Monday, March 30, 2020

19 People Who Know How to Surprise Others

Some people sometimes do things that can’t be explained in just one way: they are funny, surprising, and strange all at the same time. But all of them handle these situations with a sense of humor which is why they make other people smile.

We have collected photos for you proving that people’s creativity is unlimited.

1. Me: “Yo where are you guys?”

Friends: “We’re almost there, save us a seat.”


2. When you really need a rear view camera:

3. “Our professor wears his hat and cape every time he conducts an experiment.”

4. “I’m pretty sure the creator of this thing was a little drunk.”

5. “This photo was made on Easter. In the background, our grandfather is drinking the Church wine. I hope it was his first drink because we always took photos before going to Church.”

6. “Yesterday was my birthday so I threw myself a party.”

7. “I think I know what the Lego inventor looks like.”

8. “The adventures of taxidermy fox.”

9. “The defiant. The single. The free. The 100km an hour Pringle.”

10. “My dog turned 12, which is, in my province, the age at which you normally graduate elementary school. On this occasion, my sister made a graduation picture for him. It’s now hanging in the living room, right between our pics. We are proud.”

11. “I saw this sign (it says ‘I love people’) when I was at my medical practice. I don’t even know what to make of it.”

12. Wrong, wrong!

13. “This guy snuck his puppy in his coat and is feeding him fries...”

14. “I’m ready to be a mother so I go to a pet shop and get Marvin and the next day I’m a grandma...”

15. “How do you like my hat?”

16. When you are trying to look sexy but fail:

17. “No kids.”

18. “This kid reading a book in an Apple store today.”

19. “So I smelled food during my stat lecture, looked down and literally saw a girl eating steak and lobster...”

Which of these photos amazed you the most?