Thursday, June 11, 2020

17 People Whose Quick Minds Help Save Time and a Bunch of Nerve Cells

A good creative solution should be both original and relevant to the task you need to solve. The people from today’s compilation showed a creative approach to finding ways to curl their hair, warm a car windshield, and cook several pizzas at one time in the oven.

We found some really cool life hacks from internet users.

1. Sprinkle some baking soda on your cloth seats and floorboards, let it sit for 15 minutes, then vacuum up the rest!

2. “If you don’t want to carry the full-sized packs with you, just take a plastic bag, put the necessary amount of product inside it, and melt the open side with a hair straightener to close the bag.”

3. Need more hooks in your bathroom? Use an over-the-door hanger on your shower curtain rod!

4. “I guess it’s not silly if it works (I planted 300 bulbs in 2 hours).”

5. Take your acrylic nails or gel nails off by placing a cotton ball soaked in acetone into an old lipstick cap and wait. It’s much neater and easier.

6. If you don’t have a hammer tenderizer, use a glass jar of coffee.

7. Keep the juices separate when you want to cook 2 things and only have 1 baking tray with a tin foil wall.

8. If you make ice cubes out of tea, you won’t water your iced tea down.

9. A quick and cheap way to clean the seams between the tiles

10. “Is your faux fur robe or item matted from the dryer? Take a pet brush to it and voilá!”

11. “If a belt slips off your clothes, you can use sticky fasteners.”

12. “Whenever I go to the grocery store and I need to go to the bathroom but don’t want anyone to take my shopping cart, I do this.”

13. Use a simple shoe-storage cubby to help organize toys. It’s very easy to access for kids and cheap to buy.

14. Old oven-racks will double your pizza/cookie output so you can make them all at one time.

15. “If you have smallish feet, try buying kid’s socks! They’re usually half the price with way cooler designs! 12 pairs for $7!”

16. Google AR translate, a.k.a. the biggest life hack when traveling abroad

17. “Cat owners, here’s a simple cat game idea: get a low box with holes and put small objects inside (I put a ball in this one).”

What other cool solutions would you add to this list?