Monday, March 9, 2020

21 People Who Show the Magic of Starting a New Life

When trying to change ourselves, there is no one else standing in our way but us. And when we struggle with taking that first step, we turn to many incredible people, who inspire us to be better and let go of our fears.

We put together a list of unstoppable people who managed to completely turn their life around.

1. “This week I got offered a commercial modeling contract. The weight loss helped, but loving myself helped the most.”

2. “My coworker sent me the pic on the left. Never want to be like that again.”

3. She may have lost 135 lbs, but she hasn’t lost her spunk.

4. “Trying to remember I’m more than a number on the scale.”

5. She lost 159 lbs and went from a 5XL to a medium.

6. “Best decision I ever made.”

7. “Working on hitting my big goal of 200 lbs down, so 40 more to go. :))”

8. Lost 254 lbs and I’m now totally red carpet ready.

9. “3 little words, just don’t stop.”

10. “Goal met! 630 days and over 246 lbs lost!”

11. A bright smile and a determined mind can conquer anything!

12. “Feeling strong today :)”

13. “Same chair. 3 years later.”

14. “Just over 3 years ago I decided to take control of my life and make some drastic changes.”

15. “Got tired of being obese and took control of my life!”

16. “Wifey and I are down almost a combined 300 lbs in the past year and a half, and we aren’t done yet!”

17. “250 pounds lost, feeling great.”

18. “Year and a half of keto and exercise.” 182 lbs gone!

19. “Hey look ma, I made it.”

20. Said goodbye to 93 lbs and transformed into the ultimate hunk.

21. “2 years and 170 lbs gone forever.”

Do you have any of your own transformation photos? And remember: no progress is too small!