Thursday, March 5, 2020

14 People Who Prove Nature Is Capable of Anything

Nature is an author with an incredibly good imagination. Besides amazing animals and plants, it hasn’t forgotten about humans and gives them really unique features. Just have a look at these people’s hair, eyes, and these identical birthmarks on relatives. They are true masterpieces.

We have 14 photos of unique people who prove that nature is one of the best creators, that definitely thinks outside the box.

1. This guy has anisocoria — a symptom in which one pupil is functioning normally and the other one is always in a fixed position.

2. A whole Indian family with albinism!

3. “My friends have opposite birthmarks.”

4. “To the guys with 3 and 4 fingers, I have 5!”

5. This baby girl was born with the same birthmark as her mother.

6. Complete heterochromia with white hair and a beard

7. This person’s pinky is missing.

8. Single palmar crease

9. “My left eye is about 1/3 grey.”

10. Who said toe rings were out of style?

11. “My fingers lose circulation when I get cold.”

12. “My genetically pushed back knuckles on my left hand”

13. Some people are born with tiny holes next to their ears.

14. Black and white — a perfect match without any mascara at all.

Do you have a unique feature?