Sunday, June 21, 2020

25 Unique and Interesting Things That Are Cool to Look At

The world is full of little odd and interesting things and this gallery is no different. Check out these cool finds and unusual items that the people who found them just had to share.

A snowman in a soy sauce packet.

Planters made from old tires look like a huge snake.

The windows of this building are so reflective it looks like they building is hollow.

An awesome photo and how it was created.

Artist transforms old building into realistic looking semi truck parked on the street.

"Water bottle" you can have two separate drinks in.

Cool "Printer Pen" lets you draw draw in 3D.

This all in one measuring spoon.

This all in one amazing breakfast station.

A fossil of various shells.

A very old message in a bottle.

A very old but well preserved US one dollar bill.

Life comes in all shapes and sizes.

An arrowhead that a tree grew around.

A rock with a smaller spherical rock inside it.

Extremely old and weathered coin.

Strange markings / art found under a trees bark.

A branch of Violet Wood growing through another tree.

A black squirrel with a blonde tail.

The tiniest little Maple Leaf.

A squirrel's stash was in this person's grill.

A steep street in San Francisco photographed at an angle to make the street level instead of the house.

Doggo photographed in mid-parkour run looks like he's in zero gravity.

A cross section of a package of bacon sliced open.

The inside of a debit card.

A heavy duty water valve cut in half.

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