Saturday, March 28, 2020

17 Photos That Would Be Totally Ordinary If Not for Their Little Dramas

Life is full of surprises and dramas that can catch us by surprise. When these moments are caught on camera we realize that everything is not always as it seems.
We will show you just how surprising your everyday photos can be. Unassuming photos that were just taken to capture the moment become something else with the discovery of surprising details.

1. This strange detail from a basketball match

2. The timing of this photo is perfect.

3. No, he doesn’t have the head of a dog.

4. When the dog is in deep thought:

5. His handlebars are about to fall off.

6. When the family dinner goes horribly wrong:

7. A giraffe just saying hi

8. When you are not sure whose legs are whose:

9. When the family picnic is ruined by a racoon:

10. Little does he know where his ice cream is going

11. When the lamp design goes horribly wrong:

12. This cute dog showing off its assets

13. This cat and its doppelgänger shadow

14. Biting off a little more than he can chew

15. There appears to be a floating ship in the clouds.

16. When frisbee stops being fun:

17. This crazily camouflaged spider

Do you have photos which you later realized weren’t what they seemed? Or have you perhaps captured hilariously unforgettable moments with your friends and family