Tuesday, June 2, 2020

19 People Who Brought Their Hobby to a Whole New Level

Have you ever seen the Alien prom dress, a comic bouquet, or a staple city? The heroes of this article created all these things with their own hands! People who adore their hobbies can bring joy and inspire us to develop the skills required for the things that we really like to do.
We gathered 19 photos from people whose creative and passionate approach works miracles.

1. That’s how magic works.

2. “My Harry Potter collection”

3. “I like to paint tiny cats.”

4. “My wife makes wedding bouquets out of old comic books.”

5. “My copy editor father’s collection of worn down pencils”

6. “My Star Wars helmet collection”

7. “My board game collection”

8. “My granddad’s tool collection in his shed”

9. Staple city

10. A special dress for this meteorite collection.

11. “This Pac-Man decor made out of Rubik’s cubes”

12. “I like to paint tiny cats.”

13. True Hellgirl

14. “My collection of lighters”

15. “My mom’s cross stitch project took over a year to finish.”

16. “So my daughter did this to her shower. She’s sort of into chemistry.”

17. “Surprised the kids tonight with some feetloaf.”

18. One cute prom dress

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