Tuesday, May 26, 2020

20 Curious Photos About the World That Can Be a Huge Revelation for Many People

Our world is so diverse that it’s just impossible to know about everything, even if you have a huge library.

We hope that you also love learning new and amazing facts about our planet. If you do, here are some of the most interesting photos for your viewing pleasure.

1.  A bolt of lightning very close to a plane

2. This bread that’s sold with the crust cut off in Japan

3. An X-ray of an arm after amputation

4. This oil and vinegar bottle

5. A close bolt of lightning

6. There was a storm and lightning struck the tree!

7. What happens to broccoli if you don’t cut it fast enough:

8. In Saudi Arabia, there’s a huge rock split exactly into 2 halves.

9. “This could’ve been my skull. Wear your helmet, kids!”

10. “Mom saved an Easter egg for 20 years. The white disintegrated and the yolk fossilized.”

11. The world’s smallest international bridge connects Portugal and Spain.

12. What you’re looking at are plants that were grown from seeds buried in permafrost for nearly 32,000 years after being discovered on the banks of the Kolyma River in Siberia in 2015.

13. “Directly across from the Mona Lisa is a painting I found far more interesting.”

14. In Italy, there’s a cherry tree that grows on a mulberry tree.

15. This plant has got some hips!

16. The side of a peacock that most people don’t get to see

17. A lone cloud over the city of Taipei

18. This ice looks like an eye.

19. This is not a grape, it’s Valonia ventricosa, the largest single-celled organism on earth. Yep, this is a single living cell.

20. Ants building a bridge with their bodies to reach the wasps’ nest

Which of the photos was an unexpected discovery for you?