If You Suffer From Sensitive Eyes There Are Some Easy Ways to Take Care of Them

If You Suffer From Sensitive Eyes There Are Some Easy Ways to Take Care of Them

Everything we see composes 80% of our memories. Therefore, it’s really important to protect our eyes and make sure we see everything around us.

All of us have had problems with our eyes at least once in our lives. Eye issues can be unpleasant with symptoms like redness, itchiness, and pain. If you have sensitive eyes and suffer from these symptoms on the regular, then your eyes need special care.
We collected special eye-care methods that will help to ease your discomfort.

1. Sensitive eye hygiene

First, you need to ensure proper hygiene for your eyes. You should never touch them with dirty hands. Regularly wash and dry your towels that you wipe the area around the eyes with. Be careful that the towel doesn’t touch the eyes themselves.

2. Glasses are safer than lenses.

Lenses have gained popularity over the years. But if you have sensitive eyes, it’s better to give preference to eyeglasses. They don’t come in contact with the eyes and you don’t risk irritation which can happen when you wear lenses regularly.

3. Wash your face and makeup tools regularly.

Sensitive eyes shouldn’t stop you from looking great. Just follow a series of simple steps. Be sure to rinse your makeup off before going to bed and wash all tools that you use to apply your makeup regularly. Use quality hypoallergenic cosmetics and don’t lend them to anyone else.

4. Applying mascara to sensitive eyes

When choosing a mascara, give preference to the simplest kinds that can be easily washed off with water and that don’t have color additives. Apply it only on the upper lashes without touching their base.

5. Avoid straining your eyes.

Try not to read in dim light. This is detrimental to your eyes. Reading in the dark increases muscle tension, which leads to a sensitivity increase and itching. Therefore, you should read in a well-lit room. It’s better not to read in moving vehicles either since this can also cause your muscles to strain.

6. Make your digital devices less harmful.

The constant use of digital devices adversely affects the eyes’ condition. We focus on screens for a long time, straining our eyes. You should blink more often and keep the screen at a distance. It’s necessary to limit the use of digital devices if you can. You should use special computer glasses and take frequent breaks while looking at a computer or smartphone screen.

7. Eye recovery while sleeping

Like the rest of your body, your eyes need rest. Tired eyes become more sensitive. Therefore, healthy sleep is an integral part of eye care. It is necessary to sleep a sufficient number of hours so that the muscles have time to recover.

8. Eye protection

It’s necessary to use sunglasses to protect sensitive eyes from ultraviolet rays. Otherwise, you risk getting eye sunburns while being outside for a long time, especially during the summer. In winter, protection is also needed. Remember to use goggles when participating in winter sports.

9. Food for healthy eyes

You can include foods in your diet that contain healthy elements. These include nuts, seafood, berries, leafy greens, citrus fruits, and eggs.

10. Warm and cool compresses for reducing redness

If your eyes are red, you can make a compress. First, try a warm compress. If it doesn’t help, then make a cool one. In both cases, you need to wet the towel with water. Make sure that the temperature is comfortable for you. Place the compress on closed eyes for 10 minutes.
If you know of other methods for caring for sensitive eyes, please share them in the comments.

Illustrated by Oleg Guta, and Yekaterina Ragozina
If You Suffer From Sensitive Eyes There Are Some Easy Ways to Take Care of Them
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