneakers and has a huge beard. Okay, maybe this job isn’t so bad. After the interview, I asked him about the dress code and the schedule.

Boss: “Oh, it doesn’t matter as long as you don’t have any holes in your clothes. And the schedule doesn’t matter much as long as you do your job on time.” © demon / pikabu


4. I work at a small farm. When my wife and I found out we were expecting, I had to tell my boss. When he found out he gave me the opportunity to fix up the old house on the farm and stay there rent-free. I still get paid and have access to all the equipment to build chicken coops or plant 300-foot-long gardens. We are very fortunate and grateful. © renega88 / reddit

5. Lately, I’ve read a lot of posts about employees making up something new and useful and their bosses firing them for that or cutting down their salaries. I’ll tell you how things work at my job. For example, I’ve come up with a way to simplify the process and save money on something. Let’s say I see how to lay down a pipe to save 20 feet. I write down my suggestion and the commission reviews it. If they think the idea is viable, they pay me 20% of the economical profit of every project. Nobody has ever been fired for good ideas, only rewarded. © Paketopex / pikabu

6. We had a small staff meeting in my boss’s office. Someone calls him.
The caller: “Where are you?”
Boss: “What do you mean?”
The caller: “You’re not in the office, I’ve been there.”
The caller, again: “Okay, I’m tired of this, you’re fired.”
The boss looks at us and says while smiling, “Well, I guess this is it. Someone fired me, let’s go and celebrate with a cup of coffee.” © al56.81 / pikabu

7. I was homeless and working as a line cook. I told my chef about my situation because I needed copies of my schedule to enter the shelter after curfew and he was just calm about it. He didn’t ask too many questions, but he listened. One time I didn’t sleep because I didn’t make it to the shelter and had to spend the night on the subway, and I told him because I wanted him to know I wasn’t hungover or something, and he let me go a few hours early so I could rest, just out of kindness. He treated me like anybody else and it still means so much to me. © thelaughingpear / reddit

8. I received a hand-written birthday card from the president of the company thanking me for doing a very good job through some trying times. I have received raises and bonuses which are very nice, but that rare “thank you” and show of appreciation meant the most to me. © issubuzu / reddit

9. Our boss put a swear jar to battle the problem of swearing. $1 for each bad word you say. 1 month later, we saved enough for a new fridge. A coffee maker is coming soon.

10. I was suffering from depression and insomnia which is why I often did my work terribly. My boss noticed it and got me to talk to her. Together, we found what I was good at and what caused tension and problems. Then she suggested that I try a different position: there I could show my strong sides and get some new motivation to work on the things I wasn’t very good at. She would punish me and would be right but she turned out to be a great person who decided to help me instead. That lady works at a different company now but I will always be grateful to her for everything she’s done for me. © unknown / reddit

11. I came to work for this company in 2013. At the time, the boss was a tall, strong man named Mike. All the employees and the managers liked him. But when his contract in our store finished, everyone was at the farewell party. But I remember this guy for a different reason. It was December, the most active period at work. Delivery cars were arriving one by one. And for some reason, a guy at the warehouse was not at work. The boss could’ve asked anyone to move the goods but he changed his dress shirt for a simple T-shirt and started unloading the truck by himself. © AndreyRostovski / pikabu

12. This is my friend’s story. She worked as a janitor in Kamchatka and she wasn’t paid a lot. She got in trouble — she had a serious illness. She needed to be hospitalized for an examination. For that, she needed to travel to the big city but her family didn’t have a lot of money, so her husband and her son loaned her some for transportation, accommodations, and so on. When her boss found out about the problem, she gave her an unlimited vacation, paid for her transportation, and gave her 3 monthly paychecks. I wish everyone had such a boss! © maks8791 / pikabu

13. I was diagnosed with brain cancer and had to go in for surgery. Not only did my boss throw me a last-minute party with a bunch of coworkers and customers (I only gave 10-day notice), but he handed me a check for a lot of money to help my family out while I recovered. When I came back, he promoted me to general manager of the company. © Scocam78 / reddit

14. My boss went to the main office in Germany and texted this to our WhatsApp chat: “I talked to the investor and I have 3 things to tell you. For one, I’ll be away for about another week, please don’t stop working. Secondly, the New Year’s Party is not going to happen. And thirdly, instead, everyone can go to any restaurant and spend no more than $200 and the company will pay for it. Happy New Year!” I think this was the best party I had in the past few years. © E6AKArpo3HaR / pikabu

What kind of boss do you have?