Ways to Check If You Have Restless Legs Syndrome and Why You Need to See a Doctor If You Do

Ways to Check If You Have Restless Legs Syndrome and Why You Need to See a Doctor If You Do

If you ever had weird sensations in your legs that literary won’t let you sleep at night, it is time to check if you have restless legs syndrome. Despite being very annoying, it’s also pretty common and affects up to 15% of the world’s population. Check if you’ve ever experienced the following warning signs in your legs that never let you have any rest.

We wants you to take care of your health and monitor whether you have any symptoms that may say you have restless legs syndrome. You’ll also find a bonus at the end of the article.

1. You feel crawling and itching in your legs.

Strange itching and crawling sensations occur deep within the legs. You may also feel it in your arms and even your head.
Usually, it affects both sides of the body, but sometimes people have weird sensations on only one side. This symptom can also worsen with age.

2. You experience a pulling and throbbing in your legs.

Besides itching, you may experience sensations like pulling, throbbing, and numbness in your legs and arms. Some people think that this may be caused by an intense training, but the annoying feeling lingers and starts making you more and more nervous by the day.

3. You feel discomfort while resting.

All those strange feelings that were described above normally appear when you are resting. That is basically why the syndrome is called “restless.”
For example, you might take a long walk on the way to work, then you have to sit in front of a computer and that’s when the irritating sensations start.

4. You feel an urge to move.

If you have restless legs syndrome, nights can become a nightmare. You go to bed and you feel tired and ready to sleep, but the moment you lie down the discomfort starts. The urge to move just grows with all the itching and crawling.
You feel this urge not just in your legs, but in your arms as well.

5. You get relief with movement.

After you experience the urge to move, you try to not sit or lie down. You may want to stand up and walk a little bit. After this movement you usually feel immediate relief, but it is only temporary.
People with restless legs syndrome often go work out, even after a hard work day, doing things like running, stretching, biking, or yoga.

6. You notice that the symptoms get worse in the evening.

During the day, while you are at work or doing some other activity, you feel absolutely okay. But the moment you come home in the evening and try to relax, you may start feeling immediate aching.
You can experience uncomfortable sensations during the day too, while sitting, but in the evening and early at night, you might start to feel that it is unbearable.

7. You can’t sleep and you toss and turn at night.

Restless legs syndrome can cause insomnia, because it makes it hard to sleep and you always toss and turn in bed. Because of this disease, people can be very sleepy, have low energy, get irritated easily, and be depressed. Besides, many also experience limb twitching during sleep.

Do you think you have any of these symptoms? Have you ever noticed that your legs never rest? Please share your experience with us below!
Ways to Check If You Have Restless Legs Syndrome and Why You Need to See a Doctor If You Do
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