Sunday, May 31, 2020

19 Coincidences That Show Life Loves to Pull Pranks on Us

Life’s favorite way of messing with us is definitely with coincidences! Like when you meet your doppelgänger randomly out in public, or when the street signs are warning you of a UFO abduction. No matter if it’s something harmless or not, it proves that the universe is the biggest prankster there is.

We have some of the most interesting coincidences that will hopefully make you smile and show you that nobody is a bigger prankster than life.

1. This guy has been trying to take a lightning picture for a whole year, and when it finally happened...

2. Something for everybody

3. When you just start learning archery and make the most impossible shot ever:

4. She was born to do this job.

5. Be the rainbow.

6. Lucky car, lucky owner

7. Beware of UFO abductions

8. Not only do they look alike, but have the same taste in entertainment.

9. The lightning appeared right when the camera started taking the picture.

10. When you can’t choose what to drive... or what to wear:

11. When you and your nephew’s birthday gift have matching outfits:

12. These puppies were born with their own numbers, nobody can mistake them now!

13. To be fair, that ice cream does look delicious.

14. A glitch in the Matrix in the McDonald’s drive-thru

15. Are you sure about that?

16. There’s luck and then there’s this!

17. Left door describes the condition of the right door perfectly.

18. A very rare full-circle rainbow

19. When the task fails successfully:

What is the most epic or funny coincidence that’s happened to you?