Thursday, March 26, 2020

19 People Who Found a Portal to a Parallel Universe on Their Ordinary Day

Even though the existence of parallel worlds has not yet been proven, some people happen to find entryways into alternative universes when they least expect it, and it can actually happen to any of us. For example, you may notice that your cat and its reflection are behaving in a different way in a photo you’ve just taken. Or when you look at your watch to find out the time, you may suddenly find a portal into a different dimension. Sometimes having a closer look at your ordinary surroundings is enough to realize that magic is all around you.

These 19 glitches in the matrix made us gasp in surprise and we can’t wait to share them with you.

1. “This window filters out the exact wavelength of light that my gloves reflect.”

2. Somewhere in a parallel universe where all the cats are black

3. When a camera glitch turns your life into a computer simulation:

4. A one-in-a-million coincidence

5. This tree looks like it came to our world from a low-resolution video game.

6. “Had this shirt for 2 years, always wondered by the sleeves were black. Then I met this man at my college.”

7. Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V

8. The way the vents are oriented makes it look like the mirror is lying.

9. It looks like the world has set its graphics to minimum.

10. When all of a sudden the textures duplicate:

11. The way the pillars in this mosque are arranged makes the photo look like it is corrupted.

12. This reflection of the sky on a building makes it almost invisible.

13. “The camera focused on the reflection of the tree instead of the watch.”

14. “My buddy found his 1572 doppelgänger at the art museum.”

15. “Took a photo of my cat in the mirror today. For some reason she’s blinking, while her reflection’s eyes are wide open.”

16. This car “disappears” at the right angle.

17. “These mugs are entering the 4th dimension.”

Which of these pictures seemed the most otherworldly to you? Have you seen something just as extraordinary recently?