Wednesday, March 11, 2020

15 Things Everyone Heard About But Only a Few Saw

This world is full of things that we’ve never seen. Each time we discover something new, we are impressed because there is so much stuff to explore! Sometimes it happens that we’ve heard about ordinary things, but we only see them for the first time, and they can impress even more.

We gathered some amazing photos for you. We were really impressed and hope you’ll feel the same.

1. Neil Armstrong’s spacesuit didn’t match his footprints on the moon.

An interesting point of view exists: the iconic moon footprints were not made by Neil Armstrong, but, rather, by his fellow astronaut, Buzz Aldrin, who took the iconic photograph of his own footprint to allow scientists to study the tensile strength of the lunar surface.

2. ...and have such pets.

3. How cosmonauts wash their hair:

Can you wash your hair using just one glass of water? Cosmonauts can. You can watch it here.

4. Microsoft Excel table ends up like this

5. Famous Windows desktop background looks like this now

6. A pencil for a perfectionist

Did you want to create anything like this while studying at school?

7. Inside a kangaroo pouch

Kangaroo’s skin isn’t covered with fur inside the pouch because a baby lives in this pouch for some time before entering this world. Fur wouldn’t allow a baby to drink milk and breathe.

8. A child’s skull before losing baby teeth

9. Kenny from South Park without a hood

Did you know that he was blonde?

10. The housewife from Tom and Jerry

We are used to only seeing the housewife’s shoes. But in one episode, we can see even her face.

11. Space Shuttle Atlantis from the International Space Station

12. Cut firework

When the wick burns out, lights in the shape of a star will soar up through the sky from these black balls.

13. Ball lightning

This is how ball lightning looks after being obtained during an experiment.

14. Moles

There is a belief that moles are the same size as cats, but it’s not quite true. These animals are a bit bigger than mice and can fit on the palm of one’s hand.

15. Pigeon’s nestling

Yeah, pigeon nestlings really exist, though only a few people have seen them.

What impressed you the most!