Monday, April 13, 2020

18 People Who Finally Received Their Online Purchases and Got a Little Sad

It seems that today we shop more online than offline. And though, most of the time, our purchases look exactly the way we expected, there are still sometimes that we get duped.

We hope you’ve never had to encounter these things, but if you have, please share the photos of your unsuccessful purchases in the comments.

1. “My husband likes novelty socks. Guess I really knocked it out of the park with these personalized socks of our daughter...”

2. Another set for those who are watching their weight

3. “What I asked for vs What I got”

4. “So here we have some boots I ordered online... The first photo is what they look like on the website, the second photo is what I received.”

5. It’s good that Harry and Meghan can’t see this.

6. A tent for... who?

7. Almost...

8. Monks would approve of it.

9. Ariel, what happened to you?

10. This bear mask will frighten off everyone around.

11. For those who are dieting

12. And a bit too small here...

13. The size is a bit too big.

14. “This ring will fit my hamster.”

15. Face masks from a nightmare

16. Yep, we ordered it for our cat, not us.

17. Everybody lies and that includes the seller of this bag.

18. “I ordered 200 clothespins, but didn’t read the description.”

When was the last time you ordered something online?