Friday, May 1, 2020

19 People Share the Best Tips They’ve Gotten From Reddit Users

Sometimes we can get the best life-changing advice from a complete stranger. That’s exactly what happened to some Reddit users and they decided to share this precious information with the rest of the world.
We chose 19 pieces of advice that will help to set your life up to win.
1. If someone asks you something you don’t know the answer to or don’t want to answer, just sneeze. 9/10 times they will forget what they asked. @shockedandappauled

2. Using dental floss to lift up the toenail helped me get rid of an ingrown toenail that I had suffered with for years. @Rebound101

3. When a large cluster of people is walking toward you, you can make them all move out of your way simply by walking slower than them. It’s crazy how the human mind works. @Lord_Waffles


5. You can instantly stop someone else’s hiccups, and with extreme concentration, even your own. All you have to do is tell them (or yourself) to hiccup “right now” on command. I’m not sure how it works but 90% of the time they can’t do it and then they go away. @hypercraz_HZ


7. Clean your house/apartment on a Thursday night. I started doing this maybe a year ago and it has made a huge difference in making my weekends much more relaxing. @upsetungulat

8. Use your hands to squeegee water off of your body after a shower, before getting out. It only takes a couple of seconds but helps you dry tremendously faster, and you get much less water on the floor and on your towel. @RubeRides

9. If you ever stand up too fast and get a “white flash” or feel faint, tighten your abs as hard as you can and it will go away. @LightningInTheRain

10. Never use more than 2-3 sprays of perfume. If you can’t smell it on yourself, you’re good to go. @nicogreek


12. USB ports in the back of TVs can be used to charge your phone. It’s saved me on a couple of trips abroad when I’ve forgotten a plug adapter! @promise_me_jetpacks

13. If someone is approaching you and you don’t want to do that awkward sidestep dance, just look to the side you want to walk, and the other person will go the other way. @ArWintex

14. The 5-second rule: if you’re too lazy to do something, slowly count to 5 and then do it. @Staurn21

15. Do things that your future self will appreciate. Unload the dishwasher now so that the future you doesn’t have to tomorrow morning. Get gas on your way home so that the future you doesn’t have to do it on the way to work. @linesaw25

16. If you’re doing a long-distance move, make a “first day box” consisting of basic cookware and ingredients, your Wi-Fi router, computer, some clothes, toiletries and whatever other necessities you’ll need until you get all of your stuff. @moe_skweeto

17. Tensing up your hand into a tight fist can help suppress the gag reflex. I personally use it to help clean my tongue. @GoabNZ

18. I once read that you should overexaggerate your head movements when you take your driver’s license test. And it’s better to be obvious when looking in your side mirrors so that your instructor notices. I think this is one of the reasons I passed on my first try. @scurbis

19. If you’re in bed but have a slight urge to go pee, just put a finger in your belly button and move it around. It will nullify the urge. @snowtaar

Can you continue the list with your own useful tips? We’d like to see them in the comments!